It s Nothing Personal Anesthesiologist Dr Jenna Reiner was blindsided on a January morning by an incident that would forever change her life A scrub technician at her hospital was stealing narcotics from anesthesiologist

  • Title: It's Nothing Personal
  • Author: Kate O'Reilly Sherry Gorman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anesthesiologist, Dr Jenna Reiner, was blindsided on a January morning by an incident that would forever change her life A scrub technician at her hospital was stealing narcotics from anesthesiologists, injecting those same narcotics into her veins, and returning the contaminated syringes, knowing they would be used on patients The scrub tech was infected with hepatitisAnesthesiologist, Dr Jenna Reiner, was blindsided on a January morning by an incident that would forever change her life A scrub technician at her hospital was stealing narcotics from anesthesiologists, injecting those same narcotics into her veins, and returning the contaminated syringes, knowing they would be used on patients The scrub tech was infected with hepatitis C, a deadly virus.Unknowingly, anesthesiologists at St Augustine Hospital were injecting their patients with hepatitis C laden syringes When Dr Jenna Reiner administered anesthesia, she was holding a murder weapon in her hands Dr Reiner was about to find out that not only was her hospital at risk, but her entire life was about to be turned upside down The scrub tech s addiction evolved into a public health scare, potentially affecting thousands Unfortunately, on that fateful day, Dr Reiner and her patient fell victim to an addict.The ensuing medical malpractice suit filed by Allison Anders, a ruthless attorney, becomes a battle for survival for Jenna and her family For Dr Reiner, the lawsuit is personal Jenna Reiner faces demons than she thought imaginable as she fights against greed, brutality, accusations, and a corrupt legal system Will Dr Reiner prevail Or will the system win Inspired by true events, IT S NOTHING PERSONAL is a story of endurance and pain beyond imagination.

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      Kate O'Reilly Sherry Gorman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the It's Nothing Personal book, this is one of the most wanted Kate O'Reilly Sherry Gorman author readers around the world.

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    1. Thanks to the guiltless book blog for hosting author Sherry Gorman and allowing me the chance to win this terrific book!It's Nothing Personal by Sherry Gorman stars Jenna Reiner, an anesthesiologist who gets placed in an impossible situation. One snowy day, she goes to work as normal, but then finds out that a surgical scrub nurse has possibly stolen some of her medications before the case and then infected her patient (and others) with Hepatitis C. What follows is a terrible turn of events as s [...]

    2. 4.0 out of 5 stars - Refreshing medical drama centering on an anesthesiologist who is sued for malpractice after a drug addict with Hepatitis C diverts controlled substances and substitutes contaminated saline that is administered to a patient in her OR.I enjoyed this book for several reasons. First, the heroine is a believable and sympathetic 30-something female and the focus is on her personality, her life, and what happens to her career, not on her looks! Secondly, I loved that there was no r [...]

    3. I received an ARC through the First Reads program. I was not obligated to review this book. What follows is my own opinion.The title, "It's Nothing Personal," makes what I am about to write feel very ironic in light of the fact that this work of "fiction," "inspired" by true events, is little more than a heavily embellished, self-serving, mean-spirited, and thinly veiled autobiography about a physician who was sued following a massive hepatitis C outbreak that occurred in a Denver hospital as a [...]

    4. Once I opened the covers on this book, I virtually devoured it. Wow! It contains so many emotions, and the main character Jenna Reiner, is so loveable. We would all want to achieve and be like Jenna. What looks like she has it alla successful Dr, Wife and Mother. When it all comes tumbling down!It's Nothing Personal is just as it says, it is greed. Felt so much like real life, and you wanted to reach out and smack one of the characters. Don't know how people live with themselves. Loved what Jenn [...]

    5. I won this book in a contest on Juniper Grove. I absolutely LOVED this book. I have been closing my parents estate, and it is nerve-wracking. THIS book saved me! I would lay down and read as much as I could for a half hour before bed time. I LOVE how the chapters are short. It was easier for me to read and keep my place. I am now considering to read her book IN GOOD HANDS. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read stories about believable characters in real life situations. I know if I e [...]

    6. My first chapter review:It's Nothing Personal is Kate O'Reilley's first book and she's started it with a bang. The writing is intelligent and the characters were well on their way to distinguishing their personalities in the just the first chapter. The book begins with Dr. Jenna Reiner hurrying along snow covered roads to work, hoping to be on time for the morning's surgery. The author then sets the scene with Dr. Jenna Reiner, the anaesthesiologist, Hillary the scrub tech, and Rebecca, the circ [...]

    7. This book will create a wide range of emotions in the reader, especially if they work in health care. Knowing this is based on a real life experience, I found myself haunted by the "This could have been me" feelings. Years ago our operating rooms were considered secure. Anesthesiologists could set up their work area so that every thing, including all the emergency 'rescue' medications were within in an arms length. Precise and organized work areas saved lives, but once the area was 'set up' and [...]

    8. Extended review available on Mina's Bookshelf minadecaro/2013/0When a newcomer author is able to showcase a promising talent and polished writing skills right from her debut novel, reading becomes a refreshing experience, and even a more invigorating one when that author diligently incorporates in her work a flair for drama and the realism of a memoir. It’s Nothing Personal, medical/legal thriller authored by Sherry Gorman MD and initially published under the pen name of Kate O’Reilley, is a [...]

    9. Reviewed by Michala TIt's Nothing PersonalBy Kate O'Reilley I’ve never been much of a medical drama/thriller kind of person to be honest. I’ve tried my best to get into these books but the genre just…or the writer behind the book has just never been able to grab me and hook me long enough to stick through the entire novel. Until now. OMGosh…First, the cover caught my eye and truthfully, everybody else’s eyes around me. Even my husband who doesn’t care much for reading said he wanted [...]

    10. "It's Nothing Personal," by Kate O'Reilley appears to be an autobiographical novel about a medical doctor faced with a malpractice suit.Anesthesiologist Dr. Jenna Reiner prepares for a surgical procedure in her usual, accepted manner, following all accepted protocols. What she does not realize is that a drug addict--infected with HVC--working in the OR has taken one of the hypodermics filled with a narcotic and replaces it with one which the addict has used herself, infected with HVC. When Reine [...]

    11. The ripple effect. Throw a stone in the water and watch the ripples spread across the surface. When Hepatitis C infected drug addict Hillary Martin, a scrub technician, stole syringes of a powerful narcotic from the anesthesia cart in the operating room at St. Augustine Hospital; injected herself, refilled the contaminated syringe with saline solution and placed it back on the cart to be used by Dr. Jenna Reiner on her patient, the ripple began. That patient became infected with Hepatitis C and [...]

    12. The story is about Jenna Reiner, a doctor who becomes the target of a massive malpractice lawsuit that has not only ruined her unblemished career and reputation, but threatens the very fiber of her existence. Due to the actions of a drug addled, demented hospital worker who decides to infect everyone with Hepatitis C, Jenna finds herself at the center of a media frenzy that has made her a monster overnight. As her entire existence begins to unravel at an alarming rate, Jenna is faced with a choi [...]

    13. I am just not sure how I feel about this book. There were things I liked: Jenna's personal struggle with her circumstances and the whole "bad things happen to good people" sense. I liked Jenna's lawyers and how supportive they were. I am not sure I liked the ending- I know it ended realistically but it was kind of anticlimactic for me. The cover made me think that this would be a medical thriller but it ended up being more like a real life drama. The one thing I did like is how Gorman exposed th [...]

    14. I don't usually read medical dramas, but I definitely was a big fan of ER back in the day. I started reading this novel and could not put it down. You know rationally that bad people exist and that addicts are sick, but you don't expect them to be there while you're having surgery. This story highlights some of the biggest flaws in our "healthcare" system and how we all lose when money is the only priority. I was curious about a technical aspect of the story-- the syringes. I saw a movie based o [...]

    15. Wow! I loved this book. It has been a really busy week so it has taken me a few days to read it but not because I wanted to take that long. I couldn't put it down. In fact, I stayed up past my bed time to finish it tonight because I was so interested in the final resolution of this. I can honestly say that Jenna is a very strong character and I would be proud to know someone like her. I was also very angry at several of the characters in this book. I guess I had never thought about and realized [...]

    16. What would you do if unbeknownst to you a drug addict is working in the OR? Weather u r a patient or med staff it is freaking Scary! In its nothing personal dr Jenna Reiner the anastesiologist is sued when ms Hillary Martin the scrub tech steals syringes w. drugs in them n replaces them w contaminated saline syringes! What a story and as always the big money man wants to lose very little and wants very little press! It's not what u know its who u know and this book gets down to the nitty gritty [...]

    17. Finished "It's Nothing Personal" this evening. What a great read! I am not sure where I need to start w/this one! I never gave it a thought that once one becomes a doctor they would endure such pain, shame and humiliation, but I guess I should have figured as much since there are so many cases of doctors being sued! I have to admire Jenna's courage to keep it together for her family and for the love she thought she had for her career. I personally would've had to smack a few heads together to le [...]

    18. The true story is definitely the driving force behind this novel, which reads more like a memoir. So full of detail, its immediately clear that the author's connection to the story is not one of an observer, or even a creator, but as a participant. Her unending devotion to her patients and the guilt she feels at their suffering is real. I found myself heartbroken for the doctor and the patients, incensed at the legal system and furious with the surgical tech who put her own selfish needs above a [...]

    19. Author Katie O’Reilley knows how to tell an enthralling story. She grabbed my attention on page one and kept it throughout the entire novel.Dr. Jenna Reiner has the picture-perfect life. She has a good job, nice home and wonderful family. Add a drug addict into the mix and Dr. Reiner’s perfect life is turned upside down.“It’s Nothing Personal” is a fitting title. Not only is the malpractice suit personal it is vindictive. This tale is filled with emotional turmoil and tough decisions, [...]

    20. I will edit this review at a later date, but I would like to tell you I enjoyed this well written story that is based on something that really happened. Kate O'Reilly takes you inside the operating room and explains what really goes on. It's also a story of what can go wrong when the system breaks down and then looks for a scapegoat. This book was a great read!

    21. I am not going to give away any spoilers. This book was absolutely brilliant. I adored Jenna and everything about her, she was real and authentic which seems to be lacking with a lot heroines these days. This has topped as one of my favorite reads!

    22. Originally posted on my blog Guiltless ReadingI went through a Robin Cook phase of medical thrillers; Coma set me off. I've never had illusions about being a doctor but I find medicine a fascinating subject -- the minute details of our amazing bodies, how medicine affects its processes, and how doctors can make a difference.It's Nothing Personal is far from Cook's medical conspiracies; it is more a psychological study of a doctor who is sued for malpractice -- how litigation affects one on a per [...]

    23. I think the moral of the story here is CYA, which means Cover Your Ass. You should CYA whenever possible because you never know when you will be screwed over by someone you love, a friend, a colleague, or your work place. I know I sound jaded, but I learned very early on from one my earlier employers that when it comes down to their business or you, they will happily throw you under the bus and sit and watch as it not only goes over you, but as it backs up and hits you again. If someone else's j [...]

    24. Situation: You badly needed a surgery because there is something wrong in you that needs to be corrected so you entered the operating room (OR), trusted your doctor and the hospital only to find out one illness is gone but somehow in the middle of the surgery process, you acquired a new life-long, deadly disease/infection. What would you do? In It's Nothing Personal (based on true events), one of Dr. Jenna Reiner's patients got infected by Hepatitis C after the surgery. It was actually a cosmeti [...]

    25. This was a good read. When I read the previews for it, I couldn't wait to read it. I like medical mysteries. This one was written from personal experience and gave it so much more meaning to read. I like how the why of the story began-would've liked to of heard a little more about the girl that caused the whole situation of stealing drugs and replacing them with contaminated syringes, but even so, you get the idea of the story and her involvement. I personally think she herself should've been he [...]

    26. This is a great and suspenseful medical/ legal thriller. The words in this novel flow so well and the emotions are so real that I was not even aware that I was turning the page. It's Nothing Personal gives the reader an inside look at the inner workings of not only what the doctor and main character goes through at her job on a daily basis but it also explains the nightmare of what this poor woman goes through when her worse fear comes true and she is sued for something she has no control over a [...]

    27. I was excited to receive this novel as a First Read give away. I thought it was going to be a medical thriller. In fact, it was much better, a page turner which I had a hard time putting down. It's Nothing Personal is the story of an a anesthesiologist, Jenna Reiner, who becomes the target of a malpractice action. Because of the actions of a drug addicted scrub tech hired by the hospital, Dr. Reiner and other anesthesiologists unknowingly infect a patients with Hepatitis C. The drug addicted scr [...]

    28. Unbeknownst to Dr. Jenna Reiner and the rest of the staff at St. Augustine Hospital, one of the surgical technicians has been stealing drugs from the OR. By replacing the used syringes on the tray, she has infected countless patients with Hepatitis C, changing lives forever. One of the lives forever changed is Dr. Reiner's. When she is named as a defendant in a malpractice suit, she is forced to fight for her career and everything she holds dear.It's Nothing Personal is one of the most gripping [...]

    29. It's nothing personal is about Dr. Jenna who works at St. Augustine hospital. She is an anesthesiologist, and what she thought was going to be a normal day turned out to be the worst day of her life. The doctor who was going to be performing the survey was running late, so Jenna went to go talk to the patient. While Jenna was gone there was still the scrub tech, Hillary Martin, in the OR. She used the needles that Jenna has filled with Fentyal for the patient and injected them into her self. The [...]

    30. WOW! What a tremendously talented writer Sherry Gorman (alias Kate O'Reilley) is!This was a bittersweet and powerful story of an anesthesiologist who lived through two years of a nightmare. Through the acts of a selfish, ruthless individual, the repercussions affected the lives of many innocent people, including Dr. Jenna Reiner.It is the amazing account of the impact society and some of the evils of power and money can have in bringing the worst out of individuals.Without spoiling the struggle [...]

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