The New Girl The English Roses Series The English Roses are as tight as five friends can be Nothing can come between the five girls Nicole Amy Grace Charlotte and Binah But then Nicole finds out that her New York pal Leslie is movin

  • Title: The New Girl (The English Roses Series #3)
  • Author: Madonna Jeffrey Fulvimari Amy Cloud
  • ISBN: 9781616832452
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The English Roses are as tight as five friends can be Nothing can come between the five girls, Nicole, Amy, Grace, Charlotte and Binah But then Nicole finds out that her New York pal, Leslie, is moving to London At first the girls can t wait to meet her But when Leslie arrives, the Roses start to worry that she s stealing Nicole from them

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      432 Madonna Jeffrey Fulvimari Amy Cloud
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    1. Madonna Jeffrey Fulvimari Amy Cloud says:

      Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American pop singer songwriter Through her music career, she has also gained some notability as a dancer, record producer, film producer, actress, author and a fashion icon She is a multiple Grammy and Golden Globe award winner, known for her ambitious music videos, stage performances and use of sexual and religious themes in her work.

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    1. Nicole is pulled between her New York friend Leslie and the English Roses. The story is about friendship and how we treat our friends. The school event is a talent show. This is a good story for ages 6-10. I think the art is kinetic and fun. The girls have a great bond as the Roses. It's a sweet little story. As an adult, it's not an exciting story and it's not meant for me either.

    2. I love Madonna as an artist and I do kind of like that she has found another outlet for her creativity. Granted, it's not Shakespeare but it is pretty entertaining and I like it all the same. It was a pleasant surprise that the Roses' tale have expanded from a picture book into a full-fledged chapter book. The book is the continuing tale of a group of friends and the typical drama we girls subject ourselves through, at that age. It's cute and admittedly has heart, plus it relates a fairly valuab [...]

    3. This Book is book is Realistic fiction.It is about 5 girls:Nicole,Amy,Binah,Grace and Charllote.Nicole one day read an email from her friend Leslie in New York and she was very happy she said that she was coming to London for 3 months.When she comes The other English Roses were not happy.Leslie was always with Nicole and the Roses were not.Leslie even made her sign up a Talent show.When they came 2nd Leslie was very Angry and decided to leave London,All the English Roses were very happy

    4. Some celebrities can actually write good books. Hillary Duff wrote Elixir - I read a few sentences of that and thought "hey, this is good." Apparently, Jordan's books are good too.Madonna?Uhm.Personally, I think she needs to decide which writers technique she's aiming for - her own, or that of Lemony Snickets'. Whichever way, the appeal to younger girls is definitely higher, whereas teenagers like myself find it corny and non-realistic.

    5. In her chapter books for young readers, Madonna does a great job teaching manners, friendship, and simple truths.This book introduces a new character, Leslie, whom Nicole met while spending time in New York City. Nicole gets caught between her English Rose friends and Leslie as she tries to make them all happy. She learns that friendship leaves room for everyone.

    6. I really liked thios book because it showed what friendship is really about, just like all the other English Roses books. I'm so suprised about how good an author Madonna is! I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading books about friendship!

    7. This book is really cute! All of the english roses books are! I started reading them when i was in 2nd grade! And every time a book has come out the next day i am at the book store! It is really below all of our reading levels but it is a fun read that you can finish in a day!

    8. This book is a very relateble book that a lot of kids go through a lot and this book tells you how a whole bunch of girls go through it.

    9. This was a birthday gift from my niece. I think that is why I liked it so much. She is trying to read and collect the whole series.

    10. I used to have same experience like this before. Anyways, good realistic story that sometimes happen in our life!

    11. This book shows us the usual plot of jealousy, with the predictable ending of (SPOILER!) everybody being friends again. Sigh.

    12. I love the narrator's spunky interruptions throughout the book. This, for me, was a pretty realistic conflict in a group of friends. Usually the issue will be petty and superficial, but I felt in this book, the "new girl" Leslie wasn't just flat-out mean like in other cliche stories. She was a genuine friend who unintentionally took up more of Nicole's time than they both realized.

    13. well i mistakenly thought that i read books 123 but i only read12 and i bought #4 before 3 so im sort of upset1

    14. I love the beginning of most books and this book is one of them! The first few pages just took me in! i am really loving it!

    15. it was good. their friendship is tested. Nicole is being rude to the other roses and spending more time with Leslie.

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