An Unfinished Score As she prepares dinner for her husband and their extended family Suzanne hears on the radio that a jetliner has crashed and her lover is dead Alex Elling was a renowned orchestra conductor Suzanne is

  • Title: An Unfinished Score
  • Author: Elise Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781936071661
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As she prepares dinner for her husband and their extended family, Suzanne hears on the radio that a jetliner has crashed and her lover is dead Alex Elling was a renowned orchestra conductor Suzanne is a concert violist, long unsatisfied with her marriage to a composer whose music turns emotion into thought Now, alone than she s ever been, she must grieve secretly.As she prepares dinner for her husband and their extended family, Suzanne hears on the radio that a jetliner has crashed and her lover is dead Alex Elling was a renowned orchestra conductor Suzanne is a concert violist, long unsatisfied with her marriage to a composer whose music turns emotion into thought Now, alone than she s ever been, she must grieve secretly But as complex as that effort is, it pales with the arrival of Alex s widow, who blackmails her into completing the score for Alex s unfinished viola concerto.As Suzanne struggles to keep her double life a secret from her husband, from her best friend, and from the other members of her quartet, she is consumed by memories of a rich love affair saturated with music Increasingly manipulated by her lover s widow and tormented by the concerto s many layers, Suzanne realizes she may lose everything she s spent her life working for.A story of love, loss, sex, class, and betrayal, this psychologically compelling novel explores the ways that artists lives and work interact, the nature of relationships among women as friends and competitors, and what it means to make a life of art.

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    1. Elise Blackwell says:

      Elise Blackwell is the author of three novels Hunger, The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish, and Grub Originally from southern Louisiana, she has lived all over the country and currently teaches at the University of South Carolina.

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    1. Reading Elise Blackwell, I am always struck by her intelligence. Her sentences are exquisitely crafted, and her stories are woven with obscure facts and details. In the case of An Unfinished Score, the lives of composers, both famous and forgotten, are used as a motif. Blackwell also reveals an understanding of classical music that is almost intimidating.In an Unfinished Score, Suzanne Sullivan, violist in a struggling quartet, hears on the radio that her lover, a prominent composer, has just di [...]

    2. From my blog[return]An Unfinished Score is an exquisitely composed work of fiction, lyrical in tone and quality, a literary ballet, a complex story told through music, while the ending, as with a good concert, will take the reader's breath away. Suzanne Sullivan is leading a double life. She is married to Ben, yet had been seeing a married man, Alex Elling, her orchestra conductor. Suzanne learns of Alex Elling's tragic death while making dinner for her family. Suzanne is unable to outwardly mou [...]

    3. "In the music she will find the desire to tell him as much as he wants to hear, and, if he is willing, they will not start over but continue, a better variation on what they are."An Unfinished Score by Elise Blackwell is a part of my ongoing quest of reading modern American writers. I am ambivalent about the book. I like the setting - the classical music and life of musicians. It took me awhile to get into the characters - because of the writing style? The middle part is my favourite. I am deepl [...]

    4. Like the love affair between concert violist Suzanne and famous conductor Alex, this book is also "saturated with music." Perhaps, as some famous musician once said, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture" - can it be done? I'm not a musician but after reading An Unfinished Score by Elise Blackwell, it appears that writing about music in the context of love, pain, regret, jealousy, and joy can be done superbly. Blackwell's prose made me hear music in my head as I read this story [...]

    5. I absolutely adored this; it's flawed, I think, and a little predictable, and Suzanne is not necessarily an entirely sympathetic narrator, but it was heartbreaking and the way Blackwell writes about music is incredible.Ma, you might dig this, since the protagonist almost has your name, and is also a viola player.

    6. An Unfinished Score, written by my aether friend Elise Blackwell, is a love letter written to music. This book was an absolute delight to read and I'm just sorry that I didn't read it sooner. The story is thus: Suzanne Sullivan, a viola player in a quartet, learns that famous conductor Alex Elling has died in a horrible plane crash. She's distraught, not only for the sake that the world lost quite a talent, but that she was his lover for several years. As the book progresses, we experience Suzan [...]

    7. i picked this book up because i am a musician and a reader, hoping for something that was able to bring two of my loves into one happy place, and i definitely wasn't let down. although it was less happy and more passionate, less Mozart and more Rachmaninoff, it was a wonderfully constructed literary piece and i am glad to have read ite book opens with Suzanne preparing dinner for her "family", her husband Ben, and her live-in best friend Petra and daughter Adele. the radio announces an airplane [...]

    8. This novel, which centers around Suzanne, a viola player among a "family" of musicians, reminds a bit of the Snow White story, more of the Grimm's variety rather than Disney. Unlike many depictions of Snow White, Suzanne is not pure and blameless. Olivia, the wife of Suzanne's former lover, a famous conductor named Alex Elling, ends up in a role not unlike an evil stepmother. Noting that Suzanne has not been Alex's only lover, she has been his last, as Alex was killed on a plane that crashed. Ra [...]

    9. While preparing dinner, concert violist Suzanne Sullivan hears on the radio that her long-term lover Alex—a well-known conductor—has perished in a plane crash. Living with her husband (a composer), her best friend Pertra (a concert violinist) and Petra’s deaf daughter Adele, Suzanne is forced to grieve in secret. With one foot in a dysfunctional marriage and one hand in the rearing of a child not her own, she comes to realize that it was during her stolen moments with Alex that she felt mo [...]

    10. While I was read­ing this book, I was try­ing to think how I would describe it. And yet now that I’ve fin­ished read­ing it and sat on this review for a few days try­ing to flesh it out in my head, I find that my first thought still remains the best way to describe this book.Beau­ti­ful.There is such depth to this tale, and it is filled with such emo­tion that it reminds me of a great piece of music that could almost bring you to tears. It’s heart wrench­ing and yet, peace­ful, bri [...]

    11. This brand new novel is best read in one day. The narrative arc and the emotional depth had a sumptuous impact. I never wanted to stop reading it. Suzanne is a classical violist with a non-attentive husband (also a musician as well as a composer) and a lover who conducts orchestras. On the first page Suzanne is cooking dinner when she hears on the radio that her lover has died in a plane crash. Also living with Suzanne and her husband are Petra, a violinist, Suzanne's best friend and single pare [...]

    12. This has a bit of a split rating - **1/2 or ***1/2 depending on whether or not you've been a serious student of music. This is a novel written by a musical academic/professional classical musician about professional classical musicians, and, most appealingly, for them as well.Without reiterating the plot, the viola jokes abound and the sections are presented as movements of a serious orchestral piece. I was drawn to this book because I have serious musical training in my background, my father wa [...]

    13. When Suzanne Sullivan learns of her lover Alex's death over the radio, it takes every ounce of willpower to continue making dinner for her family without letting on that something is out of the ordinary. Within a couple of weeks, she is contacted by Alex's wife Olivia, who demands she finish the musical composition her late husband was writing when he was having his affair with her. This proves to be a difficult task, one Suzanne has to complete while simultaneously tending to both her unhappy m [...]

    14. I love classical music, especially chamber music, so this book was a delightful backstage pass. What's it like to practice such music, to live under its spell, to wrestle with it, to let it into your life, to live and breathe it, and to try to make money from it as well? Grounded in the reality of a chamber group, the novel explores adultery, creativity, and secrets in a hypnotic voice. This one filled my weekend and I put everything aside to finish it. Now, if you're a mystery author as I am, o [...]

    15. A woman is having an affair. she also happens to be a musician in a quartet. Her lover died in a plane crash. Maybe it's the time I'm reading it in, but I can't stomach the somber tone of this woman's suffering.From her strange living arrangement's with her husband, best friend and her friend's young deaf daughter, to her agonizingover her failing marriage and lack of children. After 6 chapters I decided itv just isn't something I want to read.

    16. This was a touching work of fiction. It actually brought tears to my eyes near the end. The musical references were interesting, and the depictions of each character's relationship to music seemed honest and soulful. It reminded me in many ways of the movie "Unfaithful" with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. I loved it.

    17. Every word of this exquisite novel was chosen and placed with the precision and care of the protagonist's composed music notes. One of the best novels I've ever read: storyline, character development, all-around writing style. Brava.

    18. Riveting meditation on how one can interpret creative output (in the case of this novel, the musical composition) to gain insight about the nature of a personality. It made me wish I knew more about the world of classical music.

    19. I wanted to love this one and if I could I'd give it a 3.5. I just felt like there was too much going on, particularly in the first half of the book for me to attach to any of the characters. The writing is wonderful and the second half really picks up.

    20. I really wish my reviews would quit disappearing. Short version: a beautiful and sad book that will grab you in the opening pages and not let you go. My only regret is that I know so little about classical music--I'm certain I missed a lot of subtleties in Blackwell's prose.

    21. Elise Blackwell's fourth novel is a slow, contemplative read that manages to penetrate the very basic of our thoughts and ideas with her sharp prose. Click to read the full review on my book blog.

    22. Loved this novel and the manner in which music was interwoven with the story. I think musicians will especially enjoy this book.

    23. This is not a book that I would consider in my wheelhouse, but when it is undeniably good. The prose is fluid and beautiful while also allowing readers a brief yet fine education in classical music

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