Komodo Mad about dragons the boy who narrates this picture book is pleased when his doting parents decide to take him to Indonesia home of the Komodo dragon The boy takes the road less traveled through the

  • Title: Komodo!
  • Author: Peter Sís
  • ISBN: 9780688115838
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mad about dragons, the boy who narrates this picture book is pleased when his doting parents decide to take him to Indonesia, home of the Komodo dragon The boy takes the road less traveled through the jungle, where he encounters the dragon of his dreams.Full of intriguing detail.picture book, original in concept and beautiful in design Booklist.

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    1. Peter Sís says:

      PETER S S is an internationally acclaimed illustrator, filmmaker, painter and author Born in 1949 in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and grew up in Prague He studied painting and filmmaking at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague and the Royal College of Art in London His animated work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art He came to America in 1982, and now lives in New York s Hudson Valley with his family Peter S s is the first children s book artist to be named a MacArthur Fellow In 2012 he won The Hans Christian Andersen Award.His many distinguished books include Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei, Tibet Through the Red Box, Madlenka, Rainbow Rhino, The Tree of Life Charles Darwin, The Wall Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain, and The Conference of the Birds.

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    1. This is a story about a family who travels to Indonesia because their little boy loves Komodo dragons. The visit isn't quite what he expected, but it wasn't completely a disappointment. The illustrations are very good, comparable to other books by Peter Sis. But the story wasn't overly engaging. It teaches a little about where Komodo dragons live and the tourism industry that centers around these ancient, fearsome creatures. We enjoyed reading the additional information about the dragons in the [...]

    2. This is a simple story about a girl who loves dragons so her parents take her to Indonesia to see the komodo dragons.There is little text, but the pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations are large and complicated with lots of little extras and hiding dragon's for the observant reader. There is also a lot of factual information about the komodo dragons worked into the illustrations as well as a factual paragraph at the end of the book.This could be a fun book to use to discuss that most myths and [...]

    3. I think this book is mostly about the illustrations. Dragons and lizards galore scattered throughout. It felt like a Hidden Treasures search from a Highlights magazine. I was rather intrigued by the school photo--particularly the woman who looked like she was wearing a bathrobe. A very informative book considering it's a picture book with a very basic plot. If the dragony lizards really did look that cute, I wouldn't mind seeing one.

    4. I liked the illustrations and the prose. The story-line was missing closure. The boy was alone on Komodo islandhaving heard a large roar and then the next page he is safely on the boat traveling home with his mom and dad. What happened!?

    5. I really like this book because the illustrations are merely active, although the storyline could be a tad bit better in order to balance out the illustrations.

    6. Čtenářská výzva na 2018 (26/205) Čtenářská výzva Lovci perel 2018 (Třináctá kniha)Už po třetí se v rámci výzvy Lovci perel setkávám s českým autorem Petrem Sísem, který opět ukazuje, jak moc mu jde vytváření knih, které excelují zejména díky stylu vyprávění prostřednictvím různorodě barevných stran, z nichž jdou cítit opravdu velké detaily. Předchozí dvě knihy - konkrétně “Pilot a Malý princ” a “Zeď: Jak jsem vyrůstal za železnou oponou [...]

    7. The illustrations are wonderful but I wish the author had allowed the boy to have more of an encounter with the dragon.

    8. A central theme in Peter Sis' book "Komodo!" is the belief that you have to venture off the beaten path to find experiences that are worthwhile. This includes flying to Bali, then taking a ship to the small island of Komodo. The narrator of the book, a young dragon enthusiast, does this so he can see a real dragon, the Komodo dragon, in its natural habitat.While at Komodo, with his parents who have surprised him with this trip, he finds that the elusive dragon isn't where all the tourists are ga [...]

    9. Komodo! is the story of a young boys obsession with dragons and his family's trip to the island of Komodo in Indonesia to see real life ones. A young boy with a strong interest in Komodo dragons and all types of dragons is surprise by his parents with a trip to Komodo, but when it doesn't turn out to be all he hoped for, he goes exploring. Walking away from the tourist part of the island, the young boy meets a real Komodo dragon, or does he?! This realistic fiction by Peter Sis offers factual in [...]

    10. The boy int he story goes with his parents to Komodo to see real dragons. There really are Komodo dragons in this part of the world, but what makes this a fantasy is that the boy comes face to face with one after he walks away from his family. In real life this could never happen, if it did the boy would most likely not survive such an encounter. In the story his fantasy of coming face to face with this dragon comes true and he is able to go back to his normal life. This book would be appropriat [...]

    11. I'll admit, the cover on this book did not inspire. But, I picked it up anyway.Marvelous! A terrific example of text and illustrations working together. The text is quite simple and spare; the illustrations are frequently FULL of details to notice. And the contrast between the two is very fun. For instance, in one early page, the boy narrator says, "It is always easy to find me in school pictures because of my dragon T-shirt." But the photo is of hundreds of children massed together--a "where's [...]

    12. This was a good story, although L didn't ask for a re-read. A boy goes to Indonesia to see a real komodo dragon. Logan was fascinated that there is a real place that they live and that it takes so long to get to. That's one of tthe problems with zoos; they take the animals so far out of context that it's hard to imagine where they actually live. The illustrations were lovely, showing bunches of "hidden" komodo dragons in the leaves and shadows. I'm not sure why this didn't merit a second reading [...]

    13. A boy, who loves dragons, gets to go on a trip to Indonesia with his parents to see a real Komodo Dragon. At first the boy is disappointed. There are crowds waiting to see a "dragon show". He wanders off into the jungle alone. It is on his lonely trek away from the "dragon show" and crowd that he has the experience that he's always imagined having. Fantastic illustrations like always, easy vocabulary and short text on each page make this a good ELL read aloud and discussion starter on travel, ou [...]

    14. Komodo! by Peter Sis is an cute little tale about a boy who explores the wilderness and comes across a Komodo dragon. The illustrations in this book are marvelous and fun to look at on each page. The illustrator shows a great use of framing on the pages as well. The color scheme used in this book accurately depict the setting and the feeling of each page. This book would be perfect for parents to read to their children, and I would definitely recommend it!

    15. A boy who is crazy about dragons gets to take a trip to the Island of Komodo. This odd little book is sparse on text and pretty much all about the illustrations. Komodo dragons are hidden everywhere in the detailed pictures, making this a fun "I Spy" kind of book. Unfortunately, the book is showing its age (e.g fax machines) and the text is not engaging at all.

    16. Peter Sis has an exquisite talent in creating incredible illustrations. Here he combines detailed learning of the Komodo dragons, where they live and what they can do through imaginative adventure. If your child loves dragons, this is a great book to read learning about Indonesia and knowing that real live dragons exist!

    17. Interesting not so much for the story as the fact that komodo dragons are just really interesting creatures. The only ones left over from the carnivorous dinosaurs, and only found natively in Indonesia. And of course I always like Peter Sís.

    18. There is alway so much going on in a drawing by Peter Sis. The detail is rich, but more than that, there's a slight grin askance underlying many of them, something wry and warm. I enjoyed this as a reading-aloud book more than as a reading-by-myself book.

    19. and it's off to the zoo with this book to look at our local komodo dragon with this beautifully illustrated book in hand. it's so much fun being a grandparent, my second childhood, with grandchildren to share time and experiences with, esp. reading books together.

    20. A little boy is so entranced with dragons that his parents take him off to Bali to see a real, live Komodo Dragon. He has definite ideas about how the experience went.Lovely illustrations.

    21. A boy who loves dragons goes on the ultimate dragon-lovers holiday: to the island of Komodo! Lovely pictures as always from Peter Sis, and a good story.

    22. The pictures are in Peter Sis' normal style which is nice but busy. The story itself leaves a quite a bit to be desired.

    23. Your subject matter is awesome: giant lizards with poisonous bacteria breath that eat people. How the hell is this book so boring? Boo.

    24. Adventure and imagination sparked an interest in this amazing animal. I like that we never know if the character is a girl or boy.

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