Remember Remember The Fifth Of November The History Of Britain In Bite Sized Chunks Britain and its people have a long and noble history that is now over years old Like all the best stories it is one of blood death love sex and betrayal yet also a tale of courage honour pr

  • Title: Remember, Remember (The Fifth Of November): The History Of Britain In Bite Sized Chunks
  • Author: Judy Parkinson
  • ISBN: 9781843173199
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Britain and its people have a long and noble history that is now over 2000 years old Like all the best stories it is one of blood, death, love, sex and betrayal, yet also a tale of courage, honour, pride, skill, invention, endurance and, sometimes, just pure luck This book presents a history of Britain in bitesize chunks.

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    1. Judy Parkinson says:

      Judy Parkinson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Remember, Remember (The Fifth Of November): The History Of Britain In Bite Sized Chunks book, this is one of the most wanted Judy Parkinson author readers around the world.

    2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember (The Fifth Of November): The History Of Britain In Bite Sized Chunks

    1. This book is good for what it is: a pretty general overview of much of British history. The history is divided into short, page-length (and the pages are small) sections with summarizing titles and dates at the top. It could be a quick read, but I read it slowly, mostly in snatches of time. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for someone who knows absolutely nothing about British history because it is so heavily condensed that it gives very little explanation. However, some might like it first a [...]

    2. Are you like me where I have a lot of pieces remembered of English history, but don't always remember how everything played out in order? I have been to London, read a number of fiction & non-fiction books. This book seems to sort of put many of the pieces together, but with very little "extras". The parts that I find easiest to read are ones I know more aboutIf you are interested in the royal families, I have been also reading "the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain". That book is mu [...]

    3. A good book to give you the flow of British history. It will be a good, quick reference work in the future to remind myself of who was who and when and where and why. In very general terms, but sometimes that's all you need.

    4. I'm automatically wary of any book that promises to give a "short history" of some place--especially someplace like Britain. The usual, most basic treatment of British history tends to be no less than 600 pages; I already own a multi-volume set on the subject.On the other hand, this little book only promises to sum up British history in no more than 150 entries, none more than 250 words long (Arbitrary? Probably.) It actually does so pretty well. All of what one would expect to be included is in [...]

    5. History can be a boring subject, especially if it's long winded, but with this book readers can learn the important bits of England's history and not go comatose from boredom. The book starts England's history during the Roman Britain era 43 AD. and finishes in 1945 with the founding of The United Nations. Each important part of history is summed up neatly in one page, and a detailed timeline is also included. The only thing I would have to suggest that could be better about this book is the fac [...]

    6. 1 page short summaries of important events in British history. Some very interesting, some not-so-much! Easy to read, learned some things.

    7. This book is an ambitious and largely successful effort at putting interesting British history into bite-sized chunks of between 250 and 500 words covering the period from the Roman invasion of Brittania to the establishment of the United Nations after World War II.  What makes this book particularly worthwhile is the sense of fit as well as the directness of the writing.  This is the sort of book that would likely be read by fellow Anglophiles [1] or those who are studying English history for [...]

    8. Overall a very readable, basic history of Britain. True to its premise, every entry is "bite-sized" and primarily a teaser that might lead the reader into looking up more on topics of specific interest. I was a little disappointed by the lack of entries on some areas of British history, like the creation of the the Underground and tube system, which is awesome, and as a non-British person, would have appreciated a chart and some sort of simple primer on the basics of the royal structure and all. [...]

    9. Informative little book with all of Britain's major historical events explained. It's so easy to read and squeeze in a page or two between jobs. Brief and to the point. This is just what I was looking for. I love history and learning the main and important facts, but sometimes I don't want to get too bogged down in a 400 page history book about a single event. Some topics interest me more than others, and I have plenty of history books on those subjects, so having history in 'bite-sized chunks' [...]

    10. It did exactly what it said it would - the History of Britain in bite-sized chunks.It's a good book for just a general overview of Britain's History, including the monarchs, foreign policy and the growth and decline of the Empire. It's handy for just a brief reminder, but then if something sparks your interest then you can fully research it in your own time.Great coffee table book :)

    11. Does exactly what it says on the tin. This book gives concise, one page summaries of major events in British history, laid out in an easy to read style. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but the sheer amount of information means you’ll probably learn something new.Nice, useful and very readable.

    12. I think I would've enjoyed this book more had I been able to read it through in one or two sittings rather than piecemeal.

    13. Este libro presenta un excelente resumen de la historia de Gran Bretaña desde la ocupación romana hasta el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.Lo que más me gustó de este libro es la forma en la que están organizados los temas. El objetivo de la autora fue dividir la historia de Gran Bretaña en episodios miniatura de una página. Uno podría imaginar que este formato podría ser aburrido y que acabaría siendo una lista de nombres, lugares y fechas. Para nada. Judy Parkinson logra mantener [...]

    14. This is very similar to the previously reviewed Divorced, Beheaded, Died and comes with a similar subtitle (The History of Britain in Bite-Sized Chunks). In fact they overlap considerably, as this book covers each of the monarchs (so you probably don't need to buy both).Unlike the other book, this one provided no new insights into British history for me, simply covering off the well-known events. As is usual with history books of this type (it seems), there is a heavy weighting on recent history [...]

    15. The first half of this book was excellent. Lots of juicy tidbits about the monarchy and other important people and events surrounding them. I enjoyed it and was all ready to give this book a glowing review.Yet it seems unbalanced. While the first half of the book dashes through history at a brisk pace, the second half is left to cover only the last 150 years, and the pace slows considerably. In my opinion, far too much space is given to the world wars, which while I agree were massive events in [...]

    16. If you ever wanted a very consise book that gives you a quick look at the history of Britain, this is it. Every page has an episode of relevance in the history of the islands and you get a basic picture of what happened through the centuries, until the end of the Second World War.No, this book won't educate you in British History properly. If you seek to study the history of Britain, this isn't the book for you. But if you seek a quick glance at the thousand years of British history, then this b [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this book especially its first half. As written in the description, it's an excellent introduction to the English history for beginners and can also present a good review for others. It lists the important historical characters and topics throughout the English history in chronological order, one topic per page, and thus opens the door to further research on different topics and incidents mentioned. I hope I can write a book on Egyptian history one day using this book's stru [...]

    18. Exactly what it says on the cover; 'The history of Britain in bite-size chunks'. Each page outlines a different event in British history starting from the very beginning with the Roman invasion and ending just after the Second World War.This is an impressive little reference book for those interested in the Great (and sometimes not so great!) Britain, covering everything you might've learned in school and much more. Detail fanatics will want to do some further reading but for what it says it is, [...]

    19. A really fun look at British History up until a little after WWII. If you like Britain and History but don't want to read thousands of pages of history textbooks, pick this one up. It takes a single page for every event or important figure it covers, which means only the basics are covered, of course, but its enough to give you a broad perspective of the most important events and people in British History without feeling like your brain is about to explode from information overload.I thoroughly [...]

    20. ISBN? – 9781843176565General Subject/s? – History / Politics / BiographyTitle? – Comes from the popular rhyme about the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.General Analysis? – Brilliantly short chapters on different people, events and places, like Henry VIII, Alfred the Great, Tower of London, Battle of the Somme, and the Glorious Revolution.Recommend? - Yes, easy to find basic information on what you don't know.

    21. This books gives you a very good and very general overview of British (and world) history. It's written very clearly and concisely and it ranges form very early in time to WWII. At moments, I would have loved for the topic to continue, but I guess that it's also the magic of it: It teases you a little so yo can go and explore on your own. For a foreigner like me, this book rocks. However, after reading this book, you cannot claim to be a British history savvy.

    22. This book is an excellent compression of the vast history of Britain, presented in cleverly-written miniature articles. The sheer clarity and sense of focus you find in the writing draws you into the history almost as though it's a fast-paced thriller novel. An absolute must for anyone who wants a brilliant, basic reference or overview!

    23. If you truly want to get a very abbreviated history of Britain, then this book is for you. And I do mean "abbreviated". Some of the boring bits are left in and British history stops suddenly with the Allied victory in WWII and the creation of the United Nations, which means?Or you can just take a few hours and Wikify British history.Book Season = Year Round

    24. I loved the format and the writing in this, giving the perfect amount of explanation for a person looking to become familiar with the many historical references from British history. Even with merely one page of text per historical event, I felt my mind and my view of history expand. Took me just a week and a half to finish.

    25. It was a good book. I got sidetracked after starting but when I picked it up again it was a quick read. It is a very condensed history. I would love to see the book re-edited with hyperlinks to . It will be a good Buick reference for the future. Some of the articles were a little too concise, but most of it was very good.

    26. An informative, succinctly written timeline of major historical events for Britain starting with the Roman invasion of AD 43 and ending with the founding of the United Nations in 1945. This book is packed with details. The writing was engaging and it was a thoroughly enjoyable (and educational!) read.

    27. Overall this was a good read but the history of Britain can't be compressed into one book, even in bite sized chunks. The sections dealing with the Tudors and Stuarts were interesting enough, but the later chapters were a bit dull.

    28. I do love a good history book, but lets face it history can be rather dry. This is a bit different. About a page and half at a time are devoted to one point in British History, tarting with the Roman Britain and ending with Post-World War II. It was an engaging read, enjoyable and interesting.

    29. I learned a lot. I liked the way everything was distilled to 250 words as its great to dip in and out of. I learned more than I did doing history at school all those years ago. Shame it stops at the second world war.

    30. A quick read that gave a good sense of narrative to British history, but I feel some important things were left out, or things were too simplified. Also, why cut off at World War II? Surely things that happened 67 years ago can now be considered history that we should know!

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