Boy Oh Boy When Far Hills Junior High kicks off class elections Madison is put in charge of the school s election site Creating the site is easy until something goes very wrong And just when Madison thinks she

  • Title: Boy, Oh Boy!
  • Author: Laura Dower Stephanie Power
  • ISBN: 9780786815548
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Far Hills Junior High kicks off class elections, Madison is put in charge of the school s election site Creating the site is easy, until something goes very wrong And just when Madison thinks she s had all the politics she can handle, her dad shows up with his new running mate Is someone plotting a campaign to crush Madison online and off Boy, oh boy

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    1. Laura Dower Stephanie Power says:

      Laura Dower worked in marketing and editorial in kid s publishing for many years before taking a big leap to the full time life of an author Since 2000, she has penned 90 books from picture books to young adult fiction and nonfiction Along the way, she had two sons and a daughter Laura and her groovy family of five live in Yonkers, NY.

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    1. From the files of madison finn : Boy oh boyby laera dower pps176 us volo book isbn: 9780786815548Wel she getts elected leader of helping with the election page and she is in a jam becasue someone is messing wiht others campains and they are really saying things like that madison is doing it becsaue only theyhave access and madison has a friend up. untill finally her friend also gets her election page messed up also. i like that she was so good at having things go wrong becasue i couldnt have exp [...]

    2. On this Madison Finn book Madison's computer teacher wants Madison to do the elections online! But as soon as she starts someone starts hacking in the website and creates problems! Plus her #1 enemy Ivy or like they call her Poison Ivy runs for class president! Then Aimee Madisons freind also starts running for president. The competition gets started and at the end the results are shocking!!

    3. I used to love this series when I was in grades five to seven, and still learning English. Thanks to a Popsugar Reading Challenge 2017 prompt to revisit childhood favourites, I decided to reread this one. The best part about it was how integral technology and social media were in the life of the main character. So many books shied away from these, so they wouldn't feel so dated a decade later. Personally, that was the best part. The books were relevant and I also liked that she had both girls an [...]

    4. This book is about a technology geek girl-Madison Francesca Finn, who has been chosen to organize and create a website for the class elections. However, she is stuck in the middle since one of her best friends- Aimee, will be competing against the most popular girl, Poison Ivy. Even worse, the web site has been sabotaged. It's up to Madison to find out who.

    5. This was a fun bookBut, i was confused because i didn't really know my shorthand computer stuff beforehand.Like: LOL, BRB.Well, i knew that much, but i had noo idea what QWE and DGA meant (for example).By the way, QWE and DGA aren't really any abbriviations for any phrasesI just made that upAnyway, study your emailing skills before you read this series~~!!! ;->

    6. BOOK REVIEW= Fall hills junior high starts elections. Madison is selected to be in charge of the school's election site. Creating the site is very easy for Madison until something goes wrong.Is someone trying to ruin Madison online?.Cam Madison handle the news when her dad shows up with his running mate?Y,OH BOY

    7. When Madison's computer teacher Mrs.Wing asks her if she wants to help with the school's computer site Madison is so excited. Madison is so excited because the elections are coming up and she gets help out with it. Then she hears Aimee is running for class president. After that things get weird.

    8. I think this was one of the more Boring books of all her books was fine but i likes the other better! Recommend to read these at ages 9-13Pretty fun to read because all the emails

    9. This was my very first Madison Finn book to own! :P I remember liking it because it was about school elections (if my memory does not fail me), and I could relate in some way. :)

    10. I read this when I was in third grade,so I can't barely remember this but I know this is completely entertaining.Love it though.

    11. The second book of Maddie is all about voting to be the president of the 7th graders. There are many struggles especially the lizard scandal. But finally, Poison Ivy won for being the President.

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