Between a Wok and a Hard Place Ever since her brand new husband flew the coop Magdalena Yoder owner of the quaint PennDutch Inn has had time to kill And now the local Amish community really has a murder in its midst an Asian tou

  • Title: Between a Wok and a Hard Place
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: 9780451192301
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ever since her brand new husband flew the coop, Magdalena Yoder, owner of the quaint PennDutch Inn, has had time to kill And now the local Amish community really has a murder in its midst an Asian tourist found strangled and run over by a horse and buggy It isn t a crime police chief Melvin Stolzfus can easily handle after all, he was once kicked in the head by a bullEver since her brand new husband flew the coop, Magdalena Yoder, owner of the quaint PennDutch Inn, has had time to kill And now the local Amish community really has a murder in its midst an Asian tourist found strangled and run over by a horse and buggy It isn t a crime police chief Melvin Stolzfus can easily handle after all, he was once kicked in the head by a bull he was trying to milk But he s smart enough to deputize Magdalena.

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    1. Tamar Myers says:

      Tamar Myers was born and raised in the Belgian Congo now just the Congo Her parents were missionaries to a tribe which, at that time, were known as headhunters and used human skulls for drinking cups Hers was the first white family ever to peacefully coexist with the tribe, and Tamar grew up fluent in the local trade language Because of her pale blue eyes, Tamar s nickname was Ugly Eyes.Tamar grew up eating elephant, hippopotamus and even monkey She attended a boarding school that was two days away by truck, and sometimes it was necessary to wade through crocodile infested waters to reach it Other dangers she encountered as a child were cobras, deadly green mambas, and the voracious armies of driver ants that ate every animal and human that didn t get out of their way.In 1960 the Congo, which had been a Belgian colony, became an independent nation There followed a period of retribution for heinous crimes committed against the Congolese by the Belgians in which many Whites were killed Tamar and her family fled the Congo, but returned a year later By then a number of civil wars were raging, and the family s residence was often in the line of fire In 1964, after living through three years of war, the family returned to the United States permanently.Tamar was sixteen when her family settled in America, and she immediately underwent severe culture shock She didn t know how to dial a telephone, cross a street at a stoplight, or use a vending machine She lucked out, however, by meeting her husband, Jeffrey, on her first day in an American high school They literally bumped heads while he was leaving, and she entering, the Civics classroom.Tamar now calls Charlotte, NC home She lives with her husband, plus a Basenji dog named Pagan, a Bengal cat named Nkashama, and an orange tabby rescue cat named Dumpster Boy She and her husband are of the Jewish faith, the animals are not.Tamar enjoys gardening she is a Master Gardner , bonsai, travel, painting and, of course, reading She loves Thai and Indian food, and antique jewelry She plans to visit Machu Pichu in the near future.Series Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Den of Antiquity Mystery

    2 thoughts on “Between a Wok and a Hard Place

    1. This book was typical for this series - I enjoy the inn/food tie-in and recipes but you must suspend belief for some aspects of the plot. To me, the character of Magdelena is kind of an acquired taste and by the end of the book I was a little irritated with how she jumps to conclusions, butts in and in this story I found it hard to believe that at age 46 she was so naive (and then obsessed) about the physical attributes of men! Despite these criticisms it was a fast read and I still seem drawn t [...]

    2. At this time of the year, I am mainly trying to read a few more books to get to 1400 on . This was weird. It takes place in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and one redeeming feature is that it DOES have some recipes included. The characters are characters--off the wall, and the plot is strange. The title has almost nothing to do with the story--well, one victim is Asian. If I find I have anymore Tamar Myers's books, I'll just donate or pass them on.

    3. I liked it somewhat better than the previous book. Between a wok and a hard place was definitely funnier than the wedding one but I may be reaching a threshold for the series. I'll read a couple more and see how they go. I found myself having a hard time enjoying parts of this one due to the plot twist employed for the series as a whole. It just irked me.

    4. Another fun mystery at the PennDutch Inn! Love these stories!My only complaint is with the poor, poor editing. Nearly every page has misspellings and omitted words. My English teachers wouldn't have passed me out of 5th grade with this plethora of errors, and I was always told editors were even tougher. Seems they don't bother checking at all anymore. Really too bad, as the errors interrupt the flow of an otherwise good story.

    5. Advertisment for PennDutch Inn: Crabby, sarcastic innkeeper who really doesn't like people welcomes you to her fine establishment where you can pay extra to make your own bed, cook your own food and muck the stalls. Food will be good until the cook quits AGAIN! Small dog belonging to sister will only bite your ankles if it falls out of her bosom. You really won't see Mags all that much cause she's running around investigating crimes because the sheriff is hapless and helpless.In all sincerity, I [...]

    6. A good book as all of the PDM have been so far. I enjoy the quirky characters, laugh out loud and "roll your eyes" liners in each book. This ending threw me for a loop. Sad but now I wonder what Ms. Myers has in store for the characters. Have to keep reading.

    7. Another good bookIt was a good book. It has a shocker in it that floored me. Can't wait for the next book.

    8. The dotes didn't connect together like they have in the previous books. Usually the clues make sense, but I didn't understand how.

    9. What is it about Magdalena Yoder? She is not at all my favorite character but here I am, finding myself going back to this series yet again.Initially, I was disappointed that in the very next book after Magdalena married, her new husband had left - and it was quickly obvious it would be for good. But somehow that fits in Magdalena's life.There are some things in the series that get on my nerves in a big way - Magdalena's constant adolescent references to sex, the callous and repeated description [...]

    10. "Between a wok and a Hard Place" or Magdalena's Mashuga Marriage and Mystery. Magdalena is still swooning over her new marriage and husband Aaron Miller Jr. when an Asian woman is found dead in the road. Apparently run over by a horse and buggyat is until she is found to have been strangled beforehand. The Chief of Police, Melvin Stoltzfus who resembles a praying mantis, has asked Magdalena to handled the case for him due to an accident that has left him physically incapacitated. So without a ba [...]

    11. #5 in the Pennsylvania Dutch series. Magdelena Yoder runs the PennDutch Inn in Hernia, PA. This quaint series published #19 The Death of Pie in 2014. I haven't gotten past #5 but will have to remedy that situation. Pennsylvania Dutch series - Magdelena's new husband Aaron phones her from MN and informs her that he was still married when they were wed and he has decided that he still loves his first wife. Magdelena discovers the body of an Oriental woman who appears to have been run over by an Am [...]

    12. Police chief Melvin Stolftzus has broken his leg and asks Penn Dutch Inn owner Magdalena Miller to help find out who murdered and ran over an Asian woman in their Amish town of Hernia, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, why is Magdalena's husband (Pooky Bear) spending so much time away from home? I love the Pennsylvania Dutch cozy mysteries, they are funny and a quick read. I am definitely going to read the next book in the series!

    13. A Pennsylvania Dutch mystery with recipes. A little too sarcastic and trite for me but they are very light reading. Good for bedtime. The main character owns a B&B in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania. She charges guests extra for a true Amish experience, which means they get to change their own linens, help with meals, muck out the barn, feed the chickens etc. and she does not have to pay any help to run her Inn or farm.

    14. I did not enjoy this book, though I read it through to the bitter end. The main character seemed ridiculously thick-headed to me, not at all the type to solve murders and the preachy nature of her religion rankled. I *think* the author intended her dense reactions to things to be funny but it just was tired. I will say that I read it after several very heavy literary novels so it did act as a cleanser? Glad I bought it at a used book store!

    15. Main characters ought to be likeable, or at least respectable. Magdalena Yoder is neither. She seems like a nitwit with an attitude. I so wanted to like her. The idea of a Mennonite bed and breakfast mixed with murder was interesting (although it sounds odd now that I typed that!), but I just cannot like the book because SHE is on every page.

    16. I stumbled upon this author by picking up this book from a 'free' book shelf on a base library and I am totally hooked! Puns galore and goofy, somewhat corny humor. Just my cup of tea. Plus, the books are sprinkled with recipes that are really good!

    17. I normally enjoy this series but didn't like this one. The mystery of who killed a Chinese woman found on a road inhernia is shoved aside for most of the book until the hasty solution at the end. the turn Magdalena's personal life takes in this book annoyed me.

    18. Her personal life makes us doubt her abilities to solve mysteries. Seriously? How did that happen? The ending was rather rushed too.

    19. Enjoyed this Pennsylvania Dutch mystery. The local policeman asks Magdelina to handle a murder as he is unable to work. I like the wit of Magdelina and enjoy the receipes.

    20. This is a hilarious series and this installment doesn't disappoint I love Magdalena Yoder and all the interesting town folk it's a must read

    21. Not bad for an introductory novel, but not so much as a mystery. You had several pieces of information and they were all red herrings! Ms. Myers needs to revisit how to play fair with her readers.

    22. This could have been an amusing and interesting series with its Amish and Mennonite settings. Instead it is pretty silly and repetitive, but we live in hope.

    23. This is another great cozy and mystery in the Penn Dutch series. Great recipes too! Each one is interesting by far!

    24. Loved this quirky book. Magdalena has a smarty answer for everything and always manages to get herself involved in a murder to supposedly help out the sheriff.

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