Mortal Danger Former cop Lily Yu has her sister s wedding to attend a missing magical staff to find and now must deal with her grandmother s decision to return to the old country Lily could turn to the man she s

  • Title: Mortal Danger
  • Author: Eileen Wilks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Former cop Lily Yu has her sister s wedding to attend, a missing magical staff to find, and now must deal with her grandmother s decision to return to the old country Lily could turn to the man she s involved with for advice, but for all the passion that flares between them, she doesn t really know Rule Turner she s just bound to him for life Rule happens to be a werewoFormer cop Lily Yu has her sister s wedding to attend, a missing magical staff to find, and now must deal with her grandmother s decision to return to the old country Lily could turn to the man she s involved with for advice, but for all the passion that flares between them, she doesn t really know Rule Turner she s just bound to him for life Rule happens to be a werewolf, and Lily wonders just how far she can trust him.

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    1. Eileen Wilks says:

      Eileen Wilks first book, a Silhouette Desire published in 1996, hit the USA Today Bestseller List and was nominated for Romantic Times Best First Short Contemporary award Since then, her books have appeared consistently on national bestseller lists With thirty two books in print and novellas in nine anthologies, she has been a finalist in the prestigious Rita Awards three times, as well as receiving several nominations from Romantic Times, including one for Career Achievement in Series Romantic Suspense.Each book in her World of the Lupi series gains a larger audience It was originally sold in the Romance section of bookstores, but and you will be able to find copies cross shelved under Sci Fi and Fantasy as the popularity of the series grows Eileen has lived in the West Texas town of Midland, TX for over 30 years three years as a young teen, and the remaining years since she moved back here as an adult When she first started writing over 10 years ago, it hit her like the first drink for an alcoholic or the first kiss for Romeo and Juliet.She came to writing romance in a roundabout way Having read and loved science fiction for years, that s where she first tried her hand when the writing bug bit Somehow her stories always ended up having a strong romantic subplot, but she hadn t read a romance since the early 80 s and didn t think those little books were her kind of stories But when a friend in her critique group began working on a romance novel, Wilks decided she needed to give the genre another try She asked her friend to recommend some titles and quicker than you can say Jayne Ann Krentz, she fell in love The genre had been busy growing up while she wasn t watching These days, with romances comprising over 50% of the mass market books published in the U.S there are romances to appeal to almost every taste historicals, paranormals and contemporaries that range from romantic suspense to romantic comedy, from inspirational to sizzling.Eileen covered a lot of territory before coming home to Midland, having lived in Canada and Venezuela as well as twelve U.S cities in five states Profile taken from the author s site with her permission.

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    1. *** 4 ***A buddy read with the UF fans @ BB&B! Dragons and Demons, what more can you want???This was fun! I enjoyed the heck out of it and thought it was a very entertaining way to spend a day with a book. A very easy going read, it kind flew by. Not only did we get the expected wolf shapeshifters, wizards and magic sensitive, but we got to meet a funny and cranky undergrown demon and got up close and personal with a DRAGON!!!!! Yes, I said it, the best word in the world, a Dragon, people [...]

    2. This world is building,baby! In this book, we get to see a whole lot of hell. And, let me just state for the record - I don't want to go to this version of hell either. So far, I haven't found a version of hell that I want to go to, so I guess I had better clean up my act at some point.Note to self: don't be like Joe.Half-Lily and Rule spend a bunch of time trying to get out of hell. And, I don't blame them. Hell is pretty gross. I hate gross things! Plus, the whole damnation thingWell, that doe [...]

    3. I did not expect that!It was a 3-star book for a long time, but then it happened! It was so exciting and interesting and different! It's worth reading just for that part, just for the (view spoiler)[ trip to hell and the me-as-two-people (hide spoiler)]. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    4. These people are way too sophisticated for me. I see a woman my man diddled in the past coming around for more, I see a woman who is about to lose her face and my man getting the treatment of the highest order of are right girl! go get him!While I would have been foaming at the mouth, Lily is the personification of cool when she meet Cynthia ,diddled one. I like Cynthia, I really do. But it took me going trough this book and the next for the true like part. Lily gets over her disl [...]

    5. I really like the way the author is slowly unfolding this world. Lily and Rule aren't a perfect couple even though they're mates. They're still trying to figure out their feelings for each other, especially on Lily's end. She didn't grow up believing these things so it's harder for her to just go with it. She finds herself questioning her feelings and especially Rule's feelings. I really liked how the author had Lily feel insecure about Rule's acceptance of fidelity. Just because fate has made y [...]

    6. 3.75 stars for book 2 — another strong entry. Dragons! Nice touch, and Sam's thoughts added some humor and gravitas. About halfway through the book, an interesting separation occurs, with some of the characters in another realm. I enjoyed that whole set-up quite a bit. Felt a little teary as the journey unfolded. And worried about the characters. And surprised by some unexpected and welcome plot twists. Very little sex in this book, but something even better -- a closer relationship forms, wit [...]

    7. The story continues and new dangers, new charactes, new worlds even are introduced!The best is that everything works so well together!!!Usually the books in a series get weaker in the second book, but that's absolutely not the case here!!!!

    8. Ehh this one was a tad confusing. I don't want to go into that much detail because it would kind of ruin part of the plot. But I was definitely re-reading parts because I didn't know what was going on.I like Rule and Lily but I don't know there's something about this series that just bothers me. It just doesn't quite draw my attention like other series have and I'm not really sure why.I'm debating about continuing on I would like to see what happens with Lily and Rule, but I'm just sort of "eh" [...]

    9. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AI loved this book, not only because it is great urban fantasy with a dash of PNR, but because it deconstructs and reconstructs a character and gives the reader a chance to really understand her. There were things about Lily Yu in book 1 that made it hard to completely warm up to her but the events of this book just make her more believable and understandable. (view spoiler)[ The process of sundering her soul and bringing it back together really made Lily look deeply at the place [...]

    10. ***3.5***This one is tough for me to evaluate. First and foremost, let's just get this right out of the way: I liked the book. I feel attached to the characters, engaged in what happens with them. And hell, I have already started reading the 3rd in this series.That said, there were some flaws.First flaw: I am really not fond of Wilks' tendency to tell us about the action after the fact. This happened in the first book, and it is happening here too. (view spoiler)[When Lily and team go through th [...]

    11. This series has not quite found its legs yet. At least, not for me. There are definitely some good things going on, but this book feels disjointed, not only in relation to Tempting Danger, but within itself. The first half and the second half feel almost like two separate stories. And there is no trace of the police procedural feel from book 1.We start the story with Lily’s sister’s wedding. I was excited about that, because I am interested in her family dynamic and where Rule will fit in. B [...]

    12. If the Lupi, gnomes, a sourcerer, and a sensitive werent enough for you, Mortal Danger should take care of that. In the second book in this series, Wilks added an annoying demon, who does grow on you. She also adds a Finder, dragons and many other not so friendly demons. Rule and Lily are still trying to figure out the mate bond, as well as find Harlowe and the staff. Cullen plays a much larger role, and I hope Wilks continues to show us more of his character. I would like to learn more about Ru [...]

    13. Solid Urban Fantasy SeriesIf you're looking for a paranormal romance, Eileen Wilks' World of the Lupi series may not be quite your cup of tea. While there are romantic elements in the book - more in Mortal Danger than in Tempting Danger, the series opener - those elements are not the driving plot of the book. If you like your books more along the lines of urban fantasy, then give Wilks a try. You won't be disappointed.Lily Yu is no longer a homicide cop, but her life and her job as an agent for [...]

    14. You know I have no idea what to make of this book. Was it good? Yes. Like book 1, it was difficult to put down. However, It was confusing at times, but I think that was the point. Once you got used to the book being confusing, it wasn't so confusing anymore, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Like I said in my review of book 1, this is NOT a romance series. The romance is in the background of the much larger plot & the events that take place, especially the ones that took place in this book [...]

    15. I felt that the plot was all over the place. I didn't really get Lily splitting into two different entities.

    16. Originally posted here.Mortal Danger by Eileen Wilks is the second book in the World of the Lupi series. I started reading this one right after I read and reviewed Tempting Danger. Should the series be read in order? Yes, because we follow the same set of characters throughout the whole series and it would be too confusing if the books aren't read according to how they were published. For the benefit of those who haven't read the first book, I won't be going into specifics to avoid bringing up s [...]

    17. A very good audiobook production by graphic audio, with different actors that really got into their roles and special effects that added suspense and extra emotion to the story.In the previous book we get introduced to many different characters, both good and bad, and some threads remained loose after the events that transpired there. The story continues and some of those loose threads are tied up, while the big bad remains to cause trouble for another day.For the first part of the book I found [...]

    18. In all honesty, I really only skimmed this one. I was moderately into the series when I finished Tempting Danger, but this was, from the start, was clearly on a lower level, and it just got worse. Not to say that it was a complete waste of time (I'm giving it 2 stars and not 1, after all), but it just got way too ridiculous. Half the book is spent in hell, for crying out loud. There are demons, dragons, and evil gods--all fine if you're reading real fantasy, but kind of over-the-top for this gen [...]

    19. A beautifully crafted paranormal world of magic and magical beings, World of the Lupi is a series I've wanted to read but haven't picked up till a group here on GR started doing a year-long reading challenge. The series is amazing, and the slow reveal of the world-building seems to mimic the slow romance of the mating of Lily and Rule. I'm trying not to rush this book, or this series, too quickly.

    20. I'm still on the fence, parts of the story worked really well for me. All of it is well-crafted and nicely edited. In this installment the romance element is weak, while the suspense is more grim than scary. Which makes it sound as if I didn't like it. I liked Sam and Grandmother and Max and Cynna and Bennett and want to know what happens to them. I like most of the world building, although Dis (hell) got surprisingly dull.

    21. I thought there wasn't much left to write about in the second novel. I was wrong. Adrenaline packed, emotions running high, adventure, surprises, and new characters I care about. 4.5 starsI don't love Lily or Rule. Not like I cared about Mercy (Moon Called). But I do like them. I am curious how they will develop. What other adventures they'll embark upon. I am also interested in a separate full story about Cullen, Gan Cynna not so much (even though she seems to be a permanent addition to the cas [...]

    22. Lily Yu is attacked by a demon at her sister's wedding and Rule gets more anxious than ever regarding her safety. Lily is not happy about having him around all the time while she searches for the staff and Harlowe.I liked this book very much, usually the second in a series is not as good as the first and I felt that at the beginning but it gets better around 20%. Yu's world is not as big as she though, and expanding universe with parallel worlds, gods, demons and wars grabbed my attention. Cynna [...]

    23. I found this a very exciting sequel to Tempting Danger. It began close to where the first one left off. These definitely segue into the next story after it so definitely read them in order. Oh, and if you haven't read the first one, you might not wish to read this review because I need to bring up things from the first story.This one has Rule and Lily tense and frustrated with each other because they can't seem to compromise about anything let alone how they will handle their mate bond. Unbeknow [...]

    24. Rating: 4.75Ba Da Ba Ba Baaa.I’m going to just jump right in. This series deals with that sort of instant, instinctualon a deeper level kind of connection between the two main characters. Now I’ve had discussions about the whole “imprinting” (using that phrase for lack of a better one) situation in some werewolf stories and they weren’t very good or encouraging discussions. I can’t remember word for word what was said, but I do remember feeling super apprehensive when I realized this [...]

    25. Another great listen… I don’t want to give to much detail as I might give spoilers so I’m going to go with what I liked….ere was not really anything I did not like just some bits that creeped me out at times, like in the prologue where we meet Gan, the description of Xitil and his/her court…h it was icky. I guess one thing that did bug me was the secrecy if Lily is Rule’s “chosen” why the delay in explaining things. I know that there is a larger story arc and world building but i [...]

    26. I've had this ever since it came out, but for various reasons I never actually started reading it - which is strange as I loved Tempting Danger and the short story Originally Human.I loved this too. It was great to see more of Lily and Rule - and a 'soulmate' kind of relationship where they still have to work on the relationship was a nice change from the way the concept is often written.Cullen is back and new character Cynna is a fascinating introduction. Considering she's human with a dubious [...]

    27. I enjoyed this one as well, but in some places I felt lost. There are so many characters too that I occasionally have no idea who we are talking about. But I liked and disliked this book. Due to a point in the plot it was confusing. It takes place at the culmination of our conflict. Lily ends up (view spoiler)[ getting injured by the staff that Cullen used black fire on to burn it up. In the process it burns up, burns Lily's stomach and Rule disappears. (hide spoiler)] Now we have several confus [...]

    28. Werewolves, Sorcerors, Sensitives, Finders, Dragons, DemonsWOW. This book has it all and a compelling adventure hook that drives the story along to the very end.Ok, Mortal Danger is the second book in Eileen Wilks' 'World of the Lupi' series. I enjoyed the first book, 'Tempting Danger', but it took me a while to get back to the series. I am glad I decided to pick this one up.The story picks up very soon after the first book ends. A major plot-line was left dangling near the end of 'Tempting Dang [...]

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