The Holy Thief The th chronicle of Brother Cadfael In the chill autumn of rising flood waters endanger the sacred remains of St Winifred the abbey s most cherished possession When the bones disappear and a

  • Title: The Holy Thief
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: 9780446403634
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 19th chronicle of Brother Cadfael In the chill autumn of 1144, rising flood waters endanger the sacred remains of St Winifred, the abbey s most cherished possession When the bones disappear and a corpse is found, Brother Cadfael needs his prayers answered to catch a killer.

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    1. Ellis Peters says:

      A pseudonym used by Edith Pargeter.Edith Mary Pargeter, OBE, BEM was a prolific author of works in many categories, especially history and historical fiction, and was also honoured for her translations of Czech classics she is probably best known for her murder mysteries, both historical and modern Born in the village of Horsehay Shropshire, England , she had Welsh ancestry, and many of her short stories and books both fictional and non fictional were set in Wales and its borderlands.During World War II, she worked in an administrative role in the Women s Royal Naval Service, and received the British Empire Medal BEM.Pargeter wrote under a number of pseudonyms it was under the name Ellis Peters that she wrote the highly popular series of Brother Cadfael medieval mysteries, many of which were made into films for television.

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    1. Maybe 2.5 stars? I read these as palate cleansers, but this one didn't grab me like the others. The mystery was rather slim and not much going on in the history area. The most interesting part was the religious wrangling over the false relics of a saint and how a secular voice showed the hypocrisy inherent in any human interpretation of bible verses and miracles.

    2. In the nineteenth installment in the Brother Cadfael series, the abbey is entertaining two parties of travelers: a pair of monks from their sister monastery at Ramsey, and a troubladour from Provence, with his footman and singing slave-girl. They are also expecting a flood, and are preparing to evacuate the relics of the abbey, especially the prized reliquary with the bones of St. Winifred, to higher ground. Theft and murder ensue, and Brother Cadfael does some investigating.Certainly much bette [...]

    3. Best read after "Potter's Field"Again, Mystery's video misleads. Read this first; it's a better story.Cadfael series: excellent historical fiction. Ellis Peters draws the reader into the twelfth century with modern story telling but holds us there with a richness of detail which evokes a time and place which might as well be fictional. Though the foreground of each chronicle is a murder mystery, behind it a nation and a culture are woven in a wondrous tapestry.

    4. A fine Father Cadfael mystery. For those who haven't read these they are among the very best of the historical fiction I have encountered, and certainly the best written. And, no I don't think I have a religious fetish. It just kind of looks like I might:) Now a mystery fetish I do indeed have.

    5. red herrings, love, music, a good woman (actually two) several instruments and a key bit of evidence in the hay loft. Great fun. Nice to see the series continues in strength.

    6. "and the brother will deliver the brother unto death.""The scope of humanity is terrifyingly wide."Remember in A Morbid Taste for Bones when Cadfael had been instructed to disinter Saint Winifred's bones and bring them back to Shrewsbury, but he put a murderer in the gilded coffin instead? "a half-guilty, half-sacred memory of an affection and kindness almost personal." Saint Winifred has stood by Cadfael in her absence, healing beautiful Brother Rhun, and generally improving the English weather [...]

    7. The Fen country in southeast England is not large. It's just north of Cambridge, and since 'The Protector' (Oliver Cromwell) brought Dutch engineers over to drain them, the Fens are not such a barrier to passage as they were for most of British history. But at the time of the story (summer 1144 in the preface, and early 1145 in the main text) the Fens were an ideal place for outlaws familiar with them to take refuge. There were few clear paths, and no real roads, even by the somewhat lax standar [...]

    8. Review kan spoilers bevatten.De schrijver heeft in deze middeleeuwse detective een broeder die buiten het beheer van de kruidentuin ook verschillende keren als amateur-detective in actie komt. In de abdij waar broeder Cadfael verblijft worden overstromingen verwacht. Om de waardevolle schatten van de abdij te beschermen worden de handen in een geslagen. Helaas is er iemand die van de situatie grof misbruik maakt. Zo als altijd in de boeken vet broeder Cadfael in de hoofdrol is een mysterie prach [...]

    9. During a flood, Saint Winifred's reliquary goes missing after being removed to higher ground for safekeeping. This mysterious disappearance leads in turn to murder, and Cadfael must sift through the whole tangle in order to reach the truth.Every Cadfael book is a pleasant read. I honestly have never read one that I didn't enjoy. Particular strengths in this one include the clerical battle for Winifred's bones, the playfulness of the Earl of Leicester, and the way that Cadfael's choices in earlie [...]

    10. What a pleasure to read another adventure of Brother Cadfael. It's been a while since I read one and it took some time to become accustomed to the language and vocabulary again, but worth the time. Thank you Ellis Peters for the interesting characters, intricate plot and meticulous historical research. In The Holy Thief not only do we have the usual cast of characters, Bro. Cadfael, Hugh and and the Abbot, but the resident Saint Winifred plays a role as well. This book, 19th in the Chronicles of [...]

    11. I have learned so much about medieval England from the Cadfael chronicles, while being held rapt by another Shrewsbury mystery, as in this the nineteenth. "Sortes Biblicae" came as a surprise when it was used to solve a dispute, and is more interesting than the flipping of a coin. Ellis Peters/Edith Pargeter was a very gifted master story teller.

    12. I'm probably prejudiced in favor of Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael due to Derek Jacobi. However, Peters does write wonderful mysteries.This one attracted my attention in particular, because Peters does very little telling to say "This mystery is set in medieval times." Instead, it just shows in the little details she presents. Sign of good writing.

    13. Comfortable readingEllis Peters gift with words is a pleasure to unwrap. She captures human nature so that we recognize ourselves and our neighbors even centuries back. Throw in a good puzzle, unraveled in the last pages, and the package is satisfying and complete.

    14. A good example of a lovely series. Brother Cadfael is engaging, the mysteries are interesting, and the setting is masterful. A lovely read for fans of a quiet mystery, keen observers of human nature, or those with a love of medieval history.

    15. Nothing new in this Brother Cadfael talejust another fun little mystery set in the old abbey. Always a fun way to spend a few hours

    16. I am such a Cadfael fan! I loved this book, especially the lovely ending. THIS is the way I like for Cadfael books to end. Tied up in a pretty bow. :)

    17. classic Brother Cadfael - fun, ridiculous, and everyone ends up for the best. This one stays close to the abbey.

    18. Another of the better Cadfael stories. With this story, the bigger picture seems to gain more focus and I could feel that the series was coming to a close - as if something big was waiting around the corner. This story had all the usual elements found in Cadfael novels, lovers who don't seem destined to be together, red herrings, and of course the war between Stephen and Maud. I found it quite difficult working out who the murderer really was but then the vital clue didn't appear until near the [...]

    19. The penultimate novel in Ellis Peters’ Cadfael Chronicles [1] covers some familiar ground, and some new ground as well. What begins with the tying up of a plot line involving the renegade earl of the fens that covered several novels, when he dies after being struck by an arrow outside of a siege of a castle designed to pen him in, then involves some of the characters from one of those novels, The Potters’ Field, involving another brother from that same monastery who does not appear well suit [...]

    20. A medieval English murder mystery that must be solved by the monk, Caedfel. If you are a fan of the PBS series or the many books, this will delight you! I never guessed!

    21. Unusually for Ellis Peters, this medieval whodunnit sees Cadfael out-smarted by a young girl, whose deductive powers discover the murderer before the author's amateur sleuth Cadfael does. It's a lovely novel, full of twists and turns, with excellent characterisations of all concerned and a large dollop of good humour thrown in that makes fun of the less amiable aspects of Church. Not crassly, but in Ellis Peter's usual gentle way.The year is 1144. Following the Earl of Essex, robber-baron Geoffr [...]

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