Brody Alexandria Collins learned the hard way not every man can be trusted After her husband tried to kill her she and her son went under FBI protection where they ve spent the last ten years Her trust iss

  • Title: Brody
  • Author: Mandy Harbin
  • ISBN: 9781941467121
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
  • Alexandria Collins learned the hard way not every man can be trusted After her husband tried to kill her, she and her son went under FBI protection where they ve spent the last ten years Her trust issues with men have created a nonexistent sex life But when they move to a small Arkansas town, she s drawn to the biggest, hottest man she s ever seen.Brody Brutus JacksonAlexandria Collins learned the hard way not every man can be trusted After her husband tried to kill her, she and her son went under FBI protection where they ve spent the last ten years Her trust issues with men have created a nonexistent sex life But when they move to a small Arkansas town, she s drawn to the biggest, hottest man she s ever seen.Brody Brutus Jackson is immediately attracted to Xan when her hot little body walks into the shop where he works as a mechanic in an official capacity, and as a mercenary unofficially He knows instantly she s off limits He doesn t do single moms too much baggage but importantly, he knows her from somewhere a dangerous sign since he only remembers the last twelve years of his life, and what he s learned of his past needs to stay buried.He fights his overwhelming desire, but when he discovers his assignment is her protection, he realizes how easily one hot little momma can bring him to his knees and how difficult facing who he was can be.

    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] ✓ Brody - by Mandy Harbin ✓
      189 Mandy Harbin
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    1. Mandy Harbin says:

      After reading Danielle Steel s Summer s End, Mandy became hooked on reading romance Of course she was probably too young to be reading books like that at the time, which made it even that much better She dabbled in writing throughout adolescence and justified studying it in college under that wonderful umbrella of liberal arts Living in Arkansas, she figured writing was a dream and not a career, so when she went back to get her master s degree, she studied business It wasn t until she was staying up late to write after working full time, spending time with the family, and studying mind numbing business nonsense when she realized something had to give The love of writing prevailed She still lives in Arkansas with a few classes shy of an MBA but now with time to submerge herself in her craft.Please visit mandyharbin for updates on her books She also updates her FaceBook page at facebook Author.MandyH You can follow her on Twitter Mandy_Harbin

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    1.  I love a good story of a woman on the run if she happens to keep running into a hot man with her vagina REPEATEDLY even better!!! Alexandria Collins, now Xan, with the help of FBI is on the run with her son from her ex-husband. Every few years she is forced to relocate to keep her identity and location secret from her well connected *cough* mafia son *cough* ex-husband who tried to kill her when she turned evidence against him in order to escape the criminal life. In her latest relocation stin [...]

    2. 3.25-3.50 RATING- I wasn't sure what to expect from this new to me author. Only two of my GR friends have read this book and one gave it a thumbs down while the other liked it. Since I picked it up for free and the blurb sounded like the guilty pleasures I usually like, I thought I'd give it a shot.Overall, I'd say it was okay. The writing was solid. The story was definitely heavy on the sex, basically erotica, but was well done. The suspense portion of the story was pretty far fetched, even com [...]

    3. Okay So I kinda, sorta really liked this one ;DIt was definitely rocking the naughty hotness with no apologies here, but it was also sweet. Romantic at times. Nothing new as far as plot lines & characters go, but it was somehow refreshing still. There were some intense moments. A few major shockers too, that I did not see coming. And Brody? *sighs* that manAll in all this was a good read and I would recommend it. I'm curious about the next installment here.Happy Reading :)

    4. While the synopsis of the book really drew me in, in the end, I was disappointed and halfway through the book, I almost just wanted to delete it from my Kindle and move on to the next book. However, I persevered and here are the things that I didn't care for.Brutus/Brody: Unfortunately, I didn't care for the hero that much. For someone who's supposed to be getting close to the heroine in order to protect her, he's not doing a good job. Instead, he spends 40% of the book or so giving the heroine [...]

    5. NopeRepeat after me: "S E L F R E S P E C T" what do we get? What the h in this book should've bought at the store. It is so weird to me that a person who gets literally kicked out of bed and is mistreated since the very beginning by a person, can so stupidly keep coming back for more. He tells you to stay away from him after kissing you, what do you do? Go to his house and sleep with him OF COURSE! He kicks you out of his bed right after fucking you, what do you do? Sleep with him again the nex [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book Brody was a great hero who was possessive and in just the right amount of denial at the beginning to be a jerk but then he made up for it in spades. Xan was a great heroine, her and her son had been though more than most will ever come close to but through it she was a great, smart, sweet heroine who was also a great mom. I started to get suspicious of who the bad guy was and though I got it correct the twists where great and the big twist that almost tears them part w [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI really liked the synopsis of this book and love the series title.Alexandria Collins aka various other alias but now known as Xan, has been under FBI protection for the last ten years. Her mafia boss ex-husband tied to kill her after he found out she was to give evidence against him. She has constantly moved from town to town to keep ahead of any mob Intel to find her. It’s on one such move that her car breaks down and she finds herself at a local garage where all the men working the [...]

    8. I was actually enjoying this until the end felt kind of abrupt and unfinished. It definitely could have benefited from a good epilogue!

    9. A good read, romance, suspense, and lots of steam, phew! Plenty of twists which kept you guessing right until the end. I would definitely read more by this author.

    10. **ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review by the girls and I at sizzlingpages **Xan andher son have been hiding, for the past ten years, from her ex-husband eventhough he is currently in jail for trying to kill her.  With help from the FBI she's been able toelude him and his family.  But, he's soon up for parole, and she's getting scared that once again shewill have to pick up and move again, and her life will once again be put indanger even more so that he is out of jail. The FB [...]

    11. My Rating: 3½★Brody, Brody, Brody? This book contained it all -- a bit of action, a bit of suspense, and a whole lot of sexy. The characters in this story, Brody “Brutus” Jackson and Alexandria "Xan" Collins, are connected in a way that neither of them could have never expected. But more than that, the chemistry and passion between them is potent and combustible. Xan is twelve years into her time in the Witness Protection Program. Her life is very different from the lavish lifestyle she u [...]

    12. From its exciting opening prologue to the unrelenting suspense and feeling of foreboding permeating the rest of the story, readers are kept on the edge of their seats in this first installment in Ms. Harbin's Bang Shift series. As each of the members of this unique group of men are introduced readers will be drawn to each of them with their eclectic personalities and undeniable sexiness. These men may have questionable pasts but now work for the greater good doing what others aren't able to do a [...]

    13. I have mixed feelings about this book. It had some interesting and intense moments, but most of the time it felt like it was written only to satisfy writer's need to write sexual fantasies. Nothing wrong about that, but as a suspense-romance book it didn't work. If there existed genre called erotic-suspense then this book would belong to there.Goog things + The story wasn't as foreseeable as I dreaded. It had some surprise moments in it, even though I figured out who was the bad guy among other [...]

    14. I made it more than halfway through which is a new kind of record considering I had so many issues with this book it's not even funny. This woman rises up from the abuse her ex-husband inflicted on her for years, goes to the FBI and testifies against him. After being shot in the HEAD. That kind of sh*t takes cojones. Not everyone has them. Not sure I would in the same situation. So after years on the run and raising her son alone and again showing a great deal of strength, she meets this guy Bro [...]

    15. Loved this book. I don't know why I waited so long to read this one. Grrrrrrrrrr I've never read one of this authors books before I can't wait to read the rest of this series now.The story line is a very good one. The characters of the book are written well and I didn't see the twist at the end coming.It keep's you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what's coming next. A real page turner.It's full of a lot of hot steamy panties melting sexual content. Lot's of cursing like a sailor minus t [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Who do you trust when the person who was supposed to love you tried to kill you? The answer -- no one. Xan Bradley doesn't trust anyone but herself and her son, Scott. She has a faith in the FBI agents assigned to keep her safe, but she knows that if her ex were to ever get out prison, all bets are off.Brody "Brutus" Jackson is a loner, not necessarily by choice but by circumstance. His life essentially started over a decade [...]

    17. **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Brody is super action packed, filled with suspense, love story. I loved it. From page one there is action that flows the whole way throughout the read. I was so invested in these characters. There was laughter, and crying. At times Brody and Xan's relationship or what there was of a relationship was heart breaking. Xan's back story was intense. This line had me cracking up. "Crying during sex would him disappear fast tha [...]

    18. Review for NocturnereadsThis story is chockfull of Suspense, Romance, and steamy Erotic sex scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, laughing and changing your panties! I LOVED it! I was up until the wee hours of the morning because I could not put my kindle down. Xan is an incredible character, to experience what she has gone through and not given up, takes amazing courage. Brody a.k.a Brutus (fans self), I just want to pull him out of this story and keep him all t [...]

    19. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads"I always enjoy starting a new series which involves Alpha males protecting the innocent, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to read and review Brody (Bang Shift book 1).The mix of high drama and suspense, with plenty of twists, and some foreshadowing of who may get their story next, was highly entertaining. The interludes of hot, chemistry laden passion, which seemed inevitable from the start, were very well written [...]

    20. 2.75 Stars. Mildly entertaining and technically well written with few mistakes. Unfortunately, the male main character pissed me off. He spends ages having sex with Xan and then pushing her away in the most callous way available at the time or avoiding her (because that's the most grownup solution) up until he has a sudden personality transplant and starts going on about hearts, souls and eternal love. Oh, and that territorial bullshit? He punishes her for getting dressed up for a night out. Wit [...]

    21. DNF @ 35%.I was really turned off with the way that single mothers are portrayed in this story. They seemed like sex hungry monsters that are dying for male attention. The h's neighbor is also a single mom, like the h, and encourages the h to let loose and have sex with someone. The h is attracted to the H and pursues him but he acts like a total a-hole. She throws herself at him and they have sex. The h, who had only slept with her ex over 10 years ago, acts so experieced. Immediately after the [...]

    22. Best thing about this book was the cover. Bored to tears on this one. Constantly restating thoughts, reasons and reactions EVERY chapter. I mean every flippin' chapter. As if the first 50 times explaining why Xan (variation of Alexandria-says it all, yes?) is afraid to trust men didn't imprint. When I was half way through the book, and it was stated again, right after she went out to a honkey-tonk bar in a see-through tank and thigh-high leather boots, I was done. I only finished it because I wa [...]

    23. I love my romantic suspense, I really do but I was so disappointed with this book, it held so much promise from the blurb but it fell completely flat. Totally ridiculous pacing, the male characters had no redeeming qualities at all and the lead female came across as childish and weak. Very frustrating. :(

    24. OkActually, for erotica, this story has a great plot, with twists and turns that totally blinded me to the final denouement of the action. The guys at the garage pulled me into their banter and the unspoken bond among them all.

    25. At sixteen Alexandra “Xan” Collins thought she had met the man of her dreams when she ended up pregnant and he whisked her away from her troubled life and married her but it was the beginning of her nightmare.Full review on Sensual Readssensualreads/?p=9397

    26. I read this book under it's previous title Darkest Sin. I really liked it and was hoping it would become a series.

    27. Obvious but cuteThe climax was way drawn out. The mole was obvious, so no real surprise twist. I like that the "cool" names aren't their real names. I think Brody was a Fabio rip off, and it's hilarious when the hero claims undying love after the majority of interaction he's had with his girl is raunchy sex.

    28. I've had this book on my kindle since 2015 and don't know why i didn't read it. A very good storyline lots of excitement,chemistry between Brody and Xan,lots of sex. Both have past to overcome but with help they make it.

    29. Very good readVery thankful I picked up this book. I’ve been reading a lot of “good” books lately but nothing that really got me going. Mandy’s book was a welcome relief from the everyday. I’m definitely going to go out and find some more of her books to read!

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