In the King s Service In this first book of an all new Deryni trilogy New York Times bestselling author Katherine Kurtz takes readers back in time before King Kelson s bride King Kelson s birth when the magical Deryni blo

  • Title: In the King's Service
  • Author: Katherine Kurtz
  • ISBN: 9780441012091
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In this first book of an all new Deryni trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Katherine Kurtz takes readers back in time before King Kelson s bride King Kelson s birth when the magical Deryni blood was sought by the most powerful men and women in the kingdom of Gwynedd Back when a man named Donal ruled over all.

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      411 Katherine Kurtz
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    About “Katherine Kurtz

    1. Katherine Kurtz says:

      Katherine Kurtz is American fantasy novel writer She is best known for her Deryni series She currently lives in Virginia.

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    1. It's been almost 15 years since I last visited the Deryni. I prefer to wait until a trilogy is all out before I start, rather than forgetting what happened in the book a couple of years before when the next one comes out.Set about 30 years prior to the Kelson series, this covers the events that lead up to the birth of Alaric Morgan. The novel itself covers a 10 year timespan with various gaps in the narrative.I really enjoyed this and it was a pleasure to revisit Gwynedd. This book was more even [...]

    2. I went back to read this first book in the series and though Kurtz still isn't shy about killing her characters off in creative ways, I can't quite connect with this series the way I used to. Though entertaining, it almost feels like she's going through the motions in filling in the history between the Camber books and Kelson. Worth reading for fans, but not as compelling as the earlier works were.

    3. Another book that was relatively unsuccessfully stuffed into the confines of an existing plotline. Also, I really wish that Kurtz would have just started with one book and kept writing about the same characters until she inevitably killed them off. What happened to all the characters in the last book in the series?

    4. I used to really enjoy this series, and I still do enjoy occasionally rereading the earlier works. However, the "Childe Morgan" trilogy is just dull. It reads like a poorly written history text, with only the slightest attempts at genuine plot or characterization. Very disappointing.

    5. Out of this trilogy, this is probably the best. Although I don't even like stating it's best. Many characters are killed off before they develop. It's just as boring as the other two.

    6. This is the first novel in the Childe Morgan trilogy, published in 2003. The second novel, Childe Morgan, was published in 2006. The long awaited third (and probably the very last Deryni novel), titled The King’s Deryni, is due to be released in December, 2014. This is the seventh book in the sixteen-book Deryni saga orchestrated by Katherine Kurtz if read chronologically. Some of the books are out of print but readily available through used book sellers and via .When compared to the previous [...]

    7. “In the King’s Service” is the first Katherine Kurtz book I’ve read in over 20 years. And while she was amongst my favorite authors as a teenager in the 80’s, I found this pretty disappointing. I don’t know if her writing had changed by the 21st century or I’d just become a more discerning reader.This begins a trilogy, the “Childe Morgan” of her Deryni series that takes place a generation before the first trilogy she wrote, which is several generations after the earliest trilog [...]

    8. I was browsing the shelves of Half-Price Books, not looking for anything in particular, when I spotted a book by Katherine Kurtz which I hadn't read. Looking at the spine, I couldn't determine if it would be a Deryni book or, dare I hope, an addition to her murder series, maybe even a gargoyle book. It was a Deryni book!In the King's Service isn't precisely a prequel since it takes place after the Camber series. It describes the birth of Prince Brion who will eventually become King Brion, father [...]

    9. I loved the early Deryni books but this one, no thanks. It reads like bad Deryni fan-fic. (view spoiler)[It's been a few years since I read this and most of the book is forgettable. My problem lies mainly with the ending. The King has decided his heir is going to need a protector. So he comes up with the idea that he will father a child with a Deryni women to be that protector. Two obvious problems with this. First the child is going to be younger than his heir so it will be years before he can [...]

    10. In the King's Service is the first in a long-promised trilogy that will tell us about the childhood and youth of my favourite Kelson-time characters, Alaric Morgan and Duncan McLain. Ostensibly, In the King's Service chronicles King Donal Haldane's attempts to ensure his young son, and therefore his kingdom, has a strong protector once he is gone. Around this central thread spin the parents and grandparents of many of the characters from Kelson's time. This book does suffer the fate of nearly an [...]

    11. A mizture of historical fiction, religion, ESP and fantasy, this series plunges the reader into the darker side of the human psyche in excruciating detail. The Deryni are a race of humans that possess unusual talents, most of which could be classified as ESP. "Good" Deryni are tyring to explore their own power and potential, and to use that power to help those who need it, humans and Deryni alike. Unfortunately, many Deryni are feared for what they are, and that fear can have terrible consequenc [...]

    12. In the King's Service is the beginning of a new trilogy which details the recent history of the kingdoms that led to the events of her original series focusing on King Kelson, Alaric, et. al. (beginning with Deryni Rising). Though I suppose it could be read independently, I certainly wouldn't recommend it and advise people new to this world to start with her first trilogy (or possibly go chronologically starting with the Camber series depending on taste).For most of us long-time readers of Kathe [...]

    13. Disappointing. I've read 12 books in the Deryni Universe, this one makes 13, and is the least of them all. The author's previous books are great. This one feels like it was pulled from being tucked away in a drawer, polished a bit, and then sent to the publisher who did very little editing. I don't even know if it was good, or if it was good because I'm such a fan of the Deryni books. If you're a fan, you'll probably like it to some degree. I'm going to read the next one hoping the groundwork in [...]

    14. I am a long time fan of this world, but this book was by far my least favorite. Why? It was very slow and the characters less than compelling. Who wants to read a book where a major plot point is sending preteen girls to a convent for education? In places it read like a history text and relied far too heavily on lush description of rituals that rarely moved the story forward. Like a previous reviewer, I feel like this book's purpose was to fill in the history between a previous series and this n [...]

    15. To be honest, I love Katherine Kurtz's Deryni novels, but her more recent work has been less than satisfying to read. I don't know if she's lost interest, or what. But this one was a limp, palid shadow of her earlier work, telling the story of Alaric Morgan's parents, Kenneth and Richenda. And that's a pity too, as she can write very good novels. For the complete review, please go here:epinions/content_13532

    16. A rich and well developed look into the personality and cares of Alaric Morgan's mother, Alyce. I love Katherine Kurtz's books and I was not disappointed in this one. As always her characters and settings and rich and well developed. She is not afraid to aproach difficult, contraversial topics.

    17. Slow going to start with setting up all of the relationships and lines, but then the plot took off to a satisfying conclusion. It is so very hard to read asbout things that are so treatable today killing people

    18. Kurtz takes on the generation before Morgan, Duncan, and then Kelson. I never latched onto these characters as tightly as I did those in her other Deryni books, but that's not to say this isn't a great book, and of course: a must for Deryni fans.

    19. This was a decent book, my first time back in the Deryni series in years. It had some long, dull stretches, then something almost inexplicable would happen. I enjoy this universe and have always liked this series, this particular book just seemed a little disjointed to me.

    20. I get that Katherine Kurtz wanted to put some backstory into the Deryni series, but to me this was too much dynastic duty, death and overarch, but not enough actual story to really get to know the characters.

    21. A great return to the Deryni world. Katherine Kurtz is such a skilled writer, it's a joy to read whatever she writes.

    22. I loved this world of Deryni twenty years ago. I'm happy to fall back in love with the magic rules, politics, prejudices, characters, and her details of the church.

    23. most dull boring thing ever. couldnt get into it at all. thankfully there was n.k. jemisin to make up for this uninteresting book.

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