The Saint In New York How Simon Templar cleans up corruption in Manhattan and brings the mob along with its mysterious leader to justice all in the space of forty eight hours Another long weekend for the Saint

  • Title: The Saint In New York
  • Author: Leslie Charteris
  • ISBN: 9780460022637
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How Simon Templar cleans up corruption in Manhattan and brings the mob along with its mysterious leader to justice all in the space of forty eight hours.Another long weekend for the Saint.

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    1. Leslie Charteris says:

      Born Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin, Leslie Charteris was a half Chinese, half English author of primarily mystery fiction, as well as a screenwriter He was best known for his many books chronicling the adventures of Simon Templar, alias The Saint.

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    1. This is Charteris' masterpiece. The Saint emerges in full while retaining the devil-may-care reckless charm that is his signature as surely as his stick figure drawing.

    2. Originally published on my blog here in July 2000.This novel, the first Saint story to be conceived as a novel rather than expanded to that length from work which had already appeared in magazines, established Leslie Charteris as an international bestseller. This is a new Saint, rather more in the line of an American thriller character than he was originally, though still maintaining a trademark line of banter perplexing to his opponents.The three days covered in the novel's plot do require a pa [...]

    3. The Saint was the most popular character in British thrillers before James Bond. Like Fleming's protagonist, he enjoys the good things in life while showing his dark side. And, like Bond, The Saint has been portrayed on film, radio and television by a gaggle of actors including: George Sanders, Vincent Price, Roger Moore and Val Kilmer. Unlike Bond, The Saint (Simon Templar)has no "license to kill," but he does so while following his own "code." Charteris, who began writing about him in the 1920 [...]

    4. Simon Templar, the Saint, Invades the Big AppleThis novel of the Saint is a period piece, harkening back to the days of the corrupt Tammany Hall where judges and politicians were bribed and paved the way of gangsters. Where police interviews used a bright sweating light and the 3rd degree. Where killers walked free from courts of justice and the easiest way to die would be to take on the gangsters. Enter the cool and calm Simon Templar in a case of murder, battle, and sudden death and he is the [...]

    5. The first SAINT book I read and a huge improvement over those written earlier. Charteris was not a BLACK MASK writer, but mastered that very readable style early. He was too prone to remind readers how fabulous Simon Templar was every three pages, which is tedious. His plots were absurd. By the time he wrote THE SAINT IN NEW YORK, he still had his pulpy style but had reduced the number of fabulous reminders to a bearable level, and his plotting had improved. I won’t kid anyone and claim this i [...]

    6. From 1933, a harder edged Saint than the later books, Simon Templar is in New York earning $1,000,000 by tracking down and killing underworld figures that killed his employer's son a few years before.Along the way, he rescues a six year old girl kidnapped because her millionaire father had refused to pay protection, prevents her from being killed, and tracks down the "big Guy" behind it all.

    7. In The Three Musketeers, Milady is held prisoner by an incorruptible guard. You know she's going to corrupt him, and although it takes her about six chapters to do it, you relish every word, every web of deceit she spins. In The Saint in New York, Simon Templar is taken for a ride by mobsters, and it takes about a chapter to reach that particular climax, and you find yourself skimming pages, waiting for him to turn the tables. You do want to know how he's going to pull it off, but you'd rather t [...]

    8. I speak of “The Saint in New York,” part of a long-running, very popular fiction series by Leslie Charteris. The series began in tne 1930’s, encompasses dozens of books and is represented at pretty much any reputable used book store.The Saint is the nom de guerre is Simon Templar, a lone wolf adventurer who works whicher side of the law seems best at any particular moment, depending upon whatever aims he is pursuing. The Saint has all the requisite skills of a cat burglar, a super spy, a d [...]

    9. The novella-length stories in Enter the Saint are better than this novel, which tends to ramble a bit in places. Or maybe stream of consciousness was popular in all genres of this time?

    10. The plot has Simon Templar befriending a wealthy American, William Valcross, whose son was murdered. He’s given a generous proposal that’s right up his alley: a million dollars to go to NYC and bring the killer to justice. But it’s no easy task with the deep rooted corruption that pervades the city’s judicial system. He cleans up the graft by eliminating men from the Mafioso’s hierarchy, meticulously working his way to the top to find out the identity of the “The Big Fellow” who is [...]

    11. One of the early Saint novels not written in three novellas. ANd it is a nice take upon the sole adventurer who is up against the whole of New Yorks gangsterdom.The Saint gets asked to help out in order to break the back of organised crime in a pre-WOII New York. He comes to town and gets to work with a list of people that are big boys in the crime world and pretty quick people start dying. The Saint meets Henry Fernack a police-officer he likes (and will continue to do so in future books and mo [...]

    12. Thoroughly Entertaining Saint Story. Set in the days just after prohibition as criminal gangs look to switch their activities from bootlegging to kidnapping, 'The Saint in New York' puts Simon Templar up against New York's worst. The Saint books always offer breezy wit and charm - this is no exception. There is also a certain element of grit here too though: a police detective offers a justification for brutality in a corrupt system. When first published it must have had an element of reportage [...]

    13. I think this is the best of the Saint books. The Saint is a modern day Robin Hood type character who steals from crooks, rights wrongs and saves endangered maidens (mostly for himself). They are humorous and exciting at the same time. The best Saint books were all written prior to WWII. I read a lot of them in my teenage years before I discovered James Bond. None of the films or TV programmes ever did the books justice.The author, Leslie Charteris was half English and half Chinese and his early [...]

    14. This was my second outing with The Saint, and I'm very fast getting another series to read. This is great writing, and despite the fact it is set and written in the 1930s, wouldn't look too far out of place today. I got thoroughly swept up in the plot, and didn't even have the chance of guessing ahead - for all the good it would have done. Throw yourself into a Leslie Charteris book - you won't be disappointed.

    15. I recently ordered this book after seeing it read by the character Shosanna Dreyfus in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. The copy I have has a different cover than the one shown in the movie. The book was originally published in 1935, my copy is a 1944 edition. The back cover of my copy states: "Because the New Avon Books are easy to open, light to hold, thrilling to read, and compact to carry or store in clothing or bags, they are ideal as gifts to the Armed Forces".

    16. Not so good as other books that include three novellas or several short stories this is a very straightforward adventure: the Saint wants to get some gangsters, and he's caught, he escapes, he gets his man, he goes on to the next each and every time!

    17. This was my very first Saint book. Very good story and character in that old school way from the 1930's. I find The Saint to be almost a English super hero out to rid the world of crime and evil his way. I think I will read the very first Saint book and learn the history of Simon Templar.

    18. This series was my grampa's favorite. Found a few copies in basement at his cottage. I've loved this series ever since.

    19. Worth more than a look. No swearing, no 'scenes', historical relevance about the problems of graft and corruptiond how to clean it up.

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