Charming the Shrew Returning home to the Scottish Highlands after battling the English Tayg Munro receives a hero s welcome and a shocking ultimatum In order to take his place as heir to the chiefdom of Culrain he mus

  • Title: Charming the Shrew
  • Author: Laurin Wittig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Returning home to the Scottish Highlands after battling the English, Tayg Munro receives a hero s welcome and a shocking ultimatum In order to take his place as heir to the chiefdom of Culrain, he must choose a wife within the month or have one chosen for him Angered by his family s decree, Tayg delays the inevitable by volunteering for a mission for the king that takesReturning home to the Scottish Highlands after battling the English, Tayg Munro receives a hero s welcome and a shocking ultimatum In order to take his place as heir to the chiefdom of Culrain, he must choose a wife within the month or have one chosen for him Angered by his family s decree, Tayg delays the inevitable by volunteering for a mission for the king that takes him deep into the Highlands Preoccupied by his marital obligation, the brooding warrior sets out with no hint of the fateful encounter that awaits himCatriona MacLeod is known throughout the Highlands as the Shrew of Assynt, thanks to her razor sharp tongue and her unwillingness to yield to her five brothers When she s told that her eldest brother has promised her hand in marriage to a man she has good reason to hate, she flees into the Scottish wilderness, determined to seek the king s intervention in her plight When she reluctantly joins forces with a handsome traveler, she cannot anticipate the treacherous plot that will soon embroil them nor the passion that will ignite between them.

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    1. Laurin Wittig says:

      Laurin writes bestselling and award winning Scottish medieval romances and lives in southeastern Virginia In 2014 she has two new books coming out Highlander Avenged, book II in the Guardians of the Targe trilogy, releases on June 24th, and her first novella appears in The Winter Stone anthology, with fellow authors Tanya Anne Crosby and Glynnis Campbell It releases April 21st Both are available for preorder now.For information about all of Laurin s books, please visit her web site, LaurinWittig.

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    1. According to , I bought this book 2 years ago (for free). I had forgotten I bought it but when I was looking through my Kindle the other night to find books for the Romance Genre summer challenge I re-found this and decided to read it. For the most part, it wasn't bad. Tayg and Cat(riona) are basically on a unsupervised, extended road trip to get to the King of Scotland for two weeks complete with fake sibling disguises that no one buys, angry (real)siblings hunting them down, and of course, tho [...]

    2. Another Kindle Unlimited read. Fun, if not cliche, premise. Terrible execution. Characters are one-dimensional and juvenile, and insta-romance abounds from the first meeting. Dropped at the 55% mark.

    3. How can you not love a caring warrior, barely able to carry a tune, who pretends to be a bard? And a woman, ill-used by her brothers, whose only recourse was a sharp tongue? Send these two on a concurrent mission with conflicting goals and you have a wonderful read to get lost in. Ah, I should not leave out the wonderful scenery and vivid descriptions! Highly Recommended.

    4. I've given this a B- overall (B-for content and C+ for narration at AAR - 3.5 stars The plot of Charming the Shrew certainly wouldn’t win any prizes for originality, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the audiobook about a hero-in-disguise and the intelligent and sharp-tongued woman with whom he is forced to undertake a wintry journey.Tayg Munro is the heir to the chiefdom of his clan of Culrain. Having spent a year away fighting with King Robert (the Bruce), Tayg returns home to a her [...]

    5. What a grand adventure! It's been way too long since I've read a good book about the Scottish clans and to have it read to me in the Scottish accent was heavenly and has spoiled me. I may never read another book about the Scottish highlands to myself again! The audiobook version is definitely the way to go, although I may pass on the "Bard's" poor singing but even that was all in good fun and part of the charm of the story. CHARMING THE SHREW is delightful. Author Laurin Wittig has spun a brilli [...]

    6. Not at all what I thought but I found it adventurous and one dimensional with regards to the characters. It was enjoyable for the most part but thought it could have been done better. I've read other books by Ms. Wittig and thought this one dropped a bit. This was a start stop and start read for me.2.5 Stars

    7. Unusual Highland Hero and Feisty Heroine Make for Endearing TaleWittig has crafted a charming, though somewhat fanciful, historical set in Scotland in the early 14th century. She has masterfully captured the voice of the Highland folks; her dialog is quite witty; and her storytelling clever. The story tells of Catriona, the headstrong daughter of the MacLeod laird, who rebels at the betrothed her father and older brother have in mind for her—Duff (“dog faced”) MacDonnell—so she runs away [...]

    8. AUDIOBOOK Narrated by Ralph Lister 2.5 StarsThis was my first book by Laurin Witting. The plot was unique and really good but for me it just missed something. Catriona is definitely a shrew but her past experiences really influenced her attitude and it's part of her defense against her brothers. With that said there are a few times I just wanted to jump into the book and slap her silly then stuff a sock in her mouth. I liked idea of Tayg playing the bard but I kept feeling like there could had b [...]

    9. This is a great example of a highland romance novel. The romance is, however, played out in a more creative manner.In the novel Cat is originally a sharper tongued young woman who has to be strong in order to survive the household with her brothers, of which the oldest is particularly cruel and abusive. Tayg, who is a strapping war hero of the highlands who is being pushed into marriage by his family. In order to assert his independance he goes off on a mission for the king, which will enable hi [...]

    10. I usually don't give a book 5 stars anymore but I'm going to go ahead and do just that with Charming the Shrew. Why? Because it's my review I feel like it. LOL. But seriously, I had zero expectations for this book and I only got it because it was only 0.99c on Kindle. I have to say that title is a bit unfortunate, not very enticing. I was expecting a typical Highlander romance novel to the likes of the Highlander series by KMM but where the Highlander series was repetitive, predictable, and bori [...]

    11. I'm afraid I did not finish this novel. If a story doesn't grab me by the end of the first chapter I am unable to continue it. I attempted to listen to this on audio with Ralph Lister as the narrator and persevered to the end of the second chapter.Mr. Lister has a very, pleasing, melodious speaking voice but CAN NOT do a Scottish accent! This completely ruined a fairly mediocre first couple of chapters. I detected a very poor attempt at Scottish which sounded more like Irish and even Welsh. In a [...]

    12. Laurin is one of my top five favorite authors. Laurin has a way of taking you into the scene, into the moment. Tayg is strong and kind and you can't help but like him. Although I felt sorry for Catriona she was still likable and I found myself rooting for her at every turn. This was definitely one of those books I just couldn't put down. ;o)

    13. This was a surprise. I really enjoyed this book. Some highlander books can be very hokey and heavy on the brog but this had action, romance and comedy. Laurin Wittig is very informative about the history of the time and quite descriptive which I really like. I will read the next book to this series and hopefully there will be more.

    14. TaygTayg is a charming fantasy for sure. His and Cat's banter, humor, pride, and love is refreshing. The characters and plot are are intriguing and funny. I did not want to put this book down. Such an enjoyable read.

    15. The heroine in Charming is not only a bonafide shrew, she can't seem to put two and two together and get the right answer. Reading about her is a bit like fingernails on chalk-board. You can't like it.

    16. There's a handsome highlander and a sharp tongued wench and a cockstand or two but "Outlander" this is not. An ok vacation read.

    17. Charming The ShrewThis book is very good and contains no bad language and very little sex. The story of Tayg and Cat is one of Laurin Wittig's best. The series should be one of her best. Cat has been raised with all brothers who constantly picked on her causing her to withdraw into anger and a shrewish tongue. Her oldest brother is very evil to her and would force her to marry Dogface MacDollen for him to ally with his clan. Cat leaves and meets Tayg who is posing as a bard and is in her territo [...]

    18. This was a well developed story of taming of the shrew, but instead of the male making her bend to his will. He loved her by being his charming self and asking her to try to hide the shrew so they could get to the king while they were traveling with a letter of ill intent for the king. Catriona lets her true self show and lets down the mask she wore at home to survive her brothers torments. Tayg finds himself falling in love with this version of Catriona. The author wrote how Catriona became a s [...]

    19. Outstanding Scottish TaleI got this book and it included the narrated version. I started listening and must say I enjoyed the Scottish brogue . Tayg and Cat truly have a love hate relationship but he gives her acceptance and love both things she never received from her family. But Taygs secrets are looking as a problem as they allow their affection to grow for each other.

    20. This book is a good leisure read. Pretty easy. Although the main female character is kind of annoying. I always enjoy strong female characters but this seems to confuse strength with stubbornness and blind courage. If you're looking for a love story where the characters confuse hatred, angry passion for love this ones for you.

    21. A fun historical romance filled with intrigueAbsolutely love Cat and Tayg characters. Their story is full of twists and turns and you never know what trouble Cat and Tayg will fall into next.

    22. A nice readA very action pact story. With one adventure after adventure. A story about finding that one person who sees all your faults as your strengths. The one person who balances you. A good story.

    23. Well paced taleA well written story of Scotland at the time of Robert the Bruce. Intrigue, plots, romance: all brought together in a cohesive and well paced tale, with good plot and well developed characters.

    24. Nice afternoon's readA good gentle read for a lazy afternoon. A bit more thought out than the usual romance and no annoyingly overly graphic bedroom scenes but, romance left to the imagination of the reader.

    25. GoodThis was a very good story. Full of action suspense, funny moments and surprises. I'm glad there is a sequel

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