Born In trilogy collection Contemporary Ireland is the setting for the stories of three beautiful passionate sisters each with a special gift and a hunger for true love A complete trilogy in one volume Born in Fire Born in I

  • Title: Born In trilogy collection
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780399143885
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Contemporary Ireland is the setting for the stories of three beautiful, passionate sisters, each with a special gift and a hunger for true love A complete trilogy in one volume Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame.

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    1. Nora Roberts says:

      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. Before you puke on your keyboard I have to say that Nora Roberts does the most fantastic job of describing Ireland, I have never been (yet), but I honestly feel like I was there, and the character/family development is really great in this book. And yes, the love stories are awesome and heart-warming too!!! (ok, now puke.)

    2. I picked this up because it came in a stack of books, and I thought, why not? I've never really given romance novels a try, and it's fun to laugh at books sometimes. The first chapter of the first book in the trilogy matched my expectations splendidly: unbelievably dramatic occurances in less than 10 pages, and an excessive reliance on simile. But as I continued on through the story, I found myself really enjoying the characters and their joys and dilemmas. Towards the end of the first book, I b [...]

    3. 4.75/5.0 (A-)Re-read the Born In Trilogy (1994 to 1996) by Nora Roberts (Born in Fire, Born in Ice, Born in Shame) for the upteenth time. Why do I love this trilogy? Well, Roberts has a way with her depiction of those small rural places in Ireland. In this case it's County Clare with its farming land, the village, pub, and all the requisite places: castle ruins, cliffs, and the sea. But of course Roberts' characters, from the protagonists to the villagers, are the main attraction. There is spitf [...]

    4. The born in trilogy has to be my absolute favorite trilogy of all times. I loved them and to be honest, I think it was my stepping stone to my love of the In Death series. Not because they were similar in any way.It was simply because once I heard Fiacre Douglas on audible, he became the voice of Roarke in my head, along with a young Hugh Jackman as the body whenever I read the series.

    5. I got hooked on the first book Born in Fire which is the story of Maggie Concannon. Maggie's story starts with the sale of her first piece of blown glass and the celebration in the local pub with her father. The owner of a series of galleries shows up to buy more of the glass and persuade her to sign him as her exclusive agent. Of course this is a romance so sparks fly as he pursues her. The second book in the trilogy was Born in Ice, the story of her younger sister Brianna who has turned the fa [...]

    6. Wow, just (sighs). Nora Roberts spun a wonderful tale of people brought more to life with every turn of the page. Seeing the sisters bloom and grow in each story, the rich landscape, culture and essence of Ireland made everything so utterly complete.The hard unyielding love that all fell victim, slave and owner to made my heart leap for them all. In the end, to see Shannon give in to her heart was like living a deep fanciful dream. Oh to be swept up and carried into the magic and let go.I can't [...]

    7. I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots. I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after? Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery. Certainly not great works of literature (however still 100% better than “the grapes of wra [...]

    8. I have to say that I am addicted to anything Nora Roberts writes about Ireland. Irish Born is a three in one and I adore the stories of the three sisters finding themselves and romance while doing what they love. These women have relatively normal lives that are pushed into the extraordinary by their god given talents. Of course they are easy to read and follow the romance format, but they have such lovely imagery , character development , and just the right mix of everyday with glitz that it co [...]

    9. Feels like a lot of the problems of the Concannon family could have been avoided with birth control. Two out of the three love interests were selfish and controlling, and I had so many issues with the first and last story and the borderline domestic violence themes. That was not romantic in the least. Why do we continue to write love interests that are more villains than heroes? Why can't we read about nice men? Men that don't tell their women to be quiet or that they know better or that assault [...]

    10. An incredible portray by Nora Roberts sketching Ireland alive in front of your eyes with terrific artistic skills of the protagonist of the first and the third book alongwith the serenity and poise of the character of the second narrationough the collection came with a predictable ending yet it was certainly an impressive and feel good one swaying through the beauty of the countryside, bonding between sisters and the talents they possess

    11. I just finished reading the trilogy collection and loved all three stories. I loved the first and couldn't wait to read the second and the third. It's wonderful how the character's lives intertwine and new characters are added, and the stories keep building from one story to the next with lots of humor thrown in.

    12. No one can write a book and make the characters so alive as Nora Roberts. I often get bored with trilogies but this one was excellent from start to finish!

    13. Born in Fire - 3/5 - I go back and forth on whether or not I really like this book. I love the setting in Ireland with the cliffs and the coast as they're described. I can't deny that. While I like a good, strong, vibrant heroine, Maggie is a little too far beyond what I appreciate. She's downright ornery at times and I have repeatedly feel the need to yell at her to just get over herself already. Stubbornness like hers is really just verging on idiocy. But, it is very much needed against an arr [...]

    14. A friend recommended this series to me, and I am so glad I was able to get the trilogy together all in one read! I loved all three, and the best part was that it took place in Ireland, a country the author has ties to and loves, just by the care she takes in making the reader fell like they are right there with the characters! The 2 main characters are sisters Maggie and Brianna Concannon. Raised in a home with a bitter mother who had no love for her husband or her daughters, especially as she f [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite trilogies by Nora Roberts. It's set in Ireland and she is so picturesque in her writing you feel like you can actually see the rolling hills, the blue gray sky, flowers and the artwork. Nora was very inventive and clever as she wove the story line around not only the characters but the art, the inn and the farm, making these as much a character as the individuals themselves. I've never been able to decide which of the three books I like the best. I just want to watch M [...]

    16. great storyLoved the Irish connection, enjoyed it very much! Loved the family dynamics as well with great ending to all three books!

    17. Nora trades in feminine fantasy and this particular trilogy, along with her other one set in Ireland, happens to be my favorite. Now, I could rehearse all the militant Richesque rhetoric about the danger of insidious patriarchal archetypes, but I think you can read a romance novel, orI can, anyway, without losing my firm grasp on ironic distance and without beginning to desperately hope that the storyworld could actually be akin to my life. And I think that heteronormative troping has not receiv [...]

    18. Born in Fire: So far I've finished the first book in the trilogy. I have a sweet spot for anything Irish and I loved how this book took me back to my Irish vacation. Galway was my favorite stop on the trip, and I love that this is set in the West Country. That being said, I didn't fall in love with the book. I felt like the love story was a little forced. I'm really looking forward to reading about Brianna's story next and seeing how some of the previous plot lines develop.Born in Ice: It was ni [...]

    19. My favorite series of allOf every book, of every series, that Nora has written, this is my most favorite. My second favorite is the Chesapeake Bay series.The Born In trilogy was written with so much heart! I wish it were real and that I could travel to Ireland and become part of the family!Nora, please write another book so we can join this family again and see how the babies have grown and meet the new babies I'm sure have come. I would love to see Maeve happier. And perhaps she could sing for [...]

    20. Loved this book!This is the one of the first Nora Roberts books I have read. In the past, I have thought of this author's work as being too "light" and in danger of killing brain cells!I picked up this book after my friend Sarah confided that she was reading this author's work. So glad I did! It's great to settle into bed at the end of the day and indulge the senses as I dive in to the traditions and customs of Ireland.The characters in this book are complex and interesting. As with all good sto [...]

    21. I'm enjoying it so far. One of those stories I can disappear into for a while, but it's not so all-consuming that I feel like I need to devour it in two days. That may sound like a bad thing, but I don't think it is. Sometimes you need a book to carry around with you for a while.I love Maggie, an artist with a stubborn and proud personality. I can understand her, as I am both Irish and Italian (can we say stubborn? Yes, yes we can!). Her sister, Brianna is an intriguing character as well. Every [...]

    22. The books have been really interesting. the consistent pattern in this series is that the hero suddenly appears and they lead characters r always annoyed with eachother in the beginning and one of them is annoyed with the other. after which just before the ending suddenly they realise they love eachother. this is similar in all stories. they seem to have to get married to prove their love is true. might not always work out like that. but all in all heartwarming tales and she knows how to show th [...]

    23. Sigh. This book above all others is my favorite all time read It has all the elements anyone who A. Loves Ireland B. Loves strong female characters C. Loves hot leading men D. Loves a strong sister bond, did I say hot leading men multiple x3 in this book yum!!! Nora Roberts does an excellent job of describing Ireland, I feel like I've been there after reading this book. ( one day I will). Great stories great characters great sexy romance!!! 1st books by Nora Roberts and hope to find more books s [...]

    24. Okay, after reading the entire trilogy I bumped up my rating a star. It still wasn't the best Nora Roberts I've read but I did come to care about the characters and wanted the best for them. This is a straight-up romance trilogy, so if you're looking for her thriller reads this isn't it! However, it did satisfy the romance sweet tooth and besides some cheesiness in some parts I did enjoy it. My favorite of the three was the second story centering on Brianna. This would make for a great "beach re [...]

    25. I love Nora Roberts. That's just a simple fact. I've been reading her books for three years now, and I love them. I am a tad bit young to be reading thisy in my second yearo of highschoolbut I absolutely ADORED this book. I think Brianna's story is my favourite Nora Roberts book of ALL with Laura Templeton's story in a close second (Finding the Dream/Dream Trilogy #3). It was amazing and I only worry about my future nowif I don't end up marrying someone like a guy out of a Nora Roberts novel, I [...]

    26. Nora Roberts is a master storyteller.This is a trilogy about family and life and choices; the triumphs and tragedies, kindness and cruelties, blessings and heartaches.Every time I read her work, even if it's a 2nd or even 3rd time and I rarely read a book more than once, she draws me into her vision effortlessly. She has such an understanding of what it is to be human, both good and bad, that it borders on the psychic.It doesn't matter which of her books you read, pick up one, I guarantee you wo [...]

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