Finding Esta Bestseller List Entries Horror Occult Science Fiction Fantasy Fantasy New Adult College Horror Occult Due to the hefty size of the original Finding Esta is now split into two parts Both are ava

  • Title: Finding Esta
  • Author: Shah Wharton
  • ISBN: 9780957519411
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bestseller List Entries 1 Horror Occult 2 Science Fiction Fantasy Fantasy New Adult College 5 Horror Occult Due to the hefty size of the original, Finding Esta is now split into two parts Both are available at all good online distributors Finding Esta is a paranormal mystery with an urban fantasy twist For Luna, each day is not aboutBestseller List Entries 1 Horror Occult 2 Science Fiction Fantasy Fantasy New Adult College 5 Horror Occult Due to the hefty size of the original, Finding Esta is now split into two parts Both are available at all good online distributors Finding Esta is a paranormal mystery with an urban fantasy twist For Luna, each day is not about living and succeeding, but about survival Luna has never been popular, in fact, even her parents loath her She can hardly blame them her psychic issues do make her a little odd and her only friends Flo and Ada are Shadows who exist inside her troubled mind Although the normal world is all she s known, it s a place where she s never belonged, nor been understood For Luna, each day is not about living and succeeding, but about survival That is, until her work as a journalist leads her to investigate the disappearance of baby Esta, snatched from her home over twenty years earlier Soon, our psychic heroine stumbles upon a series of revelations in a clandestine realm of vampires, weres, and magical alien supernaturals Revelations that make her oddities appear perfectly banal in comparison, and obliterate every preconceived idea of the normal world Her hunger for truth drives her forward Yet constant physical changes, undefined blood in her veins, heightened power of psychic gifts she s always hated, and an ache to belong somewhere, to someone, all force her to discover incredible things about herself Things she could never have imagined Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth will set Luna free, if only she can face it.

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    1. Shah Wharton says:

      Shah Wharton has been a freelance writer since 2012, providing ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services, and writes short horror fiction She blogs about her life, writing, spec fic and horror fiction, and is a psychology graduate who previously worked in industries as dissimilar as perfumery and social work Her husband and their two glorious rescue pooches are the loves of her life, some say she is mildly obsessed with Bob Dylan, and although she hated school she fantasies about attending Hogwarts She lives near Birmingham and is currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing.Please subscribe to her blog for up to the minute information, discounts and freebies shahwharton4st manage and do get in touch The Universal link to her author page author ShahWhartonAbout Me page about shahw1

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    1. Finding Esta by Shah Wharton is the first book in the "Supes" series. This book was released in December 2012. WorldSync in the publisher. There are 360 pages.Luna is an empath. She has had a very difficult life. She can't be outdoors in the sun, her parents are cruel, her only friends were "Shadows" (ghost), and she is incredibly awkward socially. She is employed at a newspaper, and when a story comes to her attention that involves a family that vanished and a kidnapped child, Luna decides to l [...]

    2. Review to come. Book tour! I loved how this book grasped my attention immediately. It was a puzzle to figure out as you read. What IS she? Is she a psychic? An empath? Just someone with psychometry? Is she a vampire? Why can she SMELL this person who is trailing her? Is she ever going to grow out of this infuriating meekness? As Luna stumbles her way to learning more about the Whelan family, she discovers herself. And then discovers that the new Luna is still not who she is. And stumbles upon a [...]

    3. This novel combines one the most complicated characters combined with a refreshing twist on aliens and supernatural to come into my eys in quite awhile. While I'm not a reader who minds coming across a book that reads like a good television show (predictable but engaging) my barrier for that standard is the ubiquitous Kindle buck. $2.99 is a fair price for originality. Spend it here.Esta begins as an intensely screwed up character who can relate to know one on an intimate level and is addicted t [...]

    4. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, I thought I'd worked the plot out half way through but was thrown for a loop! Very clever and original. Fits happily on my kindle alongside Sylvia Day, Lizzie Ford and Kristie Cook.

    5. Luna longs to be normal and to be loved by her parents. Unfortunately, she is far from normal, and her parents basically ignore her. Luna at least has her two shadow companions, Ada and Flo. Without them she would be truly lost. Luna is a journalist on the hunt for a great story. She receives a tip on an interesting lead from her hairdresser involving a missing child named Esta. Her family supposedly died in a mysterious and tragic fire. Luna decides to investigate, not knowing that she is about [...]

    6. I'm a bit ambiguous about this story so I will do my review with what I liked and what I disliked. I don't want to write something negative, but this review is from my POV and the things I might dislike shouldn't discourage you from reading it! Something I didn't like, might be something you like!What I liked about this book:The story itself was quite entertaining and refreshing in its own kind of way.We all have read about ghosts, vampires, aliens, werewolves () stories, so there's nothing spec [...]

    7. Original review here: offbeatvagabond/2013/06/finding-esta-blog-tour-review-findingmlFinding Esta is a story that follows a young woman named Luna. She is an empath who tries her best not to get into contact with people. The only friends she has are dead and one resides in her head. They are ghosts, well Shadows. The one in her head named Flo uses her as a host. Luna is a journalist and hears about a cold case that would make a great story for the newspaper. Luna may be familiar with the Shadows [...]

    8. Before I read Shah Wharton's debut novel, I'd read a few of her short stories, so I knew she was a talented storyteller. From the beginning of 'Finding Esta,' I sympathized with Luna, the heroine. Luna's a sickly early-20-something with numerous allergies, including allergies to the sun. She can't touch anything without gloves because it's so painful. Her mother and stepfather treat her awfully, not understanding her special gifts. Luna hears the spirits of the dead in her head, sees ghosts and [...]

    9. An interesting well written plot with as many twist and turns that it was sometimes hard to stay on track. This was by far a very exhausting book to read. No time to relax and just enjoy as evil, lies and truths are discovered from page to page. Never ending and I wondered how the poor woman could still stay sane through out all the never ending changes in her life. Luna Dukes already suffering from abuse as a child under her parents hands, just wants to be touched and loved by them, accepted. A [...]

    10. A beautiful, well-written tale, Finding Esta is a modern-day Gothic tale of a young woman who’s been victimized her entire life. Beaten, called horrendous names, sent to a strange doctor who performed tests on her, ridiculed, mocked and outright hated–all of this by her very own parents–Esta grows up as a young woman who wants her parents to love her. Her tenacity in attempting to find favor with her evil parents carries through to her job as a reporter.Author Shah Wharton has such a beaut [...]

    11. To read this review and others like it check out my site at ufreviews Finding Esta was an interesting read. I thought there were some elements that made the book unique and enjoyable and some elements that I personally thought needed a bit of work. Luna as a character has a rather disturbing history, and you can't help but to feel sorry for her and what she has gone through. But it is her history that makes her who she is and provides some sense to why she is the way she is and why she does the [...]

    12. Luna's only friends are the Shadows inside her mind. She has no one else, and her parents hate her. Struggling to get through each day, she decides to do a story on a cold case about the disappearance of a girl named Esta. Her investigation leads not only to Esta's past, but the hidden world of supernaturals. Luna's already fragile mind threatens to break with every shocking new things she learns. Her discoveries might be too much for her, but if she can face the truth, her life might have more [...]

    13. In Finding Esta, Shah Wharton introduces Luna, a young reporter beset by abusive parents, Shadows, and a seeming slew of physical infirmities yet armed with an innate goodness and an inexhaustible well of determination.Prompted by her hairdresser—of all people! some might say but we all know how persuasive people brandishing sharp objects can be—Luna plunges headfirst into a decades-old missing person case. Little does she know that the case will have a far reaching impact on her own life. I [...]

    14. This was a pretty good read for me. I had a hard time keeping up in the beginning because there was alot of information the author was trying to present. About 1/4 of the way through the book it finally clicked for me and I just couldn't put it down. This book has a mix of everything Twlight fans enjoy, you have the vampires, weres and a love story with someother new twist thrown in that are truly unique.Luna is someone who always felt that she didn't quite fit in. She can't tolerate sunlight an [...]

    15. Once again I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to pick up yet another New Adult novel because they only seem to keep getting better and better. I mean, I really thought I had this story all figured out and then everything changes and I’m thrown into a complete loop. I wasn’t expecting the amount of twist in this story, but after reading through the whole story I came to appreciate how unique and fantastic it was. I love it when an author thinks outside the box. Stories like these [...]

    16. The plot of this paranormal story was easy enough to follow. In reading a few other reviews, I saw that some people found it difficult to stay into the twists and turns; however, I felt that it all flowed really well. Luna is an empath who uses her newfound talents to look for a kidnapped child. In doing so, she learns a lot about herself. Luna finds herself in being able to communicate with supernatural spirits. I think this book holds a lot of potential for a lot of different readers. It’s a [...]

    17. While I found the story engaging, the constant misuse of the words "prophecy" and "Prophesy" had me putting the book down frequently in constant frustration. For the record and to all authors - "Prophecy" is a noun. It is always a noun, a thing, and NEVER a verb! "Prophesy" is a verb. It is an action verb. It is never a noun. One prophesies prophecies. Never ever the reverse!There I feel much better after my little rant. Luna is a sad, fascinating, and evolving main character. She is picking her [...]

    18. This was a stunning novel of self discovery and a lots of stuff. So many twist, I found this book adventurous to read. I got hooked with the story. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I can't wait to see how things would turn out for Esta.

    19. Received a copy to read and review. I loved it. I couldn't put it down. It's an amazing tale. Love the plot. Look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    20. I really loved this character and the story. This is my first review and I have more than 500 books under my belt. This book is just great and I can't wait for the sequel.

    21. **I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review (NA book club), **This book had a fantastic story however I found parts of it confusing. There was a good mix of paranormal, fantasy and NA, giving us a fantastic and detailed story that would appeal to almost everyone. The characters were well written allowing us to connect with them from page one as well as creating an in depth profile of their lives before the book started.The main character is Luna, she is a twe [...]

    22. fresh paranormal with twists and turns all the way! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour, which you can find at Donnie Darko Girl. In Finding Esta, Luna has grown up with cruel parents who have never shown her love and aren't proud of her for anything - including her job as a journalist. When she decides to travel away from home to investigate a cold case, she has no idea just how much this decision will impact her life. The beginning wa [...]

    23. *Received copy in return for honest review* I'm just going to trow out my opinion of this novel in now format or professional manner what so ever, cause that's how I feel like rolling today. I really enjoyed this read, the author Shah Wharton did a great job with a new twist on paranormal entities being aliens, so super awesome, enjoyable, and captivating. I love paranormal reads and started to get a bit bored of the same ole same ole, so this was really refreshing to me.I did however feel as if [...]

    24. Received for a honest review3.5 starsPoor Luna is a "troubled" young lady searching for acceptance. Her family is horrible and her friends are dead. Wow that explains part of her "troubles". I found the characters at times dry, however I'm wondering if that has to do more with my lack of understand of the dialect. I didn't quite get some of the terminology so that could be my barrier. I did love Luna and Flo's relationship. Their banter was entertaining. Abby I felt sorry for his misguided life [...]

    25. This was a pretty good read for me. I had a hard time keeping up in the beginning because there was alot of information the author was trying to present. It started off a little slow for me, but picked up once Luna left to investigate the story of a missing child Esta. This book has a mix of everything Twlight fans enjoy, you have the vampires, weres and a love story with some other new twist thrown in that are truly unique.Luna is someone who always felt that she didn't quite fit in. She can't [...]

    26. I'm not one to give spoilers, so I will try to be as ambiguous as I can.So, first I'd like to talk about the main character, Luna. Luna was a very likeable character, but I'm not going to lie, there were times where I would make frustrated motions in what she did at times. The other characters; AbbyI LOVE HIM, Flo and Ada? I ADORED THEM.Now, to the writing; I'm not sure if it was just me, but I did see some grammatical errors, but they weren't something that will deter you from the story. Becaus [...]

    27. Luna has a hard life. Her parents hate her and they do nothing to hide the fact. She has a sun allergy. She is also and empath and had to walk around covered from head to toe to avoid the sun and touch. I started out really liking the story. I like when the heroine is the underdog and then comes out on top. I was loving it until Luna is assign to find Esta. I thought please don't let this be this predictible. Once she was on the scene in the house, this is where the story lost me for like 20 or [...]

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