Timeless Out since he was a freshman in high school Nate meets Andy who is gorgeous and unfortunately straight They re best friends through thick and thin until a practical joke leads Nate to a surprise reve

  • Title: Timeless
  • Author: Patric Michael
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Out since he was a freshman in high school, Nate meets Andy, who is gorgeous and unfortunately straight They re best friends through thick and thin until a practical joke leads Nate to a surprise revelation If I had known just how thoroughly it would turn my world upside down, I would never have kissed Andy in that damned banquet room I would have kissed him a hell of aOut since he was a freshman in high school, Nate meets Andy, who is gorgeous and unfortunately straight They re best friends through thick and thin until a practical joke leads Nate to a surprise revelation If I had known just how thoroughly it would turn my world upside down, I would never have kissed Andy in that damned banquet room I would have kissed him a hell of a lot sooner Part of the Dreamspinner Press To Have and To Hold daily romance series

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      329 Patric Michael
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    1. Patric Michael says:

      Oh, the dreaded bio Let s see I was born during one of the largest fires in L.A history, survived childhood, sort of, and worked a variety of jobs Time passed, and here I am More than that, and you gotta email me If you re brave and have the stomach for it, follow me on Twitter And above all, thank you for visiting

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    1. Over a year ago, I bought and read Timeless after chatting to Patric Michael in Bethwylde's Yahoo Group. At the time, I'd never heard of him or "Timeless" before, so I was curious to see what it would be like.The story starts with what could, for some, be a Spoiler but which the author told me later he sees more as a "hook". We learn straight up that Nate and Andy kiss.Given that the next few pages were devoted to showing that Andy is straight, I was flumoxed by why the author would start the st [...]

    2. This is a sweet best friends turned lovers themed novella. Unfortunately I had a hard time connecting with the characters or understanding their reasoning. Some will undoubtedly enjoy the theme and happy ending, but I felt cheated to be honest. The first half of the book sets up the characters and their relationship. Andy and Nate meet in high school when Nate tutors the other man in English. They become fast friends and stick close to each other through high school and college. Their sexuality [...]

    3. i don't feel like writing a review but what annoyed me the most was the unknown time gaps years would just be passed over and the only one with a mention of time said 4 years later so that annoyed me but what annoyed me most was how after every gap they were still the same, no character growth or development. years later and they are still just getting drunk and high and all thats changed is who they are having sex with. That also annoyed me since they were both being sluts until the MC met Tony [...]

    4. Ok so I didn't like this story at all. So below are my complaints. Since I would advise you NOT to waste your time or money by reading this piece, maybe you want to read what I wrote My thoughts aren't spoilers really, just critiques (There is a spoiler below, but it's hidden.)The events in this story are told and not shown. I didn't really buy into the main characters' friendship to begin with. It just says they are best friends Their friendship doesn't unfold or show anything about why they ar [...]

    5. First part of the book is great. The other part, which starts when the heroes kiss for the first time is not so good. The characters, who appeared great, likeable, mature, become like 12 year old. It is like they have a split personality. And seriously, a few hours after coming out, in the middle of family and friends who have known you forever as straight, can you start kissing your love interest in front of everybody? And the way the gay friend reacts when the straight comes out? And the way t [...]

    6. This was such a sweet read. The whole idea that you can be loved your whole life and not realize what a prize you have would be hard to swallow if Patric's characters weren't so very real. People overlook the obvious all the time, and this story is about opening your eyes to the possibilities of what you have, right there in your hand, and believing you really can have the dream.

    7. Short and almost too sweet. A light-hearted, gay-for-you story about two friends finding each other. Michael does a wonderful job of character development and interactions, the level of realism is eloquently fashioned. An easy read, thanks to clean, well-crafted prose.

    8. 2.5 Nice, sweet story. Pretty slow, though it's not long (it skips over many years of interaction between the characters, describing just the ones that are important to the romance development). Not giving it more stars because I wasn't, personally, that taken with the story or the characters.

    9. I loved thsi same premise in the Santa Mug where the two main characters, for completely credible, rational reasons have not gotten together. Friendship that becomes love is one of my favorite things and if you feel the same you should NOT miss this book.

    10. Nate met Andy his senior year of high school when Andy needed an English tutor. They clicked almost immediately and over the course of the year became best friends. The most important thing for Nate, who has been out of the closet since his freshman year, was that Andy accepted his sexuality without question. Andy became a true friend, always there for Nate, even defending him when a girlfriend made disparaging remarks. Over the years, Nate accepted his attraction to his best friend, and the fac [...]

    11. Wow this story has it all, and then some! Patric Michael is a new-to-me author whose books have just jumped onto my favourite and auto-buy list. His character delineations are superb, his conversation and descriptions witty, concise and very effective at carrying the story through to its conclusion. I was entranced and very entertained; I was also very caught up in Nate's story and his connection with Andy over the years. A good, good read with the requisite and very satisfying romance. What a t [...]

    12. Really enjoyed the characterizations. It was very easy to follow their friendship and their way through life. The narration painted a flawless picture. The quintessential development of a relationship felt like a natural development that at no time came surprising or felt forced on the reader. I also appreciated the reactions and fears that were brought on by the emotional entanglements. Someone recommended the book to me, and told me it's her favorite of the genre, and I do have to agree, that [...]

    13. I liked the story all right, but I didn't like the fact that there were too many unexplained gaps in the timeline without any bridges. I also find it confusing at times with the sudden shifts on the storyline. I'm not sure if it's done for style or something but the outcome for me is not as enjoyable as I expected the story to be. As I read the story, I often had the feeling that this could've been much better with a different writing style.

    14. ★★★½ - Good, worth a reread.(view spoiler)[I really enjoyed the slow build up of the friendship over the years with the little glimpses here and there. I also appreciated that even though Nate liked Andy from the get go he didn't let that attraction distract him from living his life. What I had a harder time with was Andy's abrupt leap from the closet and subsequent withdrawl. A peek into his mindset might have helped here, but alas we only get Nate's POV. (hide spoiler)]

    15. This is a sweet story about a love that's, for lack of a better word, timeless. The main characters are well-developed and lovable, and I found myself feeling their emotions right along with them. However, don't think this is merely a sweet romance. There's hot, graphic sex in it as well (a good thing, in my book).Highly recommended if you're looking for an erotic romance that's going to make you say "Aww" as well as turn you on. :D

    16. I liked this one, though the sex scene seemed out of character for both boys. I realize it's a short work, so there wasn't a lot of time to deal with Andy's coming out angst, but perhaps more of the back story could have been condensed. Or maybe I just need more angst than most? Either way, it's an enjoyable little read.

    17. I LOVE IT so much!I never expect that I will love this book. In the beginning, I feel this book will be a cliche "friend become lover" love story thing. But, then I was amazed by Patrick when he twists the story and hold my breath all the time because Patrick force the characters to find their true love after many sexual-thing happen.

    18. I was annoyed by Andy. First not accepting that he was gay, then not telling Nathan, and finally not wanting to be a couple.

    19. 1.5 StarsThings moved too fast at the end and I just couldn't wrap my head around their whole relationship. It just didn't feel very natural to me.

    20. A "Gay for You" kind of novel, but oh so much more than that. Nothing about it is trite or cliched. Couldn't ask for a better read unless it was to wish it were longer.

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