An Idiot Girl s Christmas True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List An Idiot Girl s Christmas True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List

  • Title: An Idiot Girl's Christmas: True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List
  • Author: Laurie Notaro
  • ISBN: 9781400064366
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Idiot Girl s Christmas True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List

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    1. Laurie Notaro says:

      Laurie Notaro is a New York Times best selling American writer.

    2 thoughts on “An Idiot Girl's Christmas: True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List

    1. This one was mehIt wasn't hilarious, it was light-hearted, occassionally funny. I chuckled a couple of times, I smiled a bit, but I didn't fall off my sofa laughing.Pretentious, witty humor doesn't really do it for me. I must say, though, that if the writer's mother is as obnoxious and dogmatic as she is described, then, my God, Laurie Notaro is a true heroineHence the two stars.

    2. I loved this book, it made me laugh aloud over and over. There are 6 twisted Christmas stories, which of course are completely true and contain no exaggeration for humor. And I can relate to most of them. Especially the ones about bizarro Christmas presents. I am not sure I would recommend this as your first taste of Laurie since knowing her other work makes this make more sense. But it is a delight.

    3. For me, the short essays in An Idiot Girl’s Christmas were hit-or-miss. Many of the stories were previously published, giving the book an uneven, cobbled tone. There wasn’t a central theme (aside from the generic ‘Christmas’) to tie all the essays together into a cohesive whole. And one essay didn’t even relate to Christmas! What was the message? When you’re the least crazy in your family, make sure you write negatively about them to your meager profit? Author Laurie Notaro rides the [...]

    4. This was a fun,quick read. I've read a few of her other books and this one was good, too. There were parts that had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Other essays were not as humorous but still fun to read. Notaro reminds me of Jen Lancaster (another funny lady) - she's slightly snarky, like that smart a$$ friend you love to hang out and dish with. Lots of fun even off-season. Loved the mother's description of menopause:I haven't slept in fourteen months, and when I wake up [...]

    5. A collection of stories related to the author's normal (dysfunctional) family Christmases. Not quite as balanced as her regular books, but still pretty funny. Laurie is always good for a laugh. :)

    6. Tis the season for a funny Christmas book. I am always looking for laugh out loud books to read -they are so hard to come by! This one was amusing in parts. I think I even laughed once, but it was downright ridiculous in others. Mostly a book of short happenings around Christmas -not a story throughout. A very quick read - which is what I was looking for since I am really waiting for Tuesday when Artemis comes out! 2.6stars from me.

    7. Quick, entertaining read. I especially enjoyed the essays involving Notaro’s mom. I laughed at some essays, I skimmed others. Overall, worth a read.

    8. Standard Notaro, and probably one of the reasons I'm not a huge fan of her writing, although I'm a big fan of hers. I love subtle humor, sarcasm, dark humor, but I'm not always so much a fan of a book that grabs you by the collar, shaking you and screaming, "Aren't I funny, goddamnit!?" I find that many of Notaro's books do just that.This is a book of humorous tales from the holidays centered around Laurie's family and friends, including her long suffering husband, her mom, and her best friends [...]

    9. Received it for Christmas 2 hours to readI own it and would have bought it just for have yourself a Kmart little Christmas.It was a good read, but I could have used more. There were a few I had read before but still made me laugh. Not her best collection but still worth the read!

    10. #readingchallenge2017 (my book with a holiday/season in the title)Reading ALL of Laurie’s novels during my high school years, I was a huge fan of hers, as the stories felt relate-able; letting me know I’m not the only one with a crazed family and a few extra pounds. Though, as I re-read her novels in my adulthood, the humor has begun to fad. The theme didn’t flow throughout the novel, the humor wasn't subtle, but instead felt slammed down my throat over the top, "aren't I funny?!"The novel [...]

    11. Liked this books because it was like a series of short stories, some of the chapters were so funny you find yourself laughing out loud. I gave 3 copies of this book to friends and family for Christmas. Hard to find even on because it is older.

    12. I read this in a morning and did not find it the least bit funny. I want to ask the author if anything makes her happy.

    13. This is the first Laurie Notaro book I've read, however a colleague has read out passages to me from another of her books. She's hilarious and I can't wait to read more.

    14. I love this book. I love Laurie Notaro. I love her hyperbole and her hilarious take on everything about the holidays and daily life. Great fun read every year

    15. Funny, as always. I laughed out loud more than some others I've read. My only gripe is stylistic choices and some questionable editing but I can get past those. Obviously.

    16. Fun short Christmas ones, the ones with frustrations and families and strangers. You'll smile, you'll laugh.

    17. This book was a waste of time. I expected it to be super funny but only got 1 or 2 laughs out of it. Crass and vulgar. I am not sure why I kept reading it.

    18. AmusedNot the funniest, but the short stories were the perfect format. I had a couple nice laugh out loud moments.

    19. The classism throughout really bothered me, but I laughed a couple of times despite it, hence the 2 stars.

    20. Considering I laughed out loud in several places, I just couldn’t warm to the writer. I prefer Jen Lancaster or Jenny Lawson.

    21. I just got this for Christmas last year (the year before?) and how good of me to just get around to reading it now. Not that I was begrudging reading it. I own The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Guide and I thought that was hilarious. No reason to think the Christmas version would be any different.And it wasn't. Notaro has this jaded snark about her that only comes with years of battling Murphy's Law tooth and nail only to end up in a drunken stupor with the guy at the end of it all. While Notaro [...]

    22. I first discovered Laurie Notaro a few years ago while browsing a used book store. I stumbled upon her first book. The back cover looked quirky and fun so I decided to give it a whirl. I read it in a day, laughing out loud hysterically the entire time. I told all my friends about it and thought this woman is brilliantly hilarious. However, through the years as I occasionally read her other books, I am disappointed in the fact that she is less and less funny every time. And by the time I got to " [...]

    23. I think I'm done with Notaro for right now. It's not that I didn't enjoy this - I did, in places - but I think I'm getting diminishing returns - less laughter with each subsequent book. I'm also getting sort of tired of Notaro. One book is apparently my recommended yearly dose of her, and now that I've had three times that, I'm definitely feeling like I've overdosed.The good news is that this book didn't make me flinch the way I Love Everybody did - there's less childishness and less shrieking. [...]

    24. In this collection of essays Notaro shares Christmas memories filled with dysfunction and humor. The stories are crude and a bit rough, but get funnier with each chapter. Each of the thirteen chapters are different holiday memories with family and friends written with heartfelt emotion mixed with sarcasm. All stories are from Notaro’s late teens and early adulthood, with some reflections on her childhood. This book is a short (only 160 pages) read that I would recommend to readers looking for [...]

    25. Book club decided it wanted to do something seasonal for December. This was at the top of a "Books About Christmas" list and was readily available at the local library and cheap to purchase used online, so we went for it. I know nothing about Laurie Notaro, but after I finished reading this my assumption was that she's a blogger who got a book contract, because that's how the book read to me. Turns out she's a columnist/essayist (but, I mean, that's not entirely different from what many blogger [...]

    26. Just finished this funny book. It's a collection of humorous observations and stories about the Christmas season. Although nothing can ever, ever be as hysterical as David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries, I always think it's fun to read something seasonal during December.While funny, the first two essays rubbed me the wrong way just a little. The first is about bad gifts. I think I'm probably very lucky to come from a family of excellent gift-givers, but this one just seemed a little ungrateful to me [...]

    27. Not funny, not funny at all. I barely even smiled let alone laughed. Pretty much the only thing I could think of was that this was super dumb, and if it wasn't for book club, it would never read this.

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