N o H Longe Nem Dist ncia E entre o Aqui e o Agora n o cr s que nos poderemos ver uma ou duas vezes Fern o Capelo GaivotaPode a dist ncia separar te dos teus amigos Se queres estar junto de algu m que amas n o te parece que j

  • Title: Não Há Longe Nem Distância
  • Author: Richard Bach Maria Luísa Ferreira da Costa
  • ISBN: 9789721031227
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • E entre o Aqui e o Agora n o cr s que nos poderemos ver uma ou duas vezes Fern o Capelo GaivotaPode a dist ncia separar te dos teus amigos Se queres estar junto de algu m que amas, n o te parece que j l estar s Parte do cora o de um beija florPara a descoberta de verdadesQue sempre conheceu Sobre a amizade, o amor,O amadurecimento e a vida.Esta viagem de descobertaPo E entre o Aqui e o Agora n o cr s que nos poderemos ver uma ou duas vezes Fern o Capelo GaivotaPode a dist ncia separar te dos teus amigos Se queres estar junto de algu m que amas, n o te parece que j l estar s Parte do cora o de um beija florPara a descoberta de verdadesQue sempre conheceu Sobre a amizade, o amor,O amadurecimento e a vida.Esta viagem de descobertaPode levar te onde quiseresE conduzir te para juntoDe quem desejares.E as amizades que n o dependemDo tempo nem do espa oEncontrar o aquiUma maravilhosa comunica o.Richard Bach tem como actividade principal a pilotagem de pequenos avi es e planadores tamb m autor de N o H Longe nem Dist ncia, Fern o Capelo Gaivota, Biplano, Estranho Terra e Um Vive numa ilha com a mulher Leslie Parrish Bach.

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      154 Richard Bach Maria Luísa Ferreira da Costa
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    1. Richard Bach Maria Luísa Ferreira da Costa says:

      Since Jonathan Livingston Seagull which dominated the 1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List for two consecutive years Richard Bach has touched millions of people through his humor, wisdom and insight.With over 60 million copies of his books sold, Richard Bach remains one of the world s most beloved authors A former USAF fighter pilot, Air Force captain and latter day barnstorming pilot, Bach continues to be an avid aviator author, exploring and chronicling the joys and freedom of flying, reporting his findings to readers.His most recent works include Travels with Puff, which recounts Bach s journey from Florida to Washington state in his small seaplane, Puff, and Illusions II The Adventures of a Reluctant Student, which incorporates Bach s real life plane crash.In October 2014, the never before published Part Four to Jonathan Livingston Seagull was published.Readers can find about Richard and his work at richardbach

    2 thoughts on “Não Há Longe Nem Distância

    1. This is the story of Richard Bach as he’s invited to attend the birthday party of a little girl about to turn five. The book and the message within is his gift to her, and a gift to each of us.This simple picture book is about time and place, love and friendship, distance and attachment. The words are simple, yet profound. This is classic Richard Bach philosophy disguised as a children’s story. It’s an excellent companion to Bach’s better known Jonathan Livingston Seagull but stands on i [...]

    2. دو ستاره ای که نصیبش شده یکی به خاطر نقّاشی هایش است(با مداد سیاه، کمابش ظریف و با جزئیات، جوری که انگار حانیه آن ها را کشیده. سر زنگ دینی دوم دبیرستان یا ادبیات سوم راهنمایی روی ورقه ای که توی جامیز یا زیر کتاب های درسی پنهان شده یا در حاشیه ی همان کتاب ها+آیکون آه)و دیگری به خاط [...]

    3. خيلي فكر كردم تا كلماتي را انتخاب كنم كه وقتي حرف مي زنم او بفهمد كه من چيزهاي زيادي آموخته ام.

    4. Wonderful - it may have been four stars were it not for the accompanying illustrations, which in my edition are by Ron Wegan. The combination of the words with the illustrations, which are as valuable in adding punctuation, depth and breathing space as they are in their beauty, make this book something special for me. It's a small book, and I found my copy for 49p in a charity shop; a hidden gem that I stumbled across just when I really needed to.

    5. اين سومين كتابي است كه از ريچارد باخ ميخوانم و بنظرم اين كتاب چكيده و خلاصه تمام چيزي است كه نويسنده در كتابهايش گاه از زبان یک پرنده يا از زبان يك خلبان بيان ميكند . هنر ريچارد باخ اين است كه مفاهيم عرفاني را به ساده ترين بيان ممكن و در قالب داستاني ساده بيان مي كند .علی مرکبی

    6. Ar tikrai mylios gali atskirti mus nuo draugų?Jei norime būti su tais,kuriuos mylime,argi jau nesame su jais?

    7. As books penned by Richard Bach go, it is concise and it is precisely for this reason that I adore this book. Of course, it is often better to say something in 25 words and say it beautifully than use five and only be functional. I am much an advocate of that. Still, Bach manages to get his point across in a rather poetic naive way, simply and still beautifully.Books like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and Illusions have their place in narrative. While Seagull has the turns of phrase that echo the [...]

    8. One of the best books of Richard Bach.When she was about to turn five, a little girl named Rae Hansen invited Richard Bach to her birthday party. Though deserts, storms, mountains, and a thousand miles separated them, Rae was confident that her friend would appear. There's No Such Place As Far Away chronicles the exhilarating spiritual journey that delivered Rae's anxiously awaited guest to her side on that special dayA book you can read in less than an hour with great emotions and thoughts."Can [...]

    9. I read this several years ago. I love to give this as a gift to someone who moves away. The illustrations in this book are awesome.

    10. Si fa fatica persino a capire cosa cavolo sia. Inclino a supporre che si tratti di una presa per il "culo". Perdonatemi il termine triviale.

    11. This is a great kids book. It's simple and inspiring, making it's point in such a way that you really can't argue that there's no such place as far away.

    12. عالی. خوندش پنج دقیقه هم طول نکشید.به این میگن کتابنویسنده های دیگه شانصد صفحه مینویسن تا بتونن اندیشه هاشون رو بیان کنن ولی ریچارد باخ توی چهار صفحه خلاصه و کامل هر چی لازم بود رو گفت

    13. Ningún lugar está lejos."Si desea estar con alguien a quien usted ama, ¿no está ya a su lado? ¿Pueden los kilómetros separar a los verdaderos amigos? ()Nada es imposible para el que verdaderamente desea algo, y está dispuesto a prescindir de eso que llamamos 'realidad objetiva'. ()Ningún lugar está lejos para los seres con imaginación, capaces de comprometerse con la gente, de amar, de vivir cada día como si fuera el primero y el último. Ninguna persona está lejos si existe el deseo [...]

    14. To be honest. I'm not entirely sure I understood what I just read. However, besides the illustrations being lovely, Bach writes some lovely philosophical and sentimental prose. I cannot take that away from him. The perspective however is lost on me, I will re-read it when I'm more awake with strong coffee. But I kept trying to see who he was supposed to be, the narrator, is it something unseen, is it Bach, is it the sun or the moon, something simply we carry within? I'm not exactly sure. It is s [...]

    15. Short and sweet. Nice book but did not say anything new. Simply reiterated what has already been said in his other books. However, the book did have a nice feel to it felt like it was for children, although i don't think kids will understand the underlying philosophy :)The book itself would be a 2 star rating from me, as it was nothing new or special but the artwork in the book by Lee Shapiro deserves the remaining two stars and therefore a 4-star rating, merely because of the soothing yet wonde [...]

    16. Può forse una distanza materiale separarci davvero dagli amici?Se desideri essere accanto a qualcuno che ami, non ci sei forse già?”"Un anno più lontana dall'infanzia? Non mi sembra che questo sia crescere!""l'essere ignota non impedisce alla verità d'essere vera".Queste frasi estrapolate dal testo aiutano a capire quanto sia bello. da leggere (ci si mette forse 1 ora!) x meditare a lungo su se stessi.

    17. Ron Wegen's illustrations are exquisite.I am not exactly certain how I feel about "feel good" books such as this. I do know at the end of this book and others like it, I feel almost icky. As in, "Oh, take your schlocky crap and shove it." I cannot help feeling that I should like or enjoy books such as this because they are happy and joyful and blech!*!*I think I need to look into this further, but hopefully by not reading another book like this.

    18. داستانی کوتاه از نویسنده کتاب جاناتان مرغ دریایی، در مورد پرنده ای که به جشن تولد دوستش میره ولی در برخورد با سایررپرندگان دیدگاهش نسبت به حقیقت عوض میشه، برای مثال یکی از پرنده ها بهش میگه وقتی اون دوستت در قلب تو جا داره رفتن چه معنی میده

    19. This book is really short, and has always meant a lot to me. I think it's a good book for anyone going off to college, or leaving you. It really does remind you that there is no place far away when you're friends. :)

    20. Wow, un pequeño libro que siempre debes tener a la mano. Nos enseña que la distancia no separa a los verdaderos amigos.

    21. Otro libro de este autor del cual casi no entendí nada, simplemente lo leí porque a mi padre le gustaba y tenia curiosidad de que trataba.

    22. un libro sumamente tierno, sencillísimo pero tan profundo en su esencia, tanto como la amistad, aquella que trasciende todo espacio físico.

    23. Me encantó, especialmente por que en ese momento me encontraba tan lejos de a quienes amo, y aún es así. Los libros de Bach me encantan

    24. The illustrations are marvels, dreamlike and colorful. The story is a longlasting fantasy. It's absolutely fabulous.

    25. این کتابو نخریدم همونجا تو کتابفروشی خوندمو تمومش کردم :)))لذت فرا رفتن از دنیا ودلواپسی های اناگر حقیقت شناخته نشود ویا دانسته نشود باز هم حقبقت است

    26. کوتاه و بسبار عمیقبه چالش کشیدن کلمات و در عین حال مفاهیم انسانی و آرمانی آنها مانند میرم -تولد -بزرگ شدن و

    27. Cuando en tu vida las distancias con gente querida son algo inevitable, este libro te saca una sonrisa y una lagrima a la vez.

    28. Beautifully written, loved each wordsA very dear friend recommended this piece of work to me to readI loved reading it and would recommend to everyone who want to understand and appreciate what friendship is

    29. Pretentious garbage, and this is an understatement. Bach follows the same shrewd technique as in his other books with crappy paintings adjacent to text ,which is very minimal and could be fit into two pages. AND IT IS FUCKING OVERPRICED !! Glad I read it in the bookstore itself.

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