Ghost Songs A Memoir Eighteen year old Regina McBride is haunted by the ghosts of her parents Her father visits her he is desperate but she doesn t know how to help him Her mother is a quiet figure obscured by light a f

  • Title: Ghost Songs: A Memoir
  • Author: Regina McBride
  • ISBN: 9781941040430
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eighteen year old Regina McBride is haunted by the ghosts of her parents Her father visits her he is desperate, but she doesn t know how to help him Her mother is a quiet figure, obscured by light a flash at the foot of the bed Regina, raised Irish Catholic and with the ironclad belief that some sins are unforgivable, fears her parents are trapped between worlds, foreveEighteen year old Regina McBride is haunted by the ghosts of her parents Her father visits her he is desperate, but she doesn t know how to help him Her mother is a quiet figure, obscured by light a flash at the foot of the bed Regina, raised Irish Catholic and with the ironclad belief that some sins are unforgivable, fears her parents are trapped between worlds, forever punished after they committed suicide within a few months of each other.Terrorized by these visitations and flattened by grief, Regina slowly begins her hazardous journey to recovery Lyrical and lovely, harrowing and haunting, Ghost Songs charts her struggle to separate madness from imagination and sorrow from devastation From New York to the desert of New Mexico to the shores of Ireland, Regina searches for herself, her home, and a way to return to the family that remains Ghost Songs is an exploration of memory, a meditation on love and loss, and, in the end, a celebration of life and the living.

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    1. Regina McBride says:

      Regina McBride is the author of The Nature of Water and Air, The Land of Women, and The Marriage Bed She is the recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts Her poems have been widely published in literary journals and magazines, and her book of poetry, Yarrow Field, won an American Book Series Award She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and lived for a time in Ireland She teaches creative writing at Hunter College in New York City, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

    2 thoughts on “Ghost Songs: A Memoir

    1. 3.5 We first meet the author when she is in a psychiatric ward, grief stricken, unable to stop crying, after the death of both her parents within five months of each other. It is the manner of their death that also preys on mind, her religious beliefs that intrude and the ghosts of those now gone that cause her fright. are they real and if so what do they want?Beautifully written, short pages or paragraphs, almost prose style, haunting and effective. her present life as she tries to move forward [...]

    2. “Je reviens,” I imagine him saying. I shall return to you.”This memoir has a disjointed quality that works beautifully. Somehow, this makes the reader feel as if they too are experiencing McBride’s state of mind. I caught my breath thinking of the loss of her parents to the ‘sin’ of suicide. I felt consumed by the beast of grief that was weighing on her soul. Time jumps, and the telling isn’t a clear timeline- which makes the chaos of memory and feeling more vivid. Childhood memori [...]

    3. This book shows so well how fragile is the line between imagination and reality, when influenced by childhood beliefs and personal tragedy.It is the story of a young, wandering soul seeking some comfort in the world of her grandparents, and finally coming to grips with the fact that, while difficult, she can learn to bear loss, and cling to what is important in the here and now.It is a tale both tragic and hopeful, sad and uplifting.Ms. McBride's prose, like that of the naturalist Sigurd Olson's [...]

    4. I had gone to the library to pick up another memoir when the title of Ghost Songs caught my eye and from the moment I picked the book up I was captivated. I tend to stray away from memoirs because they have never been a category I enjoy and they usually make me extremely bored, but Regina McBride had a very interesting and unique story to tell and she kept my interest throughout the whole book. There was a lot about McBrides memoir that I enjoyed. I really liked the storyline, it was mesmerizing [...]

    5. I never wanted this mesmerizing book to end. McBride’s absolutely genuine first-person voice weaves back and forth, interlacing moments and scenes from her early childhood in New York State and New Mexico, the years in college, the psych ward, and Ireland and back again, in and out. As a reader, I never foresee what’s coming next, just follow along in the hypnotic slipstream of McBride’s words. Are the ghosts she perceives really there? Whether they are actual materiality or part of a psyc [...]

    6. Disclosure: I received an advance reader's copy from Tin House Books.At first I struggled with the rhythm of this book. The almost stream of consciousness narrative jumps back and forth in time and sometimes left me confused about where and when I was. Eventually, I got the hang of it and generally could follow the author's shifts. The writing here is like poetry. Many of the brief segments could almost be stand-alone poems as they recount a moment of heartbreaking beauty, warmth, or tragedy. I [...]

    7. Like photos from a family album, Regina McBride shares her story one moving memory at a time. She introduces the reader to her family in small vignettes, eases us into a mood of foreboding and the inevitability of her family tragedy.Only 18 years old, Regina must face adulthood after her parents’ example that adulthood is unbearable. She is haunted not only by the ghosts of her parents, but the ghost of her Irish heritage and the ghost of a supportive family unit. She travels to Ireland hoping [...]

    8. Ghosts Songs is a beautiful and heartbreaking book all about Regina McBride's life broken into sections and told as one major story even when it is seen in pieces. Each of the five parts deals with a different and significant part of her journey and each includes pieces of her history that join together to show that life is more than just our current circumstances and that it combines everything we have ever experienced to make us who we are. Though it may be sometimes difficult to know exactly [...]

    9. I didn't know what to expect when I started Ghost Songs, but McBride quickly drew me in and held me until the book was done.The non-linear structure of the memoir mirrors her chaotic childhood and young adulthood. While sometimes that structure can make the story difficult to follow, McBride masters it. The book wouldn't have had the same impact if she had told it chronologically. Her disjointed storytelling makes the traumatizing events she's lived through all the more haunting and immersive.

    10. I wasn't sure what to expect with this book based on the description, but I ended up enjoying it. The non-linear style was interesting and doesn't take long to get used to so you feel more 'in the mind' of the writer. The tragic events of the writers life are provided with just enough detail for one to feel as though they were experiencing the events with her but not so much that it seems like an invasion of something intensely personal. Overall, a good read that I will recommend to others.

    11. Achingly, beautifully written. I loved the back and forth writing style, which could have been quite difficult to read, but the author mastered it. The writing style is almost a character. An emotional read, but well worth it. I couldn't stop myself. Well written. I received this as a Giveaway.

    12. I am still a child when I find out that neither of my parents has actually ever been to Ireland and I wonder how they can love and miss a place their ancestors left before they were born. Yet somehow I understand. And even though I am young, the idea of Ireland fills me with an inexplicable nostalgia, as if it belonged to me once and I somehow lost it. (13)McBride's memoir is a haunting one, something of a ghost story and something of a love story. She and her siblings were teenagers when first [...]

    13. GHOST SONGS by Regina McBrideA Perfect Title for a Haunting, Lyrical Memoir When I was eighteen and pregnant, my dad killed himself. I didn’t fear that he was trapped between worlds or wouldn’t go to heaven. I hadn’t been brought up Catholic like Regina McBride and had not been taught that suffering is admirable. I still had my mother and family, although only for a short time because suicide wreaks havoc on a family. Regina lost both her dad and mother to suicide only months apart. No fam [...]

    14. I have lost three friends to suicide. So I was immediately drawn to Regina McBride's memoir about her reactions to the suicides of both her parents within five months of each other, when McBride was only a teenager. I raced through the book, because it is a genuine page-turner. It's also beautifully written. Unlike her siblings, McBride is haunted by the ghosts of both her parents. She flees to Ireland, a haunted country that her parents loved devotedly, though they had never seen it. The writin [...]

    15. A beautiful coming-of-age memoir about a girl who begins to see her parents' ghosts after their tragic deaths. Regina and her three siblings were only teenagers when their parents committed suicide within months of each other. Told in short paragraphs, alternating between the past and present, Regina tries to capture the essence of her parents’ struggles. Her writing is lyrical and lovely as she travels from Yonkers to New Mexico and tries to find herself and home in Ireland.

    16. Regina McBride's GHOST SONGS is an exquisitely written memoir with each small paragraph like a jewel of the senses. Brave, personal and revealing. It is like looking through McBride's photo album, each vivid image captured as if by a camera into her soul.

    17. A fascinating and heart-wrenching true story of a young woman in the aftermath of a very great family trauma.

    18. Ghost Songs clutches your heart and soul! Heart-wrenching and liberating, one can't help but see rays of hope beaming through the shards of despair.I have collected books of ghost stories specific to each region from all over and am an avid reader of memoirs as well. Fiction is wonderful, but I'm a staunch believer in the worn-thin cliché, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” and don't miss a chance to delve into another's reality. Intrigued by the title “Ghost Songs a memoir” because it c [...]

    19. Tin House has quickly become one of my favourite publishers, and Ghost Songs only bolsters this love affair. It's difficult to recommend this memoir without concerns for spoilers. I can't think of the last time I read anything quite like this. Read the rest of my review at wanderaven

    20. Ghost SongsBy Regina McBrideTin House BooksPublication date: October 4 2016I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for a review.Regina McBride is haunted by the ghosts of her parents. Both committed suicide within months of each other. They left four teenage children.Told in short paragraphs, alternating between the past and present, Regina tries to capture the essence of her parents' struggles. She remembers happy times, her father’s love of singing and music, his conviviality, an [...]

    21. *I received a galley copy of this book from Tin House*When Regina McBride was 18, her parents committed suicide within 5 months of one another. Shortly after, she started seeing their ghosts. Ghost Songs is an unexpected and unusual memoir of this time in McBride's life. The book's structure is dreamlike, made up of short vignettes that jump back and forth in time, from McBride's early childhood memories to her pilgrimage to Ireland (her family's ancestral homeland, a place her parents loved dea [...]

    22. I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book in exchange for writing an honest review.Regina sees the ghosts of her father, and other more terrible things, after he and her mother both commit suicide.“They’re horrific, these things” “Not like the strange, gentle ghost of my father.”The author traces her early life through short vignettes of joy and heartbreak.It reveals a grim portrait of a second generation Irish immigrant family. They must deal with the disappointment and guil [...]

    23. I received this book in a giveaway, I am very torn with this book I loved and got complete hooked at the beginning with her details of her feeling and family you start understanding how she came to end up in a hospital and pieces of the puzzle of her life slowly start forming however by the middle of the book I start to find my self bored with her travels but wanting more.of her family stories and of her life when everything came to pass or more of her thoughts of seeing the ghost of her parents [...]

    24. This memoir is beautifully written. There is a freedom and an openness to the writing style and structure that makes the reader want to linger in the prose. Perhaps because the story is so sad - the suicide of both parents, the imagery, the ambiance, the sublime strength of character, and the sorrow and redemption of the self are more than enough reasons to delve into this superb & impressive memoir. I read it twice and enjoyed it each time. A must read!

    25. I won this book on a giveaway.This is a beautiful and tragic story that really sucks you in until the very end. I loved how it wasn't written in a linear fashion, it jumps back and forth between childhood memories and the "present" (the present being, the author's 18 year old self). It helps set the tone of the book and get into the authors mind, without getting too personal or wordy.Well worth the read.

    26. This is a haunting and, at times, hard-to-read memoir that deals with loss and grief over the loss of parents to suicide. The structure is at first somewhat jarring, the book is really composed of what feels like hundreds of vignettes that jump around in time and at some points are composed of only a sentence or two. But after I got used to it, I found deep meaning in many of the passages, and felt a true connection to the author and what she was feeling.

    27. 3.6 - thanks to NetGalley for an e-ARC; an original, haunting memoir - and not just because of the ghosts. This non-linear series of vignettes could have been disjointed; but it actually came together rather beautifully. I didn't mind that the memories jumped around a lot, but it would have been helpful to have a starting point to know that it was the 1970s.

    28. This is an absolutely beautiful book. It's more than a memoir, more than a coming-of-age story - reading it is a transformative experience. The writing is utterly poetic, with every feeling and detail distilled to a precise and haunting clarity. The book captures something essential about love, grief, and surviving both. I highly recommend Ghost Songs!

    29. The premise of "Ghost Songs" is certainly intriguing, but McBride fails to establish a strong link between her memories of childhood and her efforts to cope with the grief that follows the death of her parents. The disjointed presentation robs the memoir of most of its power, resulting in a mildly interesting but ultimately unmemorable book.

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