Cyrus the Great The Arts of Leadership and War Twenty five hundred years ago Cyrus a great Persian leader of wisdom and virtue created the Persian Empire conquered Babylon freed forty thousand Jews from captivity wrote mankind s first human r

  • Title: Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War
  • Author: Xenophon
  • ISBN: 9781429905312
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
  • Twenty five hundred years ago Cyrus, a great Persian leader of wisdom and virtue, created the Persian Empire, conquered Babylon, freed forty thousand Jews from captivity, wrote mankind s first human rights charter, and ruled over those he had defeated with respect and benevolence The Iranians came to regard Cyrus as The Father, the Babylonians as The Liberator, and thTwenty five hundred years ago Cyrus, a great Persian leader of wisdom and virtue, created the Persian Empire, conquered Babylon, freed forty thousand Jews from captivity, wrote mankind s first human rights charter, and ruled over those he had defeated with respect and benevolence The Iranians came to regard Cyrus as The Father, the Babylonians as The Liberator, and the Jews as The Anointed of the Lord The Greeks called him The Law Giver, and a century after Cyrus s death, an admiring Xenophon of Athens wrote an epic account of Cyrus s many leadership principles at war and at peace By freshening the voice and style that Xenophon ascribed to Cyrus, Larry Hedrick has fashioned a intimate Cyrus A new generation of readers, including executives, managers, and military officers, can now learn from Cyrus s leaderships and wisdom in Xenophon s narrative.

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    1. Xenophon says:

      Xenophon Ancient Greek , Modern Greek , ca 431 355 BC , son of Gryllus, of the deme Erchia of Athens, was a soldier, mercenary and a contemporary and admirer of Socrates He is known for his writings on the history of his own times, preserving the sayings of Socrates, and the life of ancient Greece.Historical and biographical worksAnabasis or The Persian Expedition Cyropaedia Hellenica Agesilaus Socratic works and dialoguesMemorabilia Oeconomicus Symposium Apology Hiero Short treatisesOn Horsemanship The Cavalry General Hunting with Dogs Ways and Means Constitution of Sparta

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    1. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، در این کتاب مورخِ بزرگ <گزنفون> اطلاعاتِ بسیار ارزشمند و اسنادِ مهم و خواندنی از <کوروش بزرگ> ارائه نموده است که در زیر برخی از آنها را برایِ شما بزرگوارانِ ایران دوست، مینویسم----------------------------------------------‎عزیزانم، این کتاب از 8 فصل تشکیل شده است که هر فصل [...]

    2. I could not disagree with KC's review of this work more strongly. Cyrus is not meant to be a hero for the reader, although on first blush he is very attractive. Instead, Xenophon intends to point us, ever-so subtly, to Socrates and his teachings (the speech Cambyses gives to Cyrus on the way out of Persia, the teacher of Tigranes, etc etc.). Indeed, I believe the title alludes neither to the education Cyrus received nor the education he gave. Instead, it refers to the education Cyrus lacks: the [...]

    3. I support what the author is saying but it was extremely boring and difficult to pick out the good stuff. Like a crab leg and you have to pick the meat off.

    4. La vie de du fondateur de l'empire Perse, qui fut le plus formidable adversaire des grecs, est le sujet de cet ouvrage de Xénophon. Tout est mis en œuvre dans ce texte pour magnifier les qualités morales de Cyrus qui depuis l'enfance est présenté comme un modèle pour son entourage, et qui deviendra à même de soumettre l'Asie plus encore en inspirant une amitié et une affection sincère à ses amis, sujets et vassaux à force de bontés et d'attentions, que par ses talents militaires, sa [...]

    5. "Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians." This was the interpretation of the handwriting on the wall during the feast of Belshazzar according to the Old Testament book of Daniel. The Education of Cyrus also contains an account of this event. My curiosity on this topic is what led me to read this book. While the prophet Daniel records what happened inside the walls of Babylonia, Xenophon records what took place outside the walls leading up to this particular conquest. While Xe [...]

    6. Um texto escrito no quarto século a.c um relato parcial da vida de Ciro, o Grande, uma proposta da forma ideal para que um "déspota esclarecido" possa cativar e aterrorizar seus comandados e uma pequena janela para um mundo com valores muito diversos do nosso; tudo isso é a Ciropédia de Xenofonte. Como em muitos textos da antiguidade, é interessante notar que grandes atrocidades são descritas como se não fossem nada.

    7. Passer-by, I am Cyrus, who founded the Persian Empire, and was king of Asia.Grudge me not therefore this monument.An amazing book by the Greek historian Xenophon, student of Socrates.It was hard to stop reading, well into the night each segment ended with the beginning to the next.It's focus is not on the campaign, but the people and the conduct and resolve of the campaign. Every event has something for the reader to think about, to learn and take with them into their daily life and into the und [...]

    8. Those who dream to be the best leaders/people should pick up this book and complete it.Cyrus the great is not only one of the greatest kings lived in this world. He had great virtues, valour and he lived in his own principles. He stood strong for his values. He made great allies everywhere he went. He kept everyone under him very happy. He governed his whole empire with his own army. He stressed the fact in order to eat evening bread, you need to have worked to earn it through your hard work or [...]

    9. I can hardly imagine a better book on people management. A fundamental study of human relationships that will definitely survive for another 2000 years. Some of the bits may seem a little simplistic if you are particularly concerned about its application in today's world, but even these could serve as useful reference points when judging people's motives. The only thing that I missed in this masterpiece was a more detailed examination of revenge.

    10. من این کتاب رو به این خاطر خوندم که اسم این کتاب تویه کتاب شهریار ماکیاوولی اومده بود و توقع خیلی بالایی از این کتاب داشتم ولی متاسفانه اگر نکته ای هم کتاب مدیریت کوروش داشته باشه همه و همه در کتاب شهریار ماکیاوولی آمده استاگر می خواهید راجع به کوروش بیشتر بدانید کتاب شهریار ب [...]

    11. At some point in the past six months, I read a passing reference to Cyrus in a book review as having been favorable noted by Machiavelli. No matter, I noted it long enough to park in my shopping cart until it could come home. Eventually when I re-read The Prince, I may come back and include that reference here.I wasn’t impressed. As I get older and hopefully wiser, I have less and less patience with reading the ancients. Yes, humans are murderous and conniving, gracious and noble, sometimes a [...]

    12. It's amazing how Xenophon managed to describe someone who's not his ideal King and revealed the King's true personality with all the charismatic features shown. Judging from the things he've done, Cyrus is truly The Great. But judging from how he did things, he's cold-hearted, sophisticated, and ambitious, like some people said, 'using people as instruments'.Cyrus's attitude toward his uncle is the most fascinating part. Even before he march to Medes, his ambition of establishing empire by himse [...]

    13. -Some what worried about the translation, language seems almost simplistic. In the forward L. Hendrick mentions cleaning up the plot and changing from the third to the first person viewpoint. Especially the last seems like a massive change, might change the whole tone of the book which does come across as sanctimonious (suspiciously Zig Ziglar - ish).-according to the introduction this is and edited version of a translation by Henry Graham Dakyns in 1906 -also in the introduction L. Hendrick see [...]

    14. I liked it. It felt a bit like a fantasy novel -- the plot was "boy rises from obscurity to greatness, via hard work, winning personality, and some opportune trickery, all while exploring strange lands and recruiting allies." Unlike most fantasy novels, though, Xenophon knew a lot about war, politics, and horses. It shows. It also has a very Platonic feel to it -- there are many long digressions about ethics, the good society, the nature of virtue, about the ideal life, and so forth. Unlike Socr [...]

    15. From farnamstreetblog/reading/Amazing. Cyrus was pretty awesome. His insights about leadership have “inspired great men from Julius Caesar to Benjamin Franklin to Lawrence of Arabia.” Peter Drucker called this book — Xenophon’s biography of Cryus — “the best book on leadership.” You’ll learn about Cyrus’ various campaigns as he conquers Babylon. While the story is old, the leadership lessons are as relevant today as they were then. Among other things “Xenophon shows you how t [...]

    16. نگاهی به فتوحات کوروش کبیر به روایت گزنفون که بیش از هر چیز شبیه به افسانه و داستان می‌باشد تا روایت تاریخی.‏اگر هم از بُعد تاریخی خوانده شود با روایات جدیدی که اغلب متفاوت از روایات پذیرفته شده می‌باشند، روبرو می‌شویم. مانند فتح قلمرو مادیان که به روایت گزنفون این رویداد ن [...]

    17. Second readA classic for me. Really infectious style. ("So this is how these things were concluded." "All those around Cyrus had been armed in the same arms as Cyrus.")Surprisingly fun.“Tell me, by the gods, what sort of wife you think would be harmonious for me in the most noble way.” | “First,” he said, “a short one, for you yourself are also short. And if you marry a tall one, if you ever wish to kiss her when she is standing up, you will need to jump up, like a puppy.” | “In th [...]

    18. It's . . . Okay. There's obvious value in Xenophon's base text, but Hedrick repeatedly harms the work. From his ham-handed attempts to "freshen" the language to his repeated insistence that Cyrus, a fifth-century Persian, was somehow a secret believer in a Judeo-Christian conception of God, to his treatment of the text as if Xenophon was writing about a real person rather than projecting his now beliefs about an idealized ruler onto Cyrus, Hedrick constantly makes the book worse. Even so, it rem [...]

    19. This book may be the world's first leadership manual. At 2500 years old, there are obviously also things lost or gained in translation. This review is of the 2006 edition, edited by Larry Hedrick.Plenty has been said already about this book as a self-help or business manual. I was surprised by the military focus of the writing - easily two thirds of the book covers the logistics of the battles that Cyrus fought. The latter part of the book, when he is managing the peace in his empire, is likely [...]

    20. I decided to read it after seeing a TED video on the Cyrus cylinder. A remarkable document containing the first human rights. It was issued after he captured Babylon. Cyrus let the Jews return to Israel, and is the only foreign ruler to be honored in the Bible. I wanted to reed more about Cyrus and the Persians. He created the first true empire. And therefore ranks as high as Alexander the Great. Perhaps more so. I didn't learn as much about Cyrua the Great as I did about what Xenophon thought w [...]

    21. Usually books that are based from ancient writings tend to bore me. No offense to old history books, scriptures, etc, but they aren't exactly page turners. They have great meaning and teach lessons, but for the most part, they aren't too gripping. I loved this book because it is based off of Xenophon's ancient writings on Cyrus, but has been compiled in such a way that it really is exciting and eventful. It was a breath of fresh air to learn about a historical figure without the effort of wading [...]

    22. This is a very short (one day) read, and an inspirational story of leadership, strategy, social mastery, and benevolence. The message is still poignant today.I particularly liked the structure of the book. Rather than being broken into simple chapters, each aspect of the biography story-arc is preempted by a relevant adage. In this way, the reader is able to approach each few-hundred-word aspect of Cyrus' thoughts and actions with an understanding of his motives.I ordered a few copies and sent t [...]

    23. Gregg Waters loaned me this book, citing the Peter Drucker quote on the cover about it being, "Still the best book on leadership." The guiding principles are sound. Goodness knows I've worked for enough managers that didn't follow them that, when I have come across the few who did, they were notable in their exception. I understand the editor's (Larry Hedrick) desire to make the original more readable, but I felt it read like "Leadership for Dummies." By taking it our of the third-person and put [...]

    24. This book should be titled The Art Of Leadership and should be part of curriculum for political science students and leadership training.Written by Xenophon, a student of Socrates, philosopher, historian and soldier the qualities of the ideal leader and cultivation of them are told to us as a semi fictional account of Cyrus The Great's life. Cyrus would have needed a lot of charisma and be a sound general in order to defeat the Assyrian EmpireHighly readable and still as timely today as it was o [...]

    25. I've believed for a long time now that becoming a great man means studying the lives of great men; and if antiquity all the way from Roman times to the Enlightenment agrees with me that Cyrus is worth studying, then I think I've made the right decision. If Jesus was a general, I imagine this is how he would have run things -- whatever Pope Francis says. Second maybe only to Plutarch's Lives or Ben Franklin's autobiography, in terms of digestibility and usefulness.

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