Valley of Thracians A Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead everyone except his grandfather who refuses to give up hope Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches

  • Title: Valley of Thracians
  • Author: Ellis Shuman
  • ISBN: 9781482552447
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead, everyone except his grandfather, who refuses to give up hope Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches a desperate search only to be lured into a bizarre quest to retrieve a stolen Thracian artifact a unique object of immense value others will stop at nothing to recover.MattheA Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead, everyone except his grandfather, who refuses to give up hope Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches a desperate search only to be lured into a bizarre quest to retrieve a stolen Thracian artifact a unique object of immense value others will stop at nothing to recover.Matthews travels through a Balkan landscape dotted with ancient tombs and fortresses, unaware that his grandson has been confined to an isolated mountain cabin, slowly recovering from a severe head injury Nothing can be taken at face value, as the woman assisting Matthews in his quest and the nurse caring for his injured grandson may have ulterior motives in helping the two reunite Even when Matthews succeeds in joining up with his grandson, departure from Bulgaria is only possible if the missing relic can be found.

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    1. Ellis Shuman says:

      Ellis Shuman was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and immigrated to Israel as a teenager He completed high school in Jerusalem and served for three years in the Israeli army s Nahal branch Along with his wife, Jodie, he was a founding member of Kibbutz Yahel in the Arava Valley in Israel s south On the kibbutz he worked in agriculture, industry, tourism, the dairy barn, and served as the kibbutz s general secretary After moving with his wife and three young children to Moshav Neve Ilan in the Judean Hills, Ellis received formal training in the hotel industry He worked in a variety of positions at the Neve Ilan Hotel and later was Food and Beverage Controller at the Jerusalem Hilton He served as the moshav s general secretary during a period in which the community underwent major social changes As a hobby, Ellis began writing on the Internet He wrote extensively about life in Israel in his position as the Israeli Culture Guide at About He designed and maintained websites for the Neve Ilan Hotel and for Indic Independent Israeli Cinema For two years he was webmaster for Yazam, an international financial firm that provided support for technological start ups Ellis served for three years as Editor in Chief of Israel Insider, an online daily newsmagazine that developed new technologies as it posted the latest news and views, from and about Israel Starting in 2004, Ellis began working in a marketing company servicing the online gaming industry In the years 2009 2010, his job was relocated to Sofia, Bulgaria During those years, Ellis and Jodie traveled extensively in Bulgaria as well as in the countries of the region Today Ellis continues working at this job, based in Ramat Gan.

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    1. An excellent book with a well developed plot told by different characters as seen from their point of view. The word descriptions of the various locales brought them to life before you. The historical information provided a background for the location and it's people.I have rated this book 4 stars.I obtained this book from in Kindle formatThank you Frank

    2. I loved this story. Being a huge fan of travel, Bulgaria has always been one of my destination I still needed to visit. Thanks to Ellis, I sort of got a taste of it. His descriptions is really vivid and it makes you feel that you are right there. It follows a grandfather, Simon. Who never gave up searching for his missing grandson, Scott, somewhere in Bulgaria. He gets plenty of help from the locals and that’s when the motives gets questioned. Why this and Why that? The plots were set up amazi [...]

    3. When I first read the description for this book, I thought "Bulgaria?" That is certainly an unusual setting. It really is, and that, I believe is part of this book's charm. I get tired of reading stories that are set in the same place over and over. I like it when the author not only uses a different setting than the norm, but also knows something about the setting they choose, and this author clearly does. The descriptions are beautifully penned. You can see the colours before your eyes and fee [...]

    4. Mysterious disappearances, betrayals, loyalty. Crooks, cops, an enigmatic archaeologist, helpful strangers. All these come together against a backdrop of beautiful Bulgarian vistas, crowded cities and down-to-earth rural villages. The story is a thriller with all the classic elements of the genre. A Peace Corps volunteer has disappeared and clues don't fit the official reports. A doting grandpa tries to find the truth, persevering against all odds. There are villains and good guys swirling aroun [...]

    5. Like many Americans, I knew basically nothing about Bulgaria. Now, thanks to the author’s vivid descriptions, I can see almost believe I’ve been there and experienced the rich culture, tasted the food, befriended the ‘natives’. I can close my eyes and see the historic monasteries and fortresses, and the ancient Thracian artifacts on display in museums. But this book is more than just a travel guide. The story begins as we follow Simon, a likeable character who has set out to find a grand [...]

    6. Three years after a young American Peace Corps worker goes missing in Bulgaria and is presumed dead, his elderly grandfather arrives in the capital of Sofia, intent on getting to the bottom of the mystery. So begins Valley of Thracians by Ellis Shuman (@EllisShuman), a novel that is equal parts mystery, thriller and travelogue. Bulgaria becomes a supporting character in this story as the grandfather, Simon Matthews, journeys around the country searching for clues to his grandson Scott’s disapp [...]

    7. A novel set in Bulgaria? This is something new for me and it’s nice to get an insight into and learn about a country that is arguably – and perhaps unfairly – best known for its football team of the 1994 world cup.My first impressions were that this was going to be a Da Vinci Code style book but I am happy to report that it isn’t and that makes me happy…very happy.From the outset the author’s words radiate a genuine passion and a deep sense of love for the beauty of Bulgarian culture [...]

    8. "Valley of Thracians" is a wonderful book about grandfather Simon travelling to Bulgaria to track down his missing and declared-for-dead grandson Scott. The latter used to work for the Peace Corp in Bulgaria before going missing. With some reason to assume that Scott is still alive Simon starts his own enquiries and with help from some locals he finds indeed new evidence regarding his grandson.The story is told in four parts and changes perspective throughout. This serves the storyline very well [...]

    9. A Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead, everyone except his grandfather, who refuses to give up hope. Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches a desperate search only to be lured into a bizarre quest to retrieve a stolen Thracian artifact—a unique object of immense value others will stop at nothing to recover.I wasnt entirely sure what to expect when I started this one - its true that I would not have chosen it for myself, yet that woul [...]

    10. A grandfather journeys from Chicago, USA to Bulgaria and travels all over the beautiful country in Eastern Europe in search of his grandson who was declared dead three years ago. Then why does he travel now? How will he track his grandson’s steps three years ago? Firmly believing his grandson, Scott, to be alive, retired English Professor Simon Matthews has taken it upon himself to visit every corner of Bulgaria. He meets Sophia who teaches history at a local university and she extends her hel [...]

    11. As the novel opens we meet Simon Matthews, a man on a mission. Simon's character evokes the reader's empathy as his heart-wrenching situation comes to light. He has traveled to Bulgaria to answer a question that had been plaguing him, what has happened to his grandson?No body had ever been produced from his grandson's death. And as Simon begins his quest, digging into the truth behind the mysterious death, he uncovers something incredibly sinister."The bus speeds east through the dark and forbid [...]

    12. If there is one thing I've learned from this suspenseful novel, it is an affirmation that one should always trust one's gut feeling. No matter what everyone else tells you, if you believe, then pursue what you think to be true till the very end -- until you are personally satisfied with the final answer. And so, in this lengthy four-part novel, a determined grandfather travels from the United States to Bulgaria in search of his missing grandson, Scott, with the hope of seeing him again, refusing [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book immensely. I have never been to Bulgaria but having read this I feel I know much more about the country and it's history. The author introduced historical instruction as part of the storyline without the reader feeling lectured or taught.The storyline itself was original and well written with characters a reader could easily identify with. Although there were no real surprises as the story played out I found myself swept along and thoroughly enjoying the ride.I would recommen [...]

    14. Part thriller, part travelogue, this novel drew me right in from the start! A grandfather refuses to give up on his lost grandson, presumed dead by the police, who went missing in Bulgaria while in the Peace Corps. Shuman does an excellent job of weaving Bulgarian culture and history into the story without dragging it down. He adds so many twists and turns, it's nearly impossible to stop reading! I loved learning about Bulgaria, a country I previously knew nothing about. If you like thrillers an [...]

    15. Enjoyable thriller set in the unusual choice of Bulgaria. It revisits the old wounds of Europe's east/ west split while also providing a fascinating insight into local color and customs. This is standard thriller material: grandpa goes to find what happened to peacekeeper son. All credit to Ellis for giving it a new spin, making it engaging and shining a spotlight on an unexplored area of the world (literarily speaking)

    16. This was a fun way to learn about the history and culture of Bulgaria. Simon, a retired English professor from Chicago travels to Bulgaria to determine if there are any new leads on the whereabouts of his Grandson,Scott. Scott had joined the Peace Corps 3 years before, went missing, and presumed dead. Shuman uses this fictional story to give us a wonderful tour of Bulgaria.

    17. Simon's Grandson, Scott vanished in Bulgaria three years ago and he is convinced he is still alive and determined to find him. This gripping adventure takes you on a journey through the Balkan landscapes and introduced me to the fascinating subject of Thracian archeology. A thoroughly good read, I was on the edge of my seat as the mystery unraveled.

    18. Ellis Shuman does not fail to excite. He follows the tradition I suppose of another great Jewish writer Leon Uris, whose books I have read extensively. Talk about Exodus,QB VII, MILLA 18, THE ANGRY HILLS, TRINITY etc. This book is just a great story telling adventure.

    19. A very nice read indeed!In this novel, Ellis Shuman explores a range of literary devices and formulas to deliver an interesting and entertaining (first) long fiction, which is easy to read while pulling the reader into the story. What more can be asked from a pleasurable and successful read? It made a perfect travelling companion as I journeyed through Southern European airports, railways and motorways, my own experience making it all the easier for me to immerse and identify myself with the sto [...]

    20. A young Peace Corps volunteer named Scott working in Bulgaria vanishes, leaving behind only a wallet atop his folded clothes upon the beach. Whether suicide, murder or accidental drowning, everyone assumes him dead. His grandfather, Simon, however, has never accepted the death of his grandson, and three years after the young man’s disappearance finds himself in Bulgaria searching for the truth. Everyone says he’s nuts, from the American Consul in Bulgaria to his own son, but he knows somethi [...]

    21. Historical novel, Valley of Thracians is set in post-communist Bulgaria. Retired English professor Simon Matthews sets out to find his missing adventurous grandson, who is presumed dead. The trail is three years cold and the case is closed. But Simon won't give up. Scott's body was never found. He has a gut feeling Scott is alive. Besides, someone recently logged onto Scott's Skype account, and the laptop was never recovered. Simon Matthews and Thracian scholar Sophia Ivanova team up to hunt for [...]

    22. I have a personal hang up about starting a book without finishing it because I think I should give the author every opportunity for last minute redemption, but this one really stretched my resolve. I would have definitely abandoned it about one-third of the way through if I had not been driven by my personal commitment to finish what I start. Usually I love books in this genre so my natural inclination would have normally been to overlook defects and enjoy the story. The plot is actually a good [...]

    23. The book is basically a thriller or crime - fiction novel, and the outcome of the story is of course easily predictable, but still the story is very interesting and the pace of the action is forcing you to go on. Characters are very good described and motivated (except maybe Katyas), and good and bad sides of everyone are well balanced and described. You can learn a lot about Thracians, local Bulgarian customs and Bulgaria itself wich additionally makes the story juicy. I adore the writing style [...]

    24. Valley of Thracians by Ellis ShumanI enjoyed Valley of Thracians by Ellis Shuman. It was interesting from a historical stand point. I loved the snippets of shared Thracian history. I enjoyed the characters each well fleshed and interesting. The story itself was a good one. So why, you might ask, did I give only 4 stars instead of 5? I felt the story dragged in several parts. Katya's mental disturbances were described a bit too late for my liking. This is a good story. And I truly hope this autho [...]

    25. Very interesting. But not captivating. Shuman introduces us to Thracian culture in Bulgaria in a contemporary tale populated by elderly scholars, petty thieves, an addled addict, divorcees, bureaucrats, peace lovers, and a major criminal. It's easy to separate good guys from the bad, and plot twists are a little too predictable.

    26. I enjoyed the way Shuman brought me a glimpse of Bulgaria, and before long I felt like I was getting to know the country like a local. The story has two unexpected twists; I always like to be surprised in a book, as long as it hangs together. I recommend it for anyone who like to mix a little learning about another country with their thriller.

    27. There were times while I was reading this that I wondered if I was reading a novel or a textbook. Long passages of information about Bulgarian history or culture were thinly disguised as dialogue and other passages that felt like they could have been lifted straight from were shoehorned in with little relevance to the story. The plot itself also fell a little flat. Not great.

    28. Enjoyed this tale of Bulgaria. It has been ages since I read it but enjoyed the author's different knowledge of Bulgaria from his travels and life there. My experience was thanks to the Peace Corps experience and our travels to various parts of the country. This adventure tale was just fun!

    29. Valley of thraciansBefore reading this I had never read anything about Bulgaria and had never heard of Thracians. So besides the adventure and suspense, I learned so much about another culture.

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