Waiting on a Bright Moon Xin is an ansible using her song magic to connect the originworld of the Imperial Authority and its far flung colonies a role that is forced upon magically gifted women of a certain closeness When a

  • Title: Waiting on a Bright Moon
  • Author: J.Y.Yang
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Xin is an ansible, using her song magic to connect the originworld of the Imperial Authority and its far flung colonies a role that is forced upon magically gifted women of a certain closeness When a dead body comes through her portal at a time of growing rebellion, Xin is drawn deep into a station wide conspiracy along with Ouyang Suqing, one of the station s mysterioXin is an ansible, using her song magic to connect the originworld of the Imperial Authority and its far flung colonies a role that is forced upon magically gifted women of a certain closeness When a dead body comes through her portal at a time of growing rebellion, Xin is drawn deep into a station wide conspiracy along with Ouyang Suqing, one of the station s mysterious, high ranking starmagesAt the Publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

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    1. J.Y.Yang says:

      JY Yang is the author of the Tensorate series of novellas from Tor.Com Publishing The Red Threads of Fortune, The Black Tides of Heaven, and two slated for 2018 and 2019 Their short fiction has been published in over a dozen venues, including Uncanny Magazine, Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons.In previous incarnations, they have been a molecular biologist a writer for animation, comics and games and a journalist for one of Singapore s major papers Currently they are a science communicator with Singapore s Agency for Science, Technology and Research A STAR.JY identifies as queer and non binary Find them online at jyyang or on Twitter as halleluyang.

    2 thoughts on “Waiting on a Bright Moon

    1. Read the story here: tor/2017/07/12/waitin2.5 starsNice idea but not very clear at times. There were hints of things that weren't completely explained and others that were just thrown out like we are supposed to know what they mean/signify.There was a brief scene of torture that may bother some, (not extremely graphic) but to me it felt mechanical/wooden. I was interested enough to keep going till the end but my eyes still glazed over at times.The ending was okay, but abruptHO, this would have b [...]

    2. Read it here!This is a novella I feel a bit mixed on. It certainly wasn't bad - I adore the writing style, and the themes were quite intriguing. The issue is that I didn't get quite enough invested in the characters or in the romance. All of it was cute, all of it was intriguing, but none of it was compelling enough. Okay, something I've noticed. There’s a tone sapphic women and nb people use to write about love that isn't usually - sometimes it is, but not usually - there when men write about [...]

    3. Read here for free! It's amazing how talented some people are, in that they are able to portray a strange, uncomfortable world full of things like "ansibles" and "starmages", and 3 paragraphs later you're like: "Ok. I get it, I'm invested, let's do this." Yang's novella is set in a sci-fi universe and concerns the inhabitants of Eighth Colony. Tian is an ansible - a person with what I can only assume is a magical gift which allows her to create portals using a 2 way connection forged with singin [...]

    4. Meh. Nothing's really explained about the Authority and the Rebels. What are they fighting and why? The betrayal was too obvious. 2.5 stars.

    5. Nope it did not work for me it was confusing as hell and I had to re-read a phrase more than once in order to understand it or at least I thought I did oh well disppointed really

    6. read this, NOW. it's a fairly short novella, available on tor, so you really have no excuses. it's 200% better knowing the chinese literature references, but it's still AMAZING. Like, f/f chinese space rebels??? Amazingly lush writing? Ridiculously awesome worldbuilding?If you loved Chirrut x Baze from Rogue One, go read this NOW.

    7. See more of my reviews on my blog the Book DeviantI was surprised when I opened this story to find it written in second person point of view. I wasn’t really expecting it, and, as far as I can remember, the last second person novel I read was one of those “choose-your-own-adventure” types where there are multiple endings and you have to choose based on your thoughts. Waiting on a Bright Moon is not one of those novels, but the second person writing didn’t take anything away from the stor [...]

    8. Great sci-fi short story. It doesn't need to explain every thing to understand the reasons of the plot, though there's other aspects that i needed to re-read to get it. I liked the characters and I feel I would catch better the nuance in the story if I knew what were they singing, I'll look it up later.I'm not sure I like the second person narrative tho, it made me feel more detached from the story at times than if it were in first or third person narration. But overall it's a good read when you [...]

    9. Science-Fiction-Awesomeness in chinesisch-angelehnten Setting, mit queeren Hauptakteuren. What a great ride this was!

    10. This just makes me want Yang's two novellas (The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune) more now.Is it time for them to come out yet? I'll just keep checking and hoping they show up magically in my mailbox.

    11. I was immediately drawn to read this story when I saw a human ansible mentioned in the summary. Anything that mixes my two favorite genres into one is worth a shot in my book, and boy, did this story deliver! Yang creates a dazzling mixture of genres that has the grandeur of epic fantasy with the wonder of science fiction. If the story had only given me that, I would have been quite a happy girl. But Yang also delivers on romance, with a lovely relationship between two women, and social upheaval [...]

    12. Available for free online HERE.“You reach for her hands and she lets you take them. You tell her that your room is cold, too cold, and has too much empty space in the dark. Space where ghosts can hide, and find you with their bloody fingers in the night. She simply nods. Here, the two of you can keep each other warm. Safe from ghosts.”Lesbians in space. A narrative that unfolds carefully, patiently, and then all at once. Gorgeous prose.“You sing with her, you lift her voice. No portal open [...]

    13. oh, i liked this very much. the unexpected of characters revelation in a short span of few pages. maybe this is just me. hah so good. i liked the ansible story, xin's love story & there actually kinda graphic moment in there which i found really good. also someone in the comment section point out the song between xin & suqing 但願人長久. so much feelsanks for the recc, fenriz.

    14. JY Yang is my new favorite upcoming author. The writing, story, and characters A+ Here's the link to my video review youtube/watch?v=CWj7J

    15. I really enjoyed the writing style and this short story. I'm intrigued to read more of this author in the future

    16. "The silence traps you like honey, heavy and cloying, and you are so tired of fighting it. You could drain it all away by grabbing her, kissing her on the lips, showing her what she has been missing in her lonely, hidden life. You could."Sapphicathon: Both WOCThis can be read for free online here. If you like Star Wars, definitely check this one out - it has a lot of similar vibes, which was great since I read it soon after seeing The Last Jedi, which put me in the Star Wars mood even if I had m [...]

    17. Update: Changing the rating to 5 stars, I guess. It still lingers with me, and I ordered the author's twin novellas blindly just because I really enjoyed this piece and their writing in it. I really enjoyed this story. The writing style was magical and it transported me straight into the story. The world (and parts of the story itself, too) was confusing, with all the cool-sounding terms which were never really explained and the map, authorities, conflicts which stayed mysterious. I can understa [...]

    18. Waiting on a Bright Moon, by JY Yang – Science Fiction for a Diverse Readership, Discussion of a Short Story by MelDiscussion originally written in German on September 17, 2017, for an academic writing course at Freie Universität Berlin, translated and adapted for an English audience by myself.The discussion contains spoilers.Waiting on a Bright Moon was written by JY Yang in 2017 and is freely accessible on Tor’s website. The author lives in Singapur and is known for several short stories [...]

    19. I had first heard of Yang's story on Twitter, on a post about it's cover reveal, where it had been described as an 'ansible lesbians story' and I was intrigued by what ansible meant. Turns out, its a science fiction term for instant communication (something about quantum entanglement and such, but that is too much physics for here) and that, as well as the fact that it has a f/f relationship, had me like - I gotta read this! Fast forward to months later, and I find it on Tor, and it was worth th [...]

    20. A beautifully written short story, written in the second person perspective much like choose-your-own-adventure books.The world is on the brink of a rebellion and the story begins with a scream and a dead body appearing through a portal created by Xin, an ansible who connects to the Imperial Authority's homeworld and colonies through song magic, linking up with another ansible, their song-sister with whom they bond with emotionally, at the other end.This kicks things off for Xin, as during her t [...]

    21. There is too much to this story to be anything less than a full novel. The story is wonderful and intriguing, but too much is left out and skimmed over and barely touched upon for the sake of the story's length. The story really was trying to accomplish too much at once: a fantastic world, a complex magic system, a rebellion, a blossoming love, pains of an old love, oppression. To accomplish all that, the story sacrifices going into depth with any of them. Because of this, it's hard to make any [...]

    22. You can read it online here: Waiting On a Bright Moon. The song that is quoted throughout can be heard here.I read this mostly because I saw the cover image and was intrigued, then finished it in two sittings. I would hesitate to call it a novella, maybe more of a short story. That shortness means things have to be tightly woven, which can be tough if you are spinning up an entire universe and its corresponding social systems, but Yang does it really well. It's written in the second person, and [...]

    23. Xin is an ansible, a person able to use her/his song magic to connect the originworld of the Imperial Authority and its far-flung colonies. The role is forced upon magically-gifted women "of a certain closeness". When a dead body comes through her portal at a time of growing rebellion, Xin is drawn deep into a station-wide conspiracy along with Ouyang Suqing, one of the station's mysterious, high-ranking starmages.This is one of the best short stories I have read this year, and it is going to be [...]

    24. There were some beautiful moments in this short story, heightened by very lyrical prose (which isn't to my taste, per se, but is nonetheless very skilled and competently written), but I ultimately couldn't connect strongly with neither the plot nor the characters. This might just be me; I'm rarely satisfied with short stories, and find their word limit often impacts how deeply I can engross myself in the plot. Perhaps if this were a full-fledged book, I would've loved it more. Still, it's not ba [...]

    25. 3.5 because a lot of didn't feel fleshed out enough, but I'm absolutely certain that if this had been a full book or a series, It would've easily been one of my Favorite Things Ever. I read this novelette like a week ago and I've still been thinking about it in my brain. My biggest thought since has mostly been "Damn, I wish this was 350+ pages longer." Also, probably wins the award for the most gruesome execution I've read about. Loved the ideas and I was super intrigued by the world. Pretty mu [...]

    26. Read the story here : tor/2017/07/12/waitingYou study the shape of her face, which has become familiar to you over the weeks, if not quite cherished. You realise you can choose to be happy, and accept the love you have been given, or you can remain in despair forever.You take her hand. “My name was Tian,” you tell her. An empty field, a paddy waiting to be filled. The relief that envelops Ren’s face provokes deep shame and guilt.Wow! That was so unique. I just couldn't stop but kept readin [...]

    27. Very short piece. I was able to read it easily in one sitting. It's not a very surprising plot, but I don't think it was supposed to be. The writing style is lovely and it's very easy to follow for a novella that jumps time as it goes. In fact, while it's talking about a different world full of new things, I felt like I understood it all. Again, it's short so nothing in depth, but none of the newness was off putting, at least. You're not given a lot of background on the world, on any of the 'why [...]

    28. Stories like this remind me why I love to read. The visual imagery (subtle, yet rich), the metaphors, the language of this short story is beautiful. The use of a second person narration is odd at first, but falls into place without being distracting. If I had to nitpick, then I would have included a pinyin (phonetic) transcription of the Chinese characters, if not a translation in the footnotes or in an appendix. I did HSK 5, and I still struggled with the meaning. Otherwise.a damn good story! C [...]

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