Skies From bestselling author of Sands Kevin L Nielsen comes book in the Sharani Series About SkiesFor the Rahuli people the world has just gotten a lot bigger Gavin now the unchallenged leader of t

  • Title: Skies
  • Author: Kevin L. Nielsen
  • ISBN: 9781944452520
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • From 1 bestselling author of Sands, Kevin L Nielsen, comes book 3 in the Sharani Series.About SkiesFor the Rahuli people, the world has just gotten a lot bigger.Gavin, now the unchallenged leader of the displaced Rahuli, grows increasingly frustrated with the members of the so called slave rebellion The former slaves are frightened by the Rahuli s war filled history,From 1 bestselling author of Sands, Kevin L Nielsen, comes book 3 in the Sharani Series.About SkiesFor the Rahuli people, the world has just gotten a lot bigger.Gavin, now the unchallenged leader of the displaced Rahuli, grows increasingly frustrated with the members of the so called slave rebellion The former slaves are frightened by the Rahuli s war filled history, but the Rahuli s warrior ways might be the only thing to stop the Orinai from slaughtering them all.Meanwhile, Lhaurel is held prisoner by the Seven Sisters, the mysterious and ruthless mages who rule the Orinai Cut off from her magic, she is forced to travel to the Orinai capital under threat against the Rahuli Unbeknownst to Lhaurel, despite their promises the Sisters have no intention of letting the Rahuli live.While Lhaurel begins to understand the Seven Sisters, their armies march toward the Rahuli once again To defend his people, Gavin must earn the trust of the former slaves or nobody stands a chance against the approaching horde.Can Gavin defeat the Orinai, or have the Rahuli entered a fight they cannot win

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      377 Kevin L. Nielsen
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    About “Kevin L. Nielsen

    1. Kevin L. Nielsen says:

      Find Kevin on his website, kevinlnielsen, where he pontificates about writing, living life with two soon to be three small kids, and balancing writing with a day job and a family.He s owned over 300 guinea pigs at the same time, been nationally ranked as a guinea pig breeder, played duets through his nose on recorders to the embarrassment of many, and lived without air conditioning for almost 2 years.Kevin owes his publishing debut to a kindly librarian back in the 6th grade, the LTUE Symposium, a purple shirt, and a passing editor who didn t mind some mild sarcasm His books have been Utah Book Awards finalists, Whitney Award Nominees, and 1 bestsellers on.He currently resides in Utah with his amazing wife and two wonderful children He s still writing and continuing a lifelong quest to become a dragon rider.

    2 thoughts on “Skies

    1. I absolutely loved this book and can I say that this series is incredible! This installment is the best yet! ! The goodd bad part it isn't over yet. I am left longing for the next book. I really like the characters in the book and the plot so interesting. .I haven't been able to predict what is going to happen. . and I love that! (Plus for my friends who prefer clean reads this one is and so is everything I have read of his so far! ) You will need to start with the beginning book " Sands" but yo [...]

    2. Skies picks up where Storms left off. It both deepens and broadens the conflict, giving you a look into the larger world of the Rahuli people and the Orinai beyond. I hope you enjoy.

    3. Another excellent adventure with this installment of the series! I was so happy that it started right with where the last one left off with Lhaurel and the Sisters. This time, though, I'm not able to speculate or predict what's going to happen with that part of the story (it's a good thing)ere are so many questions and possible scenarios!! Can't wait to see how this will play out. Loving the detail and the fact that we get to see Estrelar through Lhaurel's eyes. This is all so fascinating.I love [...]

    4. Just like with all the other books in this series, it's really the story that draws you in. Constantly willing you to keep reading further and not putting it down. The series itself is not perfect (i have a couple misgivings about the writing style itself), but the captivating characters and overarching storylines coming together really makes it one worth continuing the read for. Looking forward to the next installment. This book concentrates heavily on Gavin's emergence as a leader, as well as [...]

    5. Before I start my review, I would like to thank Future House Publishing for allowing me to review Skies by Kevin L Nielson.**All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone. I received Skies from Future House Publishing as an ARC for my honest and unbiased review**Now onto my review:I am going to start off this review by saying you need to read Sands and Storms first. Skies is not, stress is not a standalone book. I made the mistake of not reading Sands and Storms before reading Skies [...]

    6. Skies is the 3rd book in the Sharani series.I was offered an ARC of the book for my honest opinion and review from Future House Publishing. Lhaurel has sacrificed herself to save her friends. Her path is set upon learning the secrets of the ruthless seven sisters. Gavin must adapt to the harsh new surroundings. Learning to lead the Rahuli people and unite the former slaves because the Orinai march towards them.Great fantasy with unique mythology. I loved the metaphors that stayed true to the cra [...]

    7. Man, this series is freaking fantastic. It continues to remind me of Dune, even now that they are out of the desert. The Seven Sisters bring to mind the bene gesserit, with their past lives and memoriest not. They aren't the same, just terrifying and powerful with memories stretching back eons. This book also starts to hint at the political aspects that were so prominent in Dune. Skies took a bit of a different turn from the previous installments, following Lhaurel and Gavin almost exclusively. [...]

    8. The story is pretty interesting: Our knowledge of the world is greatly expanded, along with the history, religion, and culture that have been influenced by magic. Lhaurel leaves with the other Sisters when they promise to not destroy her people. They expect her to become one of them. (Will she??) Gavin leads the remnant of the Rahuli and hopes to get his people and the leftover slaves of the Orinai to become united as one people for their mutual defense (because the Sisters are not keeping their [...]

    9. I do agree that this book opens up the larger world of this series. The first book made you feel like this was a desert world, but as with the story, we come to find there is more to the realms of the Orinai and Rahuli. We also come to see that there is depth to the Sisters and that as with most people, there is some good sprinkled in the evil. This is truly a broadly set stage with many stories yet to be told. A good read that leaves you wanting more.

    10. I loved this book! I have to say that I stepped outside of my reading no-no box by reading this book without having read the first two books. I don't normally do that but I loved the synopsis of the book and couldn't wait to read the Skies ARC. And now, I have to read the first two books in the series. I love the dynamic between the main character Lhaurel and the Sisters. From the first page the action and highly developed plot was great! I also loved several of the other characters in the book. [...]

    11. I have to give this book 5 stars because I could not put it down! As in the previous books in the series, the world expands just a bit more for Lhaurel, as well as for the other characters. They begin to see how small and insignificant they are, yet they don’t let it stop their determination to do what they feel is right. There is quite a bit of character development, and I enjoyed the addition of several new characters. After reading Storms, I was hoping for an explanation of several things i [...]

    12. I always think I've read the best that is to come then get blown away by the next novel.Again Skies follows on as if no time has changed between each book. Brilliantly written.Gavin and Lhaurals characters have grown so much since the first novel but probably the most in this one.This series will appeal to any fantasy lover or anyone who enjoys mystery and intrigue.I really hope that there is a 4th book, I don't think I can manage not knowing what becomes of our beloved characters.

    13. This is a series I intend to follow intently. Kevin does great world building, tying everything into place nicely. You can feel his characters evolving as you read. Their flaws frustrating you and reeling you in at the same time. Superb storytelling too. Any fan of fantasy should give this a read.

    14. This third installment in the Sharani Series kept me riveted. The characters were developed in depth, and as they struggled and grew I gained new insights. Kevin L. Nielson's plots always carry one along, and this novel is no exception. I was especially entranced by the deeper exploration of the already beautifully crafted world.

    15. BORINGBoring, tedious and completely unengaging. I could not stomach various descriptions of religious beliefs, uninspired Gavin, no passion, no emotion just blah.

    16. ***I received this e-book for free for an unbiased review***I started reading this book and immediately thought the writing was better and flowed well of the three books in the series so far. I was so excited that the story was moving a long and that we were getting to see what would happen to the Rahuli people as well as Lhaurel. With about 30% left in the book I realized this was not the end to the series!!! There is still one more book! So that was a let down because I thought the series was [...]

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