Coyote Dreams Instead of powerful forces storming Seattle a insidious invasion is happening Most of Joanne Walker s fellow cops are down with the blue flu or rather the blue sleep Yet there s no physical cause any

  • Title: Coyote Dreams
  • Author: C.E. Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781426834028
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • Instead of powerful forces storming Seattle, a insidious invasion is happening Most of Joanne Walker s fellow cops are down with the blue flu or rather the blue sleep Yet there s no physical cause anyone can point to and it keeps spreading It has to be magical, Joanne figures But what s up with the crazy dreams that hit her every time she closes her eyes Are thInstead of powerful forces storming Seattle, a insidious invasion is happening Most of Joanne Walker s fellow cops are down with the blue flu or rather the blue sleep Yet there s no physical cause anyone can point to and it keeps spreading It has to be magical, Joanne figures But what s up with the crazy dreams that hit her every time she closes her eyes Are they being sent by Coyote, her still missing spirit guide The messages just aren t clear Somehow Joanne has to wake up her sleeping friends while protecting those still awake, figure out her inner spirit dream life and, yeah, come to terms with these other dreams she s having about her boss.

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    1. C.E. Murphy says:

      C.E Murphy is a writer of fantasy novels and short stories She also writes action adventure romance novels under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother s maiden name.

    2 thoughts on “Coyote Dreams

    1. In the words of Kate Daniels, too much woo-woo hand-waving, not enough fights. Okay, maybe that was me.Still, too much vague spirit-walking, which might have improved if Murphy took a page from Phillip K. Dick and dropped some acid while writing it. But I'm jumping ahead. The basic premise begins with Joanne waking up in bed with The Ideal Guy (supportive, easy-going, polite, funny, able to cook delicious food for multiple people with no notice and an empty fridge, makes no demands on her except [...]

    2. Coyote Dreams, the third book of the Walker Papers, is a solid story with a tighter and better-paced plot than the previous book in the series, Thunderbird Falls. It's far more cohesive and I think it's the best of the first three books.Without a doubt, C.E. Murphy's greatest strength in this series in particular is fantastic character development. I may not always like Joanne Walker (Siobhan Walkingstick) or the choices she makes, but I still love her as a character. She's so delightfully human [...]

    3. Dammit, Gary! Do you have to make me cry in every book?! Coyote Dreams is incredibly successful in one particular area: Murphy makes me care about these crazy characters. Whatever the flaws in the series, I enjoy visiting with this reluctant shaman and her loony but endearing circle of friends.I didn't love Thunderbird Falls, but with Coyote Dreams, Murphy seems back on track, bringing back the whimsy and emotion that characterized the first book. And with a tighter storyline and more concise wr [...]

    4. Much, much better than the previous book. In fact, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the second book didn't even exist. With some minor tweaks, this should have been the second book. It's still far from perfect, or even from very good, but I have to give it extra credit for turning around my opinion of the series. If it stays on this path, it has enough potential to be good.Unfortunately, the second book did exist and now I'll always be a little on the fence about what might happen. It's not [...]

    5. I have never in my life ended a book more furious. I had steam coming out of my ears and ranted around the house for at least 2 hours. (view spoiler)[This was the biggest tease and set up to a romantic happy ending I've ever read and at the end, for no valid reason, the two involved decide not to go on with a relationship. I read books all the time where things don't work out between a couple but the author owes it to the reader to set if up as that might be the outcome not set everything up to [...]

    6. “You take what you can get.” That is what Joanne Walker tells herself towards the end of a mind-numbing journey, and it encapsulates her essence. Joanne is a half Irish, half Cherokee officer for the Seattle Police Department. As detailed in the two previous books in the series, she started out as a garage mechanic for the department. In her spare time she still loves working on her vintage Mustang. She recently came into her power as a Shaman whose visions allow her to fight demons and spir [...]

    7. ***3.5***I'm not liking this series as much as I want to.The stories are good, for the most part. But there are a couple critical problems that are really keeping me from being as invested as I feel like I could be in the characters.I don't have a lot of tolerance for heroes that, three books in, are still denying reality. Frankly, I was over this in book 2. For her to still struggle with being a skeptic, at this point, makes her seem ridiculous. She's seen so much extraordinary, clearly superna [...]

    8. You know how sometimes you take a test, and it's a breeze, and other times, you feel like you are slogging through it? When the results come back, both are A's, but for the first grade, you sailed effortlessly to it, while you had to work like mad for the second A? Well, this book is like the second paper - it had to work like mad for the four star rating. I am very pleasantly surprised by this book. I've complained that in the previous books, Joanne's attitude was off-putting and she acted like [...]

    9. Joanne finally realizes her feelings for Morrison in this book, just in time for Morrison to have started dating someone else, a cute little thing. So what does she do? She jumps off a cliff and into another man's arms, specifically, the cute little thing's brother. Yes, he is quite scrumptious, but he just isn't Morrision. Later on in the book Joanne is positively green with jealously and proceeds to make an absolute fool out of herself. What is even more astonishing is that she eventually admi [...]

    10. I'm listening to the audiobook and also have the paperback. I just finished Thunderbird Falls and was complaining about Joanne always being tired. And then I go and read the blurb for this book and it talks about everyone falling asleep!! Oh no!!!!! Help me! I'll persevere and hopefully not fall asleep myself. I loved this book until the ending and then it was a WTF - is it real or take the promotion - and me sitting there thinking why can't it be both. But now that I'm typing this, I'm thinking [...]

    11. This barely even made it into the category of "guilty pleasures" because it gave me almost no pleasure at all. I mean, it's a crappy urban fantasy series, but it was entertaining enough for a bit. I don't know, maybe I'm just too used to some romance, but I don't think it's fair to build up to two characters getting togetherd then not do it! Ugh.

    12. by the third book I was SOOOO sick of Jo. Another whinny, bitchy girl with a tragic sex life in her youth. What a crock! I've known way too many REAL women with worst problems in their past that aren't even close to this stupid and dense. Get a therapist. Speed read this one if you must.

    13. I spent the first two books of this series irritated with Joanne. I kept reading the books because I’d already purchased them. I’ve now read all of the series that I have and I will NOT be picking up the next book. I’m so far beyond done with this series and CE Murphy. I wasn’t quite so irritated with Joanne in this one, and I honestly thought this would be the book where the series picked up. And then I realized that no, this book was mostly a book where Joanne realizes she’s in love [...]

    14. From the opening scene of this book, when Joanne wakes to discover she has the world's worst hangoverd a strange guy in her bed, I just knew I was going to enjoy this more than the first book. It made me realise what was lacking last time, actually, and that was that everything just plodded along too nicely, there was nothing that happened that really ruffled Jo's feathers, but I enjoyed the fact that from the very first paragraph in this book, she was already thoroughly discombobulated.Now, ide [...]

    15. I have of course expressed my fondness for this series in past posts and am happy to say that this one was a nice addition to the ongoing storyline. This story's all about our plucky car-loving heroine Joanne Walker finally getting her metaphysical feet under her in more ways than one, complete with some sardonic self-awareness about how she's even tired of her own whining about having to suck it up and deal with the supernatural. After the first two "ZOMG what am I doing?!" sorts of stories, it [...]

    16. I honestly don't know why I keep reading these books. They're not that good and she spends so much time explaining stuff that happened in previous books that I end up skipping entire pages. Can't she just assume that if people want to know what happened in previous books they'll READ them? Why do the people who've already read them have to suffer through recaps? I started out really enjoying the snarky/funny/bumbling part of the main character but by book 5 you'd think she'd have her s*** togeth [...]

    17. I will admit to being a bit wary of staying with the Walker Paper novels after reading Thunderbird Falls. Joanne walked into so many obvious traps and bad decisions I was ready to lock her in her room. In Coyote Dreams, Joanne makes a comeback. No, she's not perfect, and still gets into trouble, some of it embarrassing, but she's generally thinking before jumping. More importantly, she has to face the consequences of her previously poor judgment, and takes responsibility. In short, character gro [...]

    18. Better than the second book, but still too much whining. Jo has the potential to become a strong and powerful shaman and I just wish she would get on with it. I do love all the secondary characters in this series, and even Jo herself most of the time, so I will stick with it to see where the next book goes.

    19. I really enjoyed this 3rd book of the Walker Papers. I think so far it is the best of the series. Great mysterious plot and adventures for Joanne is this installment.

    20. Ever had one of those days where you didn't want to wake up? Unfortunately for Jo Walker, it appears most of the city is having them.

    21. Third in the Walker Papers urban fantasy series revolving around Joanne Walker, a cop in the Seattle Police Department, who is also a shaman.My TakeI do love how Joanne envisages her healing powers, using her experience as a mechanic to re-inflate lungs, smooth out the dent in the exterior skin, ease out that air bubble in the line, lol, handle the dehydration in that overheated engine… I just can’t help laughing as well as enjoying the imagery.I’m feeling so relieved that the steps Joanne [...]

    22. This was in many ways a hard book to read and yet very enjoyable. It’s difficult reading about a character you cannot relate to, and there are many reasons why I can’t relate to Joanne. But that’s a joy too because I can see things through a different perspective and even though she drives me crazy I cheer her on because she’s doing her best and I can respect that. The one thing that was just perplexing was the amount of guys suddenly into her all at once. Sometimes it seems like her fee [...]

    23. There were literally dozens of visions, time warps, and uses of mystical sight. That would be confusing enough even if the transitions were handled well, but frankly the transitions were very poorly done. There was often barely warning before she was talking to her younger self as her own spirit guide and see? As a result I spent half the book not understanding who was speaking to who about what or in what context. Her experiences strictly in the normal world are entertaining enough, she doesn't [...]

    24. The 3rd book in the Walker Paper series - it was enjoyable and more engaging to have Officer Walker accept herself and gain more confidence, though there were still some obvious areas where the plot line became more apparent. Overall, a quick and easy read.

    25. I like the idea of these books but the writing kind of bugs me, it is getting better (this the 3rd book) but I still find the flow to be off.

    26. i gotta stop thinking this series is gonna get better :\ i didn't have nearly as bad a reaction to this as i did book 2, but it was muddled and confusing.

    27. well at least finely as of this book she is trying to stop (ha) rejecting and accepting her magic instead.

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