We re Off To Look For Aliens Dad s new book has just arrived and the children are sitting down to read his latest adventure blasting off into space Dad s on the hunt for aliens He meets lots of them cute hairy bug eyed and sca

  • Title: We're Off To Look For Aliens
  • Author: Colin McNaughton
  • ISBN: 9781406306453
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Dad s new book has just arrived and the children are sitting down to read his latest adventure blasting off into space, Dad s on the hunt for aliens He meets lots of them cute, hairy, bug eyed and scary and, strangest of all, he falls in love Dad brings his alien girl back to Earth, where they live happily ever after.

    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ↠ We're Off To Look For Aliens - by Colin McNaughton Î
      170 Colin McNaughton
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    1. Colin McNaughton says:

      Growing up in his native England, the young Colin McNaughton had little indication that he would one day become an author illustrator There were no books at all in his parents home, he recalls, but there were always comics These were his formative literature, and their slapstick humor has been a lasting influence I ve been talking about the comic format for years, he says It s the modern way of telling stories for today s children it s about movement, the step between film and the book Colin McNaughton says he hated school The word school still gives me nightmares Opting for technical college, he admits he even made a mess of getting in there I d filled out the application wrong, and when I turned up for registration they d never heard of me So he worked at odd jobs for the next year before entering art school Although his first book was published while he was still in school, Colin McNaughton did not immediately become a full time artist He first tried editorial and advertising work, but did not find the satisfaction that he got out of creating children s books At the end of it, there it is, a book on the shelf, not like a newspaper in the gutter In fact, once you start thinking about it, it s a smashing job If the response to his books is any indication, children and adults seem to agree that Colin McNaughton is doing a smashing job Colin McNaughton lives in London with his wife.

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    1. Dad was a writer, a children’s book writer. One morning his new book arrived fresh from the printers. He asked his sons if they would read it and see if it was okay. So he took the dog for a walk and left them to read. This is the story about dad’s new book.I loved this book, it was so much fun. I love how Colin McNaughton has created a story within a story. You see, this book is about what his son’s thought about this book – hope you’re following me 🙂The main part of the book is to [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would and I’m sure plenty of kids will too. ‘We’re Off to Look for Aliens’ is a fun picture book, a bit large being wider than A4 but only a touch shorter. Each page inside is a thick and glossy page with very colourful pictures throughout. The book is clever as it’s a story within story and narrated by a child. The first pages are about Dad and the new children’s book he’s created. He shows it to the kids and they all read the book whi [...]

    3. This book is quite clever in that it is actually a story within a story! I loved the twist and it definitely made the book unique. The story starts as dad asks his children to read a children's book about aliens which he has been working on - which we in turn begin to read as well. I think the illustrations are easily the best part of this picture book - they dominate the book and fill it with funny aliens to laugh at and pick out your favourites; they are by no means scary and are really colour [...]

    4. A silly rhyming book about a man and his dog who go on space travels he meets his wife & has 2 boys, but not all is as it seems.Colourful fun pictures.

    5. A cute book with a gimicky, self-referential twist. It's the story of an author/illustrator of children books. He receives his latest tome in the mail and gives it to his family to read. He has to go on a walk because he's too nervous to watch them read it. Turn the page and oh look! There's his book "taped" to the page. You then read through his little rhyming story of flying through galaxy in search of aliens. He eventually finds one, falls in love with her, marries her, and has children with [...]

    6. It's a book within a book! Both the 3 and 5 year old both like this one a lot. The slightly off-kilter rhyme scheme is pleasing to read. The illustrations are intriguing, and the surprise at the end is fun for the first read. I would like to know how the alien toned down her hair though. it has to be hard to make purple curls into brown waves.

    7. This clever book-in-a-book features a dad who writes books for children and his family of eager reviewers.This humorous story will be enjoyed by pre-schoolers and even children in the early grades. It could be used with a unit on writing, authors or publishing, the family, space travel, or space aliens.

    8. My kids loved it. They were able to sing along, "here we go round the universe" to the tune of "here we go round the mulberry bush" It is a book within a book, and my 5 year old said, "that's so cool, mom!". The pictures are not of scary aliens, my kids got the giggles trying to decide which ones were their favorites.

    9. MOMMY: 3 Stars for me. The story is easy to read, the illustrations are great. It's actually a book within a book. The twist at the end is really cute. PEANUT: Oh boy did he love this book. He picked it every night! Aliens, astronauts, rocket ships, planets, everything that he is into right now. It was perfect.

    10. "here we go round the universe" to the tune of "here we go round the mulberry bush"very catchy. oh, and it's a book within a book! whoopee, okay it's not really that exciting. as a side note, aliens scared the crap out of me when i was a kid. if i read this book when i was 5 i wouldn't have slept for a week.

    11. This only thing this book has going for it is the unique book within a book format. Other than that, it was pretty blah. From a circulation standpoint, while neat, this book within a book will not withstand many circulations and won't last very long in a library, unfortunately.

    12. REALLY fun story within a story. We love this story because you can sing the story inside to the tun of here we go round the mulberry bush. Very fun ending as well. Some of the books by this author are SO creative!

    13. Used in preschool storytime - book within a book idea come across to 1/2 the group, puzzled the other half. Unfortunately, book within a book does not hold up well - inner book separated from hardback cover.

    14. This is the perfect aliens book for little ones. Great rhyme, great pictures, great joke at the end. I get lots of requests for aliens books and this is the best one I've seen yet.

    15. About a dad who's writing a book, so there's a book within the book, which is fun. I was interested to see if my boys would get the ending.

    16. This has such a creative format (a book within a book) and illustrations that really capture the children's interest. They say 5 stars.Loved the funny, surprise ending!

    17. Very clever book within a book concept. It was fun quick read and the bright colored artwork really kept my son entertained. The ending was a nice little surprise. Fun playful book.

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